Some lead actors’ comments on David Hare’s ‘Worricker Trilogy’ (BBC2, 2014/January-February?)

Bill Nighy: “I have just finished a trilogy of films with David Hare, which he wrote and directed. I got to work on the second one with one of my American acting heroes, Christopher Walken, who’s probably the funniest man I’ve ever come across in my life. It’s like being hit in the stomach. It’s so funny. He was so cool. And Winona Ryder, who is completely marvelous. She came. And Helena Bonham Carter, and Ralph Fiennes, who is the Prime Minister. And Rachel Weisz was in the first one. It’s a fabulous cast. Rupert Graves. Hopefully they’ll be on American television at some point. One of them’s called Page Eight, another of them is called Turks & Caicos. And the third one is called Salting the Battlefield. Collectively they’re called the Worricker Trilogy”. (x)

Winona Ryder: “I did a thing <…>, this really great David Hare thing [with] Christopher Walken and Bill Nighy and Ralph Fiennes, and it’s about the bringing down of Tony Blair. It’s all words and brilliant and about detention centers being built and money-laundering. (x)
“We are all sworn to secrecy about the plot. It’s an amazing piece of writing. I was completely floored because I hadn’t read anything like that in such a long time, and David Hare is a legend. 
The other night Christopher Walken, who is one of my favorite actors, was in hair and makeup and some of us were talking, but they were filming like ten feet away. He just looked at us and put his finger up to his lips, and I was like, Oh my God. I’m having an At Close Range moment! Remember when they’re drowning the guy and Sean [Penn] is watching and there’s that epic shot of Chris Walken going, ‘SHHHHH.’ All these iconic—I just can’t! I feel so lucky that I still get those feelings where my heart skips a beat. The direction I got from David was, ‘You’re beaming too much! You’re actually not supposed to be completely in love with all of these people.’ (x)

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After speaking to Rupert recently, the website can confirm that the current state of play regarding his role in the film “Sacrifice” based on the novel by Sharon Bolton is that it’s a “possibility”.
Further information will be made when available.

Turks And Caicos, Salting The Battlefield
Broadcasting on BBC 1 in March 2014.