Okay sooo somewhat scared of putting this here but.

What’s going on on neopets is reminding me of an incident long, long ago back when virtual pet sites would pop up like dandelions in the early summer. One site(I won’t name any names, as it’s been gone forever now) had gotten a good enough amount of people that they actually got bought by a bigger power. Good, right?

Well that company decided to force the staff to work on things that weren’t broken instead of letting them work on things that were, add things no one wanted, redo all kinds of stuff and do all sorts of terrible stuff.

Needless to say, the site went out in a fiery blaze of chaos.

Anyway, I’m genuinely worried (since we, or at least I can’t) see what’s going on behind closed doors, I’m genuinely worried that might be what’s going on? I know it sounds stupid but there’s not much of staff telling what’s going on (besides CQ in the editorial, and she seems to do her best in explaining stuff but i doubt asking there will get the answers to this.), but regardless.

If jumpstart is burning this place down and the staff are struggling to put out the fires with what little freedom they have, I’m at least going down with the ship, just like I did for that site.

anonymous asked:

Hey ladies. Im in such a bad spot right now. It seems like I do too much but never get anything back.I dont know what my calling is.I have a degree in one thing but a "job"in another.My friends are fading & I dont feel worthy of anything.Please help.

Hey there lovely, 

I’m so sorry to hear that you are feeling stuck and feeling like you can’t get out. But let me offer some encouragement. God will not leave you where you are, He has a plan, He has a way and He has His own timing. 

On your worry that you are doing too much and not getting anything back, the bible says in Matthew 16v27: "For the Son of Man is going to come in the glory of His Father with His angels, and will then repay every man according to his deeds”. God sees your effort and actions and your true reward is in Heaven, and it shall last for eternity which is way better than earthly rewards anyway. I do however pray that people will appreciate all you do. 

Often our futures and lives will play out very differently to how we envisioned them or even wanted them to go. The one thing we can hold to is that God has an amazing plan for each and everyone of our lives and we have to be willing to step into it. God has a plan for us, but we have to step into it and actually do it. In times of confusion like this pray for clarity and then just stop and listen. I often find myself talking so much and not listening that it really isn’t a conversation, its more just me ranting to God ahaha (I’m glad he doesn’t run out of patience with me thats for sure). Try letting Him drop something on your spirit and pray that He will open up the right doors for you. 

I will pray for your friendship troubles and hardships but know that you are never ever alone, God loves you unconditionally and will never abandon His children. 

Praying for you!

-31women (Gabi)