worry is a misuse of imagination

3.11.16 I uploaded my assignment early! Much less stress than the last one - this is a photo of my desk after I cleared it, and thus my mind, of that assignment! I might post it on here so you guys can see what I’ve been up to. Today I had a seminar but I had forgotten to prepare answers to the question. Fake it till you make it though! It actually worked better that way I think because the answers I gave were more real and more relevant to the discussion that everyone else was having. It’s important to know what you’re talking about, but don’t ever hold yourself to an argument. Let your mind take in new ideas and bounce off them! Stay healthy guys. And remember, worry is a misuse of imagination. Xxxxx emily

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Being a grounder, and Lexa comforting you after Mount Weather.

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You’re alive.”

Despite the pain, you straighten up as much as you can as the Commander enters the room.  Her eyes scan the small, makeshift infirmary.  They only linger on you for a second when she makes her observation, and then she raises her hand in a small wave of dismissal.  Her guards leave, and she runs to you.

“Lexa,” your voice is hoarse from misuse and she checks you over with unwavering concern.  

“You are weak.” The statement is said with worry, rather than as an insult, and Lexa’s fingers trace your pale, grey-tinged skin.  

“They drained us like pigs.” Lexa’s eyes finally meet yours again when you speak and she stops inspecting you.  

“You’re safe now, Y/N.  The Mountain Men will never harm my people again.  They will never harm you again.” Her voice promises vengeance at the possibility and she reaches up to push your long, dirty hair out of your eyes.  “I won’t allow it.” 

“Worry is nothing more than faith in an undesired outcome. It is just misuse of your miracle creating power of imagination. In fact the universe is neutral to your thought, decision and action. So whatever vibes you deliver to universe, you will attract as your reality—eventually. It’s the nature of energy, physiology, mathematics, science, or spirituality. I am learning not to misdirect my faith and hold on to my desires; my body has less work to do to, only to remain at ease, inside the stillness of one transformative moment.”-India Ame'ye (words and pictured) 

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If the goal is mindfulness, being present in and observing reality, what place does the imagination have in this?

Mindfulness is not the goal but the teaching. Being has no alternative other than the present. The present is eternal and eternity. It is choiceless, as existence was never a choice just as it was without a beginning. 

The teachings of mindfulness and being present aren’t to restrict your attention and imagination to solely occupy the sensory consciousness of the present moment. Mindfulness, being, witnessing are opportunities to allow the accident of realization to strike. By abiding in the present moment, you can come to realize how it is all there ever is, was, and will be. 

Imagination doesn’t necessarily mean creativity. You can have imagination without creativity. Imagination simply means experiencing something that isn’t currently a part of your present moment sensory consciousness. If you look to the past and find pain, you are imagining. If you are anxious about a potential future, you are imagining. 

The imagination is a certain capacity of experiential consciousness to experience that which is not confined or prompted by the contents of sensory experience. Someone once said “Worry is a misuse of imagination,” and I quite liked that. 

Creativity, on the other hand, arises when we step beyond our consciously or unconsciously self-imposed limitations of awareness. The talking, logical mind is little more than a continual dissolution, shuffling, and synthesis of previous knowns, perceptions, judgments, and habits. It is the creative aspect of mind that provides a crack in the wall through which the lightless light of insight shines through.

New experiences give the mind new things to chew on. However, awareness liberated from limits alights the very dimension from which the mind functions. 

Namaste :)

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How do you feel about believing in God yet also believing in spiritual/ somewhat witchy stuff like altars, crystals, etc.

Well, it’s an increasingly common perspective these days. It’s amusing to read articles about the trend of newer generations moving away from institutionalized religions. Power on, my people. Religion in its predominant form today couldn’t be more tired and depleted. Tradition is not Revelation; it was meant to support the Living Fire of experience, not to supplant and imitate it. 

Altars and crystals were a part of spiritual and religious traditions before the word “witch” ever existed. Today, the only people who see a contradiction between believing in God yet also in “witchy” things are the people who believe in Satan. 

If worry is a misuse of imagination, then belief in the Satan is a misuse of devotion. The only people who are devoted to Satan are the ones who believe in his existence–and I’m not talking about Satanists here, as 99% of them are harmlessly entertaining and/or genius. 

I have gone through periods of my life in which I have believed in God but nothing magical, believed in magic but no God, and believed in both God and magic. None of it captured the whole picture–and belief never will. 

Belief is a tool or stepping stone, it is a map and not the territory. “I believe in this” or “I believe in that” is nice and all but what are you doing with it? Do your beliefs move you closer to sincere humility and authentic revelation or do they merely act to insulate your precious sensibilities? 

The foundation of the spiritual path is not belief but practice. Whether that be meditation, selfless service, devotion, or contemplation, without the transformative understanding born from enduring experience, there is no path. Belief without practice is like a rowboat without paddles. 

Beyond that, Do What You Will. 

Namaste :)