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I'm 18. I've been wearing a scarf since I was 13. I really liked it. Wearing a scarf that is, loved it in fact. But lately all I want to do is take it off. And it's not for attention or boys or anything.. Idek what it is.. And I've been making so much Dua and praying but the desire won't go. And a part of me's like "make mistakes while ur young at least and learn from them".. But then I'm like, no that's shaytaan talking. Help me? Idk what to do, and I don't want to disappoint anyone...

Curl your hair at home or straighten it, put on a face full of makeup, wear sleeveless dresses without an undershirt, walk around your house (or room if your family’s gonna be like errrrrrr) take pictures, edit them and then go shower. The maiiiiiin reason us girls have doubts on wearing hijab is when we start comparing ourselves to other girls who don’t wear a hijab, or we feel ugly. When you do this, you won’t feel so much of an urge to take it off. We’re ALLOWED to wear what we want when we’re at home, so flaunt it. This isn’t to say that hijab makes you ugly, I actually feel that sometimes I feel prettier with hijab, but a lot of the time, we feel like the ugly duckling with it on. So do whatever you want when you’re at home, and wear hijab when you’re out. It’s almost like we live a double life, worrrrrkkkkkk that shit