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It's so sad that Taemin is always worried about weight and his face when he's so **ing perfect. I wish that the people he knows would coat him with compliments and body positivity so he stops worrying over nothing. Otherwise he could ruin his mental and physical health. It makes me so mad :((

I don’t think he’ll reach that level because he cares about his health, and he loves food, doing exercise, etc. But it’s true that it also breaks my heart so much. Maybe because I have a feeling of proud mom my opinion is not valid, but I swear he ALWAYS looks beautiful for me. It’s not about having more or less fat in his face because that’s something we all have and it can always appear and disappear, but he doesn’t notice at all how MUCH beautiful he is. Maybe we should start a campaing with fan banners telling him how much beautiful he is so he can start notice for once. It really, really breaks my heart because he has NO IDEA, he’s SO beautiful, SO handsome, because he’s too busy caring about his image because it’s part of his job and I understand it, but he doesn’t get that his true beauty come from his heart, from his feelings, because he’s the most beautiful thing on earth when I see him smiling like this… he’s a pure piece of sunshine. My most beautiful treasure. Ah… *sobs*

Things you don't say to people with bpd

#1 you’re over reacting
#2 don’t be so childish
#3 that’s really manipulative
#4 this person is more mentally ill than you
#5 you’re just attention seeking
#6 you’re not a special snowflake
#7 you can be really boring
#8 my new best friend…
#9 you’re worrying over nothing
#10 tell me about yourself?

Bonus: “isn’t that just bipolar with a fancy name?”

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DO IT! SPREAD THE WORD OUT. RED, BLUE AND GREEN. PINK DON'T MATTER. black lives matter in every color. Do it, my princess~

Aaaa you’re so sweet! Thank you! As long as everyone is ok with it then sure! I just wanted to double check because I was totally sure, I was afraid people would see it and think I was some aesthetic blog making it simply for aesthetic if that makes sense?? I’m probably worrying over nothing;;

Of Ninjas and Foxes (SLBP) part3

“I’m so sorry for troubling you, lord Kojuro! Lord Masamune! I have things to do!” you bowed deeply again and almost ran away from them. You really didn’t want to trouble lord Masamune, it was better if he didn’t know. You were certain if he got involved it would only mean trouble for both of you.

In the evening, like every evening, you tiptoed your way to lord Masamune’s room and stepped inside quietly. Lord Masamune had already changed to his night robes and removed his eyepatch, and was waiting for you at his bedding. You closed the door and walked to him quietly.

“… Kojuro told me,” lord Masamune said as you were sitting down.

“Ah…! I see. I… I thought it would be best not to trouble you, …you have so much work to do at the moment I… didn’t want to worry you over nothing…” you mumbled avoiding his gaze.

“My work is not more important than you… or your safety,” lord Masamune said seriously and took your hand in his. He played with your fingers gently, but seeing the tears his words brought to your eyes, he pulled you into a gentle embrace, holding you until your sobs decreased.

“…I want to protect you… the best I can. But I can’t do anything if you won’t tell me,” he whispered quietly in your hair.


“We found out who is behind the rumours,” Lord Kojuro said. You looked at him surprised as you served the tea you had just brought them.

“Who?” lord Masamune asked.

“It’s… your mother, lady Yoshihime,” lord Kojuro replied with a frown. You froze for a moment but tried to cover it by taking a step back and sitting down.

“…I see. What do you recommend we do?” lord Masamune asked.

“Now is not the time to come clean with your relationship and a marriage with that rumour going on would damage the both of you. So, you need to lie low until the rumours die down. I really don’t want to do this, but I think ____ needs to learn how to use some sort of weapon. She has already been attacked twice and I don’t think lady Yoshihime will back down soon,” lord Kojuro looked at you, but you turned your eyes to lord Masamune, who had a solemn expression on his face.

“…Lord Masamune…?” you asked after a while, tilting your head. Lord Masamune didn’t say a word, he just stared at his tea, the frown between his brows deepening every minute.

“Look, Masamune. Kojuro has a point. One of us can’t be with her all the time, we have too much work to do,” Lord Shigezane said seriously and then turned towards you, “Don’t worry doll! Lord Kojuro and I will teach you and I’m sure Masamune can too. It’ll be fun.”

You smiled at him and turned towards Masamune, who had pressed his face into his hands.

“… How do you feel about this, ____?” he finally asked looking at you.

“Well… If lord Kojuro and lord Shigezane think I should learn how to use a weapon I think they are correct. And I would be able to protect you as your page better than I am now,” you answered a bit flustered under the stare of the three men.

“…Wait here,” lord Masamune stood up and left the room, only to return a short while later. He was carrying an iron fan, a tessen, and a short sword, a wakizashi. Lord Masamune sat down and handed them both to you. You took the offered weapons in stunned silence and bowed your head,

“Milord, this is far too much…!” you tried to give them back to lord Masamune, but he refused smiling,

“I wasn’t using them anyway… please have them.”

“…Thank you lord Masamune,” you thanked him and looked at the weapons offered to you. The wakizashi was simple but beautiful, its sheath lacquered deep green with the Date emblem on it. The tessen, however, took your breath away when you opened it. On the outside, it looked like a simple black fan, but on the inside, the lacquered paper was brilliant blue, with stars on it.

“…I… I’ll treasure them always…!” you managed to say looking at the fan mesmerised. Lord Shigezane muffled a laughter making you blush bright red and you quickly put the fan and the wakizashi on the floor, pressing your cheeks with your hands in an effort to cool them down.

“Shigezane,” lord Masamune scolded his cousin seriously, which made lord Shigezane laugh aloud,

“You kids are so cute. It’s alright, doll, I’m sure Masamune has some time before we have to return to work. Kojuro and I have something we need to do anyway,” lord Shigezane said with a smirk on his face and rose to leave, winking at you. Lord Kojuro sighed and followed after him. After the door closed you managed to look at lord Masamune, who also had a slight blush on his cheeks.

“…Lord Masamune, these are really beautiful. Are you sure it’s okay for me to have them?” you asked quietly. Lord Masamune smiled and moved to sit next to you,

“I… want you to be safe. I should send you back to Kyoto for a while…” he said, his smile turning into a new frown,

“No! Lord Masamune, please don’t send me away, I only want to serve you!” you interrupted him, looking at him pleadingly. He smiled at you,

“… I don’t want you to leave either. Please stay with me… and be safe.” He took your hand in his and played with your fingers before he lifted your hand to his lips and you felt his lips brush against your knuckles.

“I will work hard, lord Masamune! I promise!” you said smiling relieved. He leant in and cradled your cheek, kissing you gently on your lips.

Lord Masamune wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you towards him, his kisses turning hungrier and more passionate. You opened your mouth and his tongue slipped in, gently touching yours. His kisses were making you feel lightheaded and tingly all over, making you moan quietly into his mouth. The hand in your cheek moved to your neck, pulling you even closer. His hands around you made you feel safe, but the feeling from his kisses was starting to get too much for you and you gently pushed his chest and turned your head away, your heart beating fast and your face feeling hot.

“…L-lord Masamune…” You tried to collect your thoughts when the door slammed open and lord Shigezane stepped inside,

“Masamune, I…! Sorry kids, please continue!”  

You pulled quickly away from lord Masamune, your face burning even hotter than before and you rose hastily to your feet bowing to lord Masamune,

“Excuse me!” you almost ran out of the room hiding your face behind your sleeve, past lord Shigezane, who tried to shout after you, but you felt too embarrassed to stop. You hid in the kitchen and pressed your hands to your cheeks.

“____, are you okay?” Umeko asked sitting beside you,

“Y-yes… I… I’m just embarrassed, that’s all…”

“Why? Did something happen?” Umeko inquired trying to look into your face.

“It’s nothing, really… Lord Shigezane just kept teasing me, you know how he is,” you evaded her question. You really wanted to tell her about your relationship with lord Masamune, but it just wasn’t safe right now. She had long ago guessed you had feelings for lord Masamune, but she thought your feelings were one sided and your relationship strictly professional, although sometimes she wondered how you got along so well with lord Masamune when no other woman did.

“Doll? Are you here?” You heard lord Shigezane’s voice.


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“Could this be what you’re looking for?”

A bit random but a few months back i had an idea for a fic but never really got to it… (mostly because i suck at writing and was too nervous to actually go through with it whoops) It was supposed to be a mermaid au where Koujaku lost his hairpin in the ocean as a kid and Aoba found it for him, and after returning it to Koujaku, became close friends with him… I also wanted Koujaku to mistake Aoba for a girl at first when seeing his pretty long hair like in the anime lol but i never got much farther then that and I didn’t have any other ideas so i didn’t make it a fic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I still wanted to do something for the idea though so yeah this was it 

I got into a little fender bender today and it really wasn’t a big deal–I got hit from behind– but I just feel so shitty and anxious and guilty in a zillion directions. The other person was totally fine and there was minimal damage to both cars but I just feel bad? I feel like I need to feel bad, like I wasn’t careful enough and I scared my parents and my friends. I was on my way to a party when it happened but I felt really shaken so I didn’t go and I felt bad about that. And now I’m just guilt tripping over really little things and worrying over nothing. I know I’ll feel better tomorrow but, ugh. 

Naruto, please stop worrying your boyfriend so much!!

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*peaks behind door* i saw cute Bodhi request and i humbly request for a au imagine where Baze comes home and sees chirrut with a Baby and he just sighs for like 1000 years and then he holds her and is like "oh my god i love it" and maybe a little flash forward in five years and their daughter is just being adorable and fluffy and of course we all know that Baze just sighs for 1000 years at chirrut's actions

CaN YOU IMAGINE??!! Grumpy Baze would be so wary of this wriggling grub of a human while Chirrut would be a natural, of course. Baby cries? Chirrut picks her up, BOOM, no more tears. Magic. Chirrut worries over NOTHING, Baze worries over EVERYTHING. I mean, god, keeping an eye on Chirrut is bad enough but this little creature is a thousand times worse.
Baby: *happily munches on dog food*
Baze: *drops everything in a heart beat* “Why are you eating that? Get it out of your mouth.”
Chirrut: “It’s good for her immune system.”
Baze: “It’s dog food, Chirrut.”
Chirrut: “Makes her strong!”
Baze: *long suffering sigh*

I haven’t written anything specifically Baze/Chirrut centric yet but I’m definitely running with this wonderful idea. Thank you so much, lovely anon! *MUAH*

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Nicole tonight was a perfect example how people get worried over nothing. I've been reading on Twitter for days people worried Gwen is overly obsessed with Blake. Tonight, I sincerely doubt Blake Shelton crossed her mind for hours. Tonight she was having fun with her friends, she posted in one day more sm about Danilo than I remember ever about Blake but we know she's not obsessed with Danilo. Sometimes Gwen gets giddy and starts going crazy on sm about whomever she is with. If Derek had showed

TBC…. up, we’d have got spammed with pics of her and him, because she was in that kind of mood tonight. We base too much on sm posts sometimes, when I think its more just the mood she’s in than anything else. I just hope the mood hits her again when she goes to a Blake concert, cause I’m not sure how much periscope action we’re gonna get. Hopefully Gwen hooks us up. But anyways when B is around, she is attentive, but on her own, she has her own life, she isn’t just daydreaming of B

Watch for the opposite now - that Gwen doesn’t obsess *enough* because she chose to spend time in NY instead of flying down to OK to join in…. It’s an endless circle-jerk of worry. 

I definitely think there’s truth to the reading too much into social media. I mean, I get WHY - it’s really often the only thing we can base our assumptions off - but it often leads folks down a rabbithole. I like it and appreciate it for what it is - but in context and in conjunction with other things - personality, habits, consistency, words, actions over time, etc. 

As much as I HATE the quality of Periscope (and I do!), Id rather she use that, just because more often than not, I’m at work and have no access to internet, let alone to the time to just watch her on social media, lol. #selfishthoughts 

And not ‘just’, no. But sometimes…

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I think when I did a spell to get someone to talk to me/contact me I may have accidentally cast a love spell on them!? I used sex magic and like halfway through focusing I would get lost in like, the fantasy of it, which now I'm afraid manifesting making them fall in love. How do I break it? I don't want to reverse the spell since I really like them but I want them to like me too but only of their free will! How can I even tell if I really accidentally made someone fall in love with me?

Hmm this one sounds complicated. I’m glad you are aware of the fact that love spells often interfere with free will.

Did this person suddenly notice you/act in a completely different way? It’s possible you’re worrying over nothing.

If you strongly feel you did indeed cast a love spell, the best thing to do would be to reverse the spell and start over. It’s important to state your intentions while casting a spell, and close up any loopholes so you can avoid this situation in the future. There are plenty of friendship specific attraction spells, I’d recommend looking at some of those for inspiration.


“Brother? Can you…check this over for me?” 

Crassus leaned over his sister’s shoulder as he sat a plate of food down on the table for her. “Eat first.”

“It’s due tomorrow morning and-”

“And I’ll check it after you eat.” He said, taking the seat across from her with his own plate, digging in silently.

Taren gave her brother a look, holding the datapad with her assignment and slowly pushing it across the table to him. “Please Crass? It’s a really big part of my grade and-”

“Taren.” He said simply, his mandibles flickering into a real smile. “You’re worrying over nothing, trust me, you’ll-” His omnitool beeped loudly and he stopped eating, looking at it.

His sister gave him an exasperated look and just sat the datapad down. “Just go.” She said dejectedly. 

Crassus was already standing, taking his plate to the refrigerator. “Leave it on the table and I’ll look over it when I get home tonight.”

“Whatever,” Taren mumbled, poking at her food but Crassus was already leaving and didn’t hear here. 

Baby Moon In Paradise
  • Rachel
  • Rachel and Finn caught an early morning flight out to Maui and when they finally got there it was just after 1pm. The flight was exhausting but after arriving at their hotel room she couldn't help but smile. The villa was perfect and they had the most amazing view of the ocean with their own private infinity pool. Needless to say she was in love with the place already. All throughout the flight she had been experiencing a few cramps that felt different to the others but she didn't say anything to Finn as she didn't want to worry him over nothing once more.
  • Changing into her bikini she walked out of the room and out onto the balcony. "So what do you say we swim and order some dinner and watch the sunset out here?" She suggested while wrapping her arms around Finn's waist and resting her head gently against his shoulder. There was no way she could express the depth of her love for him and all she could do was hope that her actions showed him just how special he was to her and how much she truly did love him. "Or maybe we can go for a swim then a walk down on the beach and have dinner after that?" She was excited to just get some time with him without the pressures of work looming over their heads along with any other kind of interruptions. Everything felt perfect and she was determined to make their time away as perfect and relaxing as possible which included a fully paid for surfing and ATV trip for Finn the following day while she went off to go and get a massage and be pampered at the spa.