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Request:  could i pretty please get a fluffy “We met in a movie theatre and now you’re clinging to me because your terrified and I’m okay with that because it means I get your popcorn” with jimin?

Pairing: Park Jimin / Reader

Genre: Fluff

A/N I’m sorry if this actually lacks “fluff” I tried >.< I updated like 3 or 4 days in a row can I get a cookie like please //I’m slowly making my way through the older requests though, there’s some I still gotta post//

Shutting off the engine to your car, you shut the door and quickly locked it, making your way into the movie theatre. Thankfully the line wasn’t as long as you had expected it to be. Rubbing your arms, you shivered a bit in an attempt to try and warm yourself out, making a mental note to dress warmer next time around.

The line might not have been long but it was still taking a millennium to get through. You were involuntarily tapping your foot out of impatience, waiting for your turn to get your tickets.

Eventually the guy in front of you paid for his stuff, making his way off to the showing room. You quickly noticed how vibrant his hair was, a bright, yet pastel looking pink. You took a step up to the booth, a small smile gracing your face in relief of finally getting to the front.

“Hi how can I help you?” the vendor’s voice had a cheerful tone to it, helping uplift your current mood in the process.

“One ticket for seven thirty, please.” You responded. She told you the price and you handed her the money, telling her to keep the change while you went over to the concession stand to get yourself some food before going to the viewing room.

The line for this stand was much shorter, and went by much faster to your advantage. You quickly asked for the popcorn you had been eyeing since you got in line, you paid the cashier and made your way to the viewing room.

The room was packed. You glanced around worriedly, biting your lip a bit. Eventually you found an empty seat at the end, quickly you made your way up the stairs on the side, claiming your seat. You noticed you were sitting next to the same pink-haired man that was in line in front of you earlier. You glanced from the corner of your eye a few times, taking in his features while the previews for the movie played. You knew no one watched these anyways.

He was attractive, though you didn’t want to let that distract you. You instantly threw away the thought and began paying attention to the large screen in front of you as the movie started playing, the lights surround the room dimmed in sync with the film starting.

About halfway through the movie you were terrified. You had forgotten how gore filled this movie was. The next jump scare that came up caused you to squeal, you involuntarily clinged onto the pink-haired stranger next to you. He looked especially confused, as he wasn’t expecting you to get so close to him.

You felt him lean down a bit, looking at you.

“Scared?” he whispered sincerely, a look of sympathy written on his face. You nodded in response when you felt him put his arm around you, pulling you closer into his chest. Even though he was a complete stranger, you didn’t mind letting him hold you like so.

His arm shifted a bit, you saw him eating something, you noticed he hadn’t bought any food on the way in.

“Is that my popcorn?” you half whispered, half yelled. He laughed lightly, making sure not to bring attention to the two of you.

“Hey, you’re clinging onto me, the least you can do is share your food.”

You mentally agreed with him. Your attention went back to the screening, you instantly regretted looking again as the next semi-scary thing that came on freaked you out intensely, causing you to bury your head further into the stranger’s chest. You could smell his cologne well, the scent of clean laundry was calming.

He laughed quietly at your timidness, you felt him rubbing your shoulder to try and comfort you from freaking out any further. The feeling of his tracing circles against your shoulder helped calm you down a bit.

“Hey, it’s almost over.” You heard him whisper to you. Still refusing to look up, you nodded back in response, feeling him relax a bit as you seemed more calm in his perspective.

You waiting patiently for the movie to be over. You noticed by the end of it all your popcorn was gone, and there was only one person to blame. The pink haired man walked you out of the theatre, throwing away the now empty bucket of popcorn in the process.

You stopped next to the front doors of the theatre. He could see you were still freaked out a bit by the movie. You felt his arms wrap around you in a hug, he gently pulled you into his frame.

“That wasn’t that bad, was it? Sorry about your popcorn by the way.” He said, patting your back and letting go, he was smiling at you. He held out his hand to you. You gave him a confused look.

“My names Jimin, thought I should introduce myself so you at least know the name of the guy you were clinging onto for the past hour.” He laughed a bit, you took his hand in yours, shaking it, and returning a smile back.

“Y/N, sorry for clinging, didn’t think it would be that scary honestly.” you explained.

“It’s alright.” you saw his face redden a bit. “Would you wanna go see something that’s not as scary sometime though?” he asked. You felt the butterflies having a fight in your stomach, quickly shoving the feeling aside you responded to his question.

“Sure, I’d love too.”

The Mansion

Summary: Dan is oddly satisfied with his position as a servant for Phil Lester, until he finds out that Phil had originally bought him for things aside from housework. 

For two days now, Dan had been working as a personal servant for Phil Lester. It hadn’t been nearly as bad as he’d imagined. Dan had heard stories about how cruel the rich, successful, and powerful men of today’s society could be. But Phil was different, young and kind, and more importantly he treated Dan with respect.

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shiros-scribbles  asked:

35 for Murdoc please?

35. “Before I do this, I need you to know that I have always loved you.”

Murdoc had done many stupid things in his life. It wasn’t as if he didn’t learn from his past mistakes- he just always seemed to mess with the wrong people and find brand new ways to royally fuck up.

This was one of those times.

“Are you sure… This will work out?” His lover asked, worriedly biting her lip.

“I sure hope so, luv.” He murmured, patting her head. “Cyborg’s all loaded up, and I dunno how effective bullets are against a demon, but…”

She leaned her head into his chest, almost as if basking in his warmth for one more time. Murdoc wrapped his arms around her, placing his head in the crook of her neck.

“Before I do this… I need you to know that I always loved you.” He murmured, wrapping his arms tighter around her, before letting go, and making his way to the roof of Plastic Beach, Cyborg Noodle following behind, to try and get rid of that damn demon.

crookedlyloudkryptonite  asked:

Hi! Totally love love love your blog. Amazing. I wanted to know if you could do a scenario with Xiumin. Like putting up the Christmas and visiting your parents house for Christmas and such? Does that make sense? I hope it does. Sorry if it confused you!

why thank you! and sure i can!! 
christmas is soon, so here’s a cute holiday themed xiumin for you~! (´∩ω∩`)

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COMING CLEAN: Part 2 (Rajila&Biadore) – By Moonlight

Click here to read part 1

[Finally managed to finish this one! Thank you all so much for the positive feedback and kind words! I hope this part will be just as enjoyable as the first one. :) Special thanks to my baby Lucy for beta reading and for being such a sweetheart!]

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luhan/lay | canon, romance, angst, fluff, comfort, un-beta’d | pg | wc 3,300~
a/n: anon prompted “secret bro date” with ~feelings~ involved… so, naturally, i made it super dramatic! (thanks to yifan) :’D and sorry for any mistakes, i’m sleepy.

Yixing is dozing off next to the cafe window, the sound of the rain pelting hard against the glass lulling him to sleep. It’s late into the evening but the sky is darker than usual, lighting up every few minutes with a thunderous rumble that stirs the air every time. It’s raining so hard that the small cafe is empty save for Yixing and the old man reading behind the counter, the rustling of turning pages and the whirring of machines the only noises coming from inside the small shop.

Yixing’s green tea has already gone cold from neglect but there is a carefully capped coffee across from him, plugged with a stopper and still burning hot, waiting for its intended owner to claim it. If he ever shows up, Yixing thinks a little worriedly. He’s been on edge all day, chewing his lower lip raw and jumping every time someone spoke to him. He was so afraid that his manager or the other members would figure out what he had planned for tonight, but of course they never suspected Yixing of anything. Why would they? Yixing didn’t have a disobedient bone in his body, and yet here he was. Not that it mattered anyway; he was beginning to doubt the other person ever show.

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Word Count: 2200+
Pairing: Michael/(Y/N)
Requested: No
Warnings: offensive language/explicit content
Summary: Shower sex with Michael in the mo’


Waking up to an empty bed wasn’t new, knowing he’s probably making some breakfast or showering, or out doing band stuff or what he and his band members called: banding.

Sighing, you stood up and walked out the door to the kitchen, you saw him standing in sweats and his black shirt that he probably grabbed from the closet, knowing he went to sleep naked. Walking over to him slowly, you wrapped your arms around his waist and rested your head on his upper back, he smiled but continued cooking.

“Hey,” he said.

“Hello,” you replied as you kissed the back of neck, “What are you cooking?” you ask as you pull away and open the fridge to get juice.

“Isn’t it obvious,” he says gesturing to the eggs in the pan, you smiled and pulled out the juice and started drinking straight from the box, putting it back in the fridge and walking back to the bedroom and heading for the bathroom, taking off your clothe you stepped in.

“Hey, y/n,” you heard him say.


“Are you upset?” he asked, keeping his place at the doorway.

“No, why would I be?” you asked, eyebrows frowned in confusion.

“’cause you know, I was like ‘isn’t that obvious’ and stuff,” he said, now sitting on the toilet in front next to the foggy glass door of the shower.

“No, I’m not that dramatic,” you say, washing the bubbles out of your hair.

“Well, can I come in?” he asked, amusement dripping from his voice.

“Yes, you can come in.” you say as you hear him shuffling around before actually opening the door of the shower and stepping in.

“Hey,” he says as he holds your waist in his hands, bringing your body closer to his.

“Hi,” resting your arms around his neck and leaning in closer to his lips. It takes a moment to actually kiss, but when it happens, it’s like this fire that started in your lower stomach, slowly making its way to your sex.

After a while of making out your hand slip between you two with your lips still connected, your hand feel his manhood, slowly tracking it, until it reaches the tip, he pulls away to breath, and letting out a wavy breath when you pinch his tip softly with your thumb and pointer finger, you lean in and leave an open mouth kiss and then start to kiss his jaw.

One of your hands still rest on his shoulder and then other slowly but softly pump his length, and pinching softly when you reach his tip, you kiss his Adam apple and then bit softly on it, making him moan, one of his hands rest on your butt and the other is in your hair, pulling softly, you move your mouth to the underside of his jaw and start biting and sucking and leaving open mouth kisses, grazing your tongue on the mark afterwards.

Your hand starts to go faster, and faster until he’s rock hard in your hands.

“C’mon Michael,” you whisper softly in his ear, signaling for him to get on with it already, he moans at your words and your hand slowly leave his member and go for around his neck.

“Damn you and your innocent eyes,” he says as he pushes you against the wall.

“What innocence? I could make you cum just by looking at you and you’re the only one who likes it in this relationship,”  You whisper in his ear smirking as he lets out a breathy moan and lifts you up by the back of your thighs.

Your hand reaches between you again for the second time that morning and pumps him a few times and then positions his at your entrance, moaning when his tip brushed your clit in the process.

He looks you intensely in the eye, leaving very soft open mouth kiss to your lips and pulling away, only to enter you and making you moan out in pleasure.

“Mikey,” you whine and throw your head back closing your eyes when he pulls back and thrusts in again, making your butt hit the tile, and he’s watching you so intensely, it’s making you uncomfortable, making your entrance throb with need for him to go harder.

“More,” you whisper.

“Fuck,” is the only thing he says before picking up both, pace and strength, making it hard to keep your eyes open and your hands to yourself as they reach under his shoulder blade and scratch from there to the end of the back of his head.

“Ah… Right there,” you say, moaning right after, hits the place as you say- command, making him close his eyes and rest his head on your collar bone, the hold he has on your hips are bruising and also his thrusts, but none of it matters as he make hot love to you under the streaming water of the shower.

Your back side keeps on hitting the wall, making it hard to focus on anything; him grunting in your ear isn’t helping either, one of your hands are around his neck, pulling him closer by it, and the other is rubbing slow circles on your clit, he notices and looks down at your hands making you inch closer to orgasm, his thrusts slowdown for a moment, you stop and look at him from half dropped lashes and bite your lip.

“You okay?” you ask.

“Yeah, just…” he says as he change the position he was taking, now holding your waist as your legs wrap around his hips and he starts to bounce you up and down on his dick, you moan as the new position make him barely touch your spot, tickling it and making your eyes close and roll to the back of your head, you nails to dig into his shoulders so hard you can see blood fading along the water falling from above you two, and your moans to be so loud the neighbors surely can hear them.

Michel’s moans are muffled by your neck and collar bone, and his nails dig in your waist, you roll your hips every time he thrusts into you, giving you both more friction, his hair is covering his vision, so your hand moves up to move it from his eyes.

His eyes shoot up and look at yours, you see the determination in his eyes, it scares you in the best way possible, and adds to your arousal, you moan at how mescaline he looks, with his eye-brows frowned and his lips between his teeth, your back arches when he rubs fast circles on your clit, your moaning getting louder, so loud you can’t hear the shower water anymore.

“C’mon!” he practically shouts with gritted teeth, you can feel him twitch inside of you, signaling he’s close, and his half open eyes are a prove that he can’t hold it in any longer.

“Are you close Mike?” you purr in his ear, he’s surprised you can say it this lowly, he’s just witnessed you wake up all the people in the building.

“Mmm, yes, so fucking close,” he moans and his thrusts slow down, and instead of fast they’re hard ones. They’re so hard your hip bones are knocking together and the pain mixed with the pleasure drives you insane, as you’re sure they’ll be bruised tomorrow, or after you guys finish, the thought of his marks all over you makes your head go fuzzy and your walls to clinch around him.

“How bad do you wanna cum?” you ask, your nails marking his back and leaving weeks-lasting marks on their wake.

“So bad, uhh… So fucking badly,” he says as he rubs your clit harder.

“Then cum,” you say, he looks at you, as if saying “no fucking way.” you kiss him, his thrusts are now slow and soft, you can feel every inch of his thick length inside of you, his hand stop their work on your clit and they move to your hair, he feels your wet hair, slowly brushing it with his hand.

As your hands move to hold his jaw, he pulls away, he looks at you angrily, and you know what’s coming next.

“Fucking cum,” he says as he picks up his pace faster and harder than before, you feel your body tense at the pleasure, as your moans get louder, he’s thrusting so hard you’re body is shacking from pleasure and your hair is bouncing before him along with your breasts, but now that his hand is back on your clit, you’re getting there faster than he is.

“Oh, Mikey!” you moan, eyes closed and head thrown back, hands racking down his back and back arching.

“C’mon!” he says for the seconds time this morning, he leans in closer to your ear and says, “Can you feel my dick pulsing with pleasure inside of you honey? Can you feel how close I am for your wet pussy? C’mon, be a good girl and cum for me,” he says, dammit! He knows how to fucking work you up to the hilt, and when he comes back from his place in your neck, his lips are parted and moan are coming out of it, and his eyes are half open, the sight alone is enough to make you cum.

“Mike,” you whisper as your high crashes down on you, your eyes are closed so tight you can only see darkness along with the stars that are created by his thrusts and the pleasure he’s giving you, and you’re sure as hell whenever he lays down on his back, he’ll remember you and wince from pain and pleasure from the memory.

You’re not even done with coming, but you feel him still inside of you, he’s so deep in you, you can feel his come in your stomach, his grunts are so loud, along with the curse words that he’s saying.

He keeps on moaning your name in your ear, as he holds your body closer by the waist with a hand and the other are holding you by the back of your thighs and pulls you so close to him.

After what feels like forever, you come down from your high, you can feel him breathing due his chest rising and falling against yours, your hand reach out and rest in his hair, you tangle your finger in it and start kissing his ears softly, your other hand caress his shoulder blades, he plants a small kiss to your collar as he pulls away and looks at you, his smile is contagious and his breathing is heavy, he places a small kiss on your lips and then pulls out slowly, making you moan softly and look down at his member.

“Well, that makes up for the wait,” you say as he places you back on your feet, you take a sharp breath and hold his shoulders for support, he looks at you worriedly and bites his lips.

“You okay?” he asks.

“Yeah, just a little sour, can you please get me to bed?” you ask as you rest your hands on your back, feeling pain shoot through you and cringe.

“I’m so sorry,” he says, sadness dripping from his voice.

“No, Mikey don’t be,” you say as you kiss him softly, “That had been amazing,” you say as you smile weekly, “I’m just a little sour, that’s all,”

“Okay,” he says sadly and start to clean you both up, careful with you and being so gentle, it amazes you how he can turn from grumpy to rough to pouty to gentle in only one hour.

After he finishes cleaning the both of you he carries you to bed and lays you down softly.

“Where are you going,” you say as you clutch his wrist, you’re now wearing black boy shorts and one of his hoodies, the one that had the name of the band on it.

“To make us some tea, would you like to come?” he asked.

“No, don’t go, just cuddle me,” you say with the cheekiest smile on your face.

He smiles back and says, “Whatever,” in a girly voice which makes you giggle and pull away the covers for him to slip in with you and when he’s finally next to you, you move to lay on top of him, and he rests his head on your chest as you stroke his hair softly.

“I really am sorry,” he says as he looks up at you.

“For what?” you ask.

“You know, for what happened back there,” he says and wraps his arms around you softly.

“Michael, you don’t need to apologize for it every five seconds,” you say with a sigh.

“But I feel like I need to,” he says, pouting.

“Well, I’m fine, you don’t have  to feel like you need to apologize to me every now and then, besides, I like it when you leave your marks on me, and when I leave mine on you,” you say as you sneak your and under his shirt and track the marks you left moments ago, while smirking.

He smirks back and leans up to kiss you, and that turns into a messy make out season due him cracking a weird joke whilst kissing you which make you giggle and him to laugh.

Preference #40 - He Misses You On Tour (PART ONE)

A/N - thankyou to whoever requested this! I think it’s a really cute idea but I breaks my heart to think of them crying:-( hah xxx

Gonna make this in two parts! If everyone actually does want the second part then let me know here please!xxx


As soon as the show had ended, Ashton just wanted to go straight back to the tour bus with only a simple excuse of “i’m tired”. The boys knew that it was a lie because Ashton is always hyped after a show, so it was strange to all of them that he was acting this way. 

He disappeared off to his bunk when they got back to the bus, immediately picking up his phone and checking it.

“Ashton?” Luke called out, watching his friend look down worriedly at his phone. “You alright mate?”

“Y/N still hasn’t replied to my text that I sent three hours ago.” He mumbled, throwing his phone onto the sofa next to him. 

“She’s probably studying or something Ash, no need to worry about her.” Calum replied, looking over at him. 

“But what if something has happened to her? She might be hurt or in danger and I can’t do anything about it.” He said worriedly, biting his lip. 

“Ashton…” Michael groaned. “I’m sure she’s okay. She might be sleeping! You can’t keep worrying about her all the time. It stresses you out. You aren’t gonna enjoy the tour if you’re worrying too much, and you should appreciate that we even have the opportunity to be here.”

“I’m sorry guys…” He sighed. “I just miss having her around. And I don’t like thinking about her being all alone, you know? I guess I feel bad, I dunno. I’m gonna go to bed, night guys.”

Ashton left the back room and before he even made it to his bunk, Luke was already calling you. You didn;t answer like he expected, but he left a voicemail message so you knew why he’d called. “Y/N… We need you.”


Calum’s eyes watered as he looked out into the crowd, wishing he could see your face in it. He didn’t realize that he could miss anyone this much. Well, of course he missed his family back home, but it was a different feeling. 

“This next song is called Beside You!” Luke announced, as he and Michael started to strum the chords and Ashton slammed his drums. 

“Within a minute I was all packed up…” Calum sung, his voice sounding slightly off with the emotion building up in his throat. “I’ve got a ticket to another world. I don’t wanna go, I don’t wanna go…”

“Silent words are hard to speak…” He swallowed heavily, blinking back the tears that were fighting to escape. Luke stepped in, taking over Calum’s solo.

Calum stepped away from the microphone, shaking his head and looking into the sky above him. He’s fucked up. He’s fucked up his solo and the song, all because he was distracted, thinking about missing you. 

The next thing he knew, the music had stopped and Ashton was pulling Calum into a tight hug, rubbing his back comfortingly.

“I love you man, it’s okay.” Ashton murmured, as Calum cried into his shoulder. 

“I just miss her.” He cried, forgetting about the thousands of people in the crowd watching him, and how many Youtube views this would get. All he needed was you, and he couldn’t he happy until he had you in his arms again.

“I know Cal, I know. We’re gonna get Y/N out here, I promise.” He reassured him, knowing that he had to do something to stop Calum from doing this again.


The boys had a day off to relax, and they were spending it on the bus playing Xbox and having a laugh. Luke had been quiet all week, and hadn’t got out of bed today.

“Where’s Luke?” One of the managers asked, looking into the back room where Calum, Michael and Ashton were thrashing each other at Fifa. 

“Still in bed I think.” Calum replied, as the man gave them a suspicious look and they thought nothing of him. 

“Should we have checked on Luke?” Ashton asked, still focusing on the TV and the game.

“Nah, he’s probably just tired. He seemed pretty tired yesterday, he’ll just be catching up on sleep or something.” Michael replied, as the manager re-entered the room.

“I think one of you guys should go back there and see him. He isn’t too good.” He sighed, as Michael bolted up and headed to Luke’s bunk. 

Michael opened the curtain slightly to see Luke laid flat on his stomach, head buried into the pillow. His body was shaking as he sobbed, having tried so hard to fight the tears that now wouldn’t stop. 

“Luke? What’s wrong?” Michael asked, rubbing his back and Luke finally noticed him standing there.

“I-I need her. She needs to be here Michael. I can’t stand her being away.” He cried, still not turning to face him. 

“It’s okay Luke, I know you miss her. I'lll call her, okay? See if she has any spare time?” Michael tried to comfort him, mouthing to Ashton ‘Call Y/N’ as Ashton appeared next to him. He nodded and headed to the back room again to call you and explain how much Luke needed you with him. 


Michael wasn’t really one to show to his emotions, and everyone know that. When he was upset he’d just hide it and being moody and ignore everyone, he hardly ever cried or talked about his feelings.

So when they were sat in their first interview of the day and Michael’s dreaded question came along, his reaction surprised the other three boys. 

“So Michael, what’s it like being way from your girlfriend on tour?”

Michael looked up at her, staying silent for a moment. His eyes turned glossy, and he bit his lip, trying to hold back the tears.

“It’s uh, it’s really hard.” He replied, running his hand through his hair.

Luke sighed and placed his hand on Mikey’s shoulder, offering a small amount of comfort. Michael shook his head and stood up, walking out of the interview and back into the dressing room. 

“Lets just hold this off here for a bit.” A member of management suggested, as Calum followed behind Michael.

“Sorry about this, he hasn’t seen her in over a month and he misses her a lot.” Ashton apologized to the interviewer. She smiled politely and shook of his apology, insisting that it didn’t matter.

“Michael? Mate, are you okay?” Calum asked, hearing crying coming from the bathroom. “Stupid question.. We’re gonna get her out here, okay? I promise.”

A/N - happy with this😁 PLEASE REQUEST PART TWO


Kylux - Soulmates

Okay I did a Drabble and I don’t even give a shit. I loved it. It turned out great



It took them several months to become colleges and a few more months for them to become friends. So, by now, finding Ren in Hux’s room or the other way around was common. More common than it should be. And they hardly met to talk. Their subjects were usually more urgent and carnal than talking. But this afternoon, they were tired, so somehow they found themselves exchanging kisses and words and laughs and a bottle of a very strong drink they had found on Hux’s closet. It was weird for anyone to see but them. Normally, the two were cold and emotionless. Together, they were normal humans.

“You know what I always find funny?” Kylo asked, chuckling and taking another sip from the drink. “That we are finally getting confortable with each other but some day we will have to move away and follow separated ways” he finished, receiving a confused look from Hux.

“Why do you say that? Why can’t we move along and stay in the same path?” he asked, taking the bottle and taking a few gulps before gasping when Kylo rolled over him and watched his eyes carefully.

“Because…” Ren started, undoing Hux’s coat and sliding a hand under his shirt. Hux felt his body shivering. “We live in a world where…” he continued, leaning down to kiss and suck lightly Hux’s neck, as if he wanted to keep those memories, as if this was their last day together. “Soulmates exist”

Soulmates? Oh. Right. Those names tattooed on people’s wrists since they were born to dictate who they were supposed to end their lives with. That machine that made many people break their hearts searching for their loved ones. The machine that dictated destinies. Right.

Hux froze. His heart raced. Soulmates. Right. He had forgotten, yet again, that Soulmates existed and that there was nothing he could do about them. A thought went through his head.

Had Kylo found his Soulmate?

“The girl” Hux muttered, and Ren looked up at him confusedly, tilting his head, his eyes shining because of the alcohol and his hair messy. Hux wanted to take a picture of that scene. So he could cry over it later, when he was drunk before Ren’s wedding with that scavenger. “The girl is your Soulmate, isn’t she? That’s why you’re telling me this. You finally found her. Well, congratulations” he said, as dryly as he could, taking a few more gulps. When he looked down at Kylo, he was smiling pitifully.

Hux hated pity.

“No. The girl is not my Soulmate. My Soulmate is a guy with a very weird name” Ren said, looking down at his currently covered wrist and smiling sadly. “All I mean is that one day I will find him. And one day you will find your Soulmate. And we will have to separate” he said with a sad chuckle. Hux frowned to him and shook his head.

“We could run. We could pretend we don’t have anything written. We could make up our own story. Say fuck it to these dumb rules and live our own life” the general said desperately, but the knight just chuckled and shook his head.

“If I didn’t know you were drunk, I would say you’re falling in love with me General” Kylo said with a deep chuckle, but gasped and widened his eyes when Hux looked deep inside his eyes and held his waist tightly.

“It’s not because I’m drunk. I know what I’m saying. I am in love with you. I really am” he said firmly, his eyes narrowed but sincere. Ren just looked at him, not knowing how to react to that. He had never, ever expected a confession from the General, especially in such intimate and confused context. “My father denied his soulmate for power. My mother denied hers for stability. I don’t know what love is. I don’t know what soulmates mean. I was born for looks. They were a powerful couple and needed to consist a family. I have never known what all of this means, but I know that when I’m with you, everything feels right. As if this is my place. Right here, with you. I don’t know why I feel it with you, but I do, and I wouldn’t think twice before denying my Soulmate to keep you” he said firmly, and Kylo was frozen. He couldn’t say a word. He never knew Hux thought that way, but it made sense now why the man was so cold. So lonely. So desperate for any kind of affection and still ready to deny that to everyone.

Both of them stayed quiet for a while, just staring deep into each other’s eyes, before Kylo nodded and held Hux’s cheeks lightly. He felt his heart exploding. He had never felt that before.

“Okay… Okay… I agree with you… We can deny them… We can send them away and stay with each other” Kylo muttered, kissing Hux gently before sighing quietly. “I have no idea who Brendol is, but he surely isn’t half as good as you are to me” he said, and then Hux froze again. Ren seemed to notice and looked up worriedly, biting his lip for a second. “What is it? Do you know any Brendol?”


“My name is Brendol. And so is my father’s. I don’t know any other Brendol” Hux muttered, looking at Kylo confused. Their hearts started beating hard, but Hux shrugged it off. “Well, it can’t be me. Soulmates have each other’s names on their wrists and the name on mine is someone called Ben, so clearly i-”

“Ben?” Kylo asked, eyes wide and cheeks getting pink. Hux nodded slowly and raised his eyebrow.

“Yes. Do you know any Ben? Because I have literally no idea who…”

“My name is Ben. My… birth name is Ben Solo. I changed it when I became Snoke’s apprentice” Kylo muttered, looking at Hux with shiny eyes. The general stared back at him for a while before groaning and punching Kylo’s shoulder.

“Why the fuck did you never tell me?! We could have skipped all this sentimental phase that I now regret immensely. Thanks Ren!” Hux groaned, crossing his arms only to then receive a punch on the chest.

“Look who the fuck is talking! Who has a name like Brendol? No wonder everyone just knows your last fucking name” he growled, making Hux look at him and push him aside, changing their position. Hux held Kylo’s arms over his head and growled back.

“My father was called Brendol, you asshole!” he yelled before feeling something, probably the force, pushing him back to the bed. He couldn’t move his body. “Stop doing this! Let me go!” he groaned, trying to move his hands or at least something. Kylo then crawled over him and held him down with his own strength, stopping using the force and just kissing Hux deeply and passionate kiss. When he pulled back, he looked at Hux, both a bit calmer.

“You are my soulmate” he muttered with a quiet laugh. Hux smiled back at that and nodded, his heart beating at the same rhythm that Ren’s.

“So you want me to call you Ben from now on?”

“Hell no. Or I’ll start calling you Brendol”

“Fair enough”