Thank you r/videos. This one is fantastic. Second Wind, by Ian Worrel. A love story, of sorts. Many emotions in this. Please do yourself a favor and watch.


Excelente cortometraje..


Second Wind , an animation from Ian Worrel
Just Great! 

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Hey Vern! You have been rocking this podcast! I totally look forward to listening to the next episodes. I'm 13 and now watch the movies because of this podcast I randomly found. Crazy. I will be interested in hearing the Ernest goes to Africa episode next. It's got some weird stuff in there!! Erin, you'll have to post video of you trying the "Apricot Smash"!! It's silly bananas. Teresa

I can’t adequately express how honored we are to have introduced you to Ernest. We hope he brings you much joy and happiness. This is the best message. Don’t know if I will try the apricot smash, but you never know how desperate for views we will get!!
(Yes, Africa is bananas.)

#TBT: Bernie Worrell backstage at the #CaliforniaLove benefit show in Los Angeles on 11.21.15 with @Sly5thAve @DexterStory and a special appearance by @DrDre @Sly5thAve and @DrDre who has sampled Bernie’s music many times over the years. Our man Bernie is battling Stage 4 lung cancer right now – head over to youcaring.com/bernie-worell-501298 to help support his treatment.
📷by the talented @ecoleye of @Mochilla
#Bernie #BernieWorrell #woo #pfunk #funkadelic #hands #backstage #bts #allaccess #artist #playingforchange #playingforchangefoundation #PFCF (at Wilshire Ebell Theatre)

13 - Slam Dunk Ernest
  • 13 - Slam Dunk Ernest
  • Ernest Goes to Podcast


Erin, David, and special guest Cindy take a Utopian Flight through this unexpected religious allegory—featuring Ernie Ali Worrell, the Archangel of Basketball Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, demonic sports scout Zamiel Moloch, and GOD.

In this episode:

  • Basketball team + Ernest = Cleaning company?????????
  • Is the Clean Sweep team racist re: Ernest?
  • Utopian Flights, the ugliest living shoes ever created
  • Erma, the most overtly sexual straight-up love interest
  • Devilish minions, angels, and God. Because Slam Dunk Ernest.
  • Ernest as a false idol
  • Little Quincy’s moral dilemma
  • Ernest P. Worell, unintentional role model
  • Temptation and choice

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James Truax on the RHCP playing the benefit for Feeling the Berni… James Truax, to David Worrell, James Truax, “I know more than half of the living members or ex-members of, of THE Red Hot Chili Peppers in person, they’re all dumb men, and Bernie is a huuuuuge mistake to put in any sort of power. HILLARY! or else… zero jokes, John Frusciante is the only one who I’ll detract insults on.