so my tax refund came in and I am using a lot of it to catch up on Big-Ticket Items I Couldn’t Afford To Buy Or Replace For Years (on Monday I buy new glasses frames to replace the two-year-old ones now missing a stem and also a six month supply of contacts! gonna get a real haircut for the first time in two years! maybe a piercing!)

(last year I was supposed to replace my laptop and phone with my tax refund and have some left over for savings but then I got fired right before I filed my taxes and had to use all of my tax refund on rent and groceries while job hunting!!! so this year is extra giddy-making because I actually get to splurge on things

anyway what this also means is I’ve been planning for months to buy a new pair of Doc Martens when the government cash came in because I got mine secondhand three years ago and they no longer have tread and the sole is about half the height it once was and they are honestly a bit sad looking and have always had BRASS EYELETS which has BOTHERED ME FROM AN AESTHETIC PERSPECTIVE FOR THREE YEARS, but also, Docs are the shoes of my heart and I wear them with everything all the time

(I now have three pairs of Docs, the other two being a knee-high pair that was the best birthday gift from my parents ever and a black-damask-on-white pair my mother found for fourteen dollars at a thrift store in Kentucky; if I am not wearing Docs it is probably because it is a Formal Occasion and then I am wearing high-heeled granny boots or, even more vanishingly rare, Actual Adult Heels (my actual adult heels are almost-black beetle green platform designer shoes half a size too large I got for two dollars at my old workplace) and like maybe one day I will find the multi-strap pointed black witchy flats of my dreams)


I also ordered this because like, own your cliches, kid

I can’t even read your writing, Draco,” he said as the real Harry watched. “Is that ‘hexed’ or ‘sexy’?”

Malfoy was stretched on his stomach along the length of a sofa drawn up to the side of the table. His chin was pressed into the worn red cushion, bringing his head down closer to the level of the tabletop. He lifted it and looked at the page that Pensieve Harry was showing him, then made a face.

“Yes, I wrote 'Dumbledore’s hand prob means Horcruxes sexy’,” he said. “We’re looking for sexy Dark Lord soul-bits.
—  Earthbound Spook by cest_what

Welcome to Hawkins, Max.

It’s not very long after they move to Hawkins that Max’s mother, Diane, and her brother, Billy, get into one of their routine arguments. It was inevitable, but Max had held on to some hope that a new town would change things for her family. That hope rapidly fading, Max is quick to slip out of the run-down house, the sounds of screaming voices following her as she shoulders her backpack, pulls on her worn red Converse, and grabs her skateboard from by the front porch. Now’s as good a time as any to explore this place.

Max, skateboard tucked under her arm, ends up wandering through Mirkwood—though she won’t learn of that nickname for several more days—looking for a spot that she can call her own when she happens upon the quarry, a glittering lake sprawling out in front of her. She walks over to the edge of the water, setting her skateboard down as she bends low and picks up a smooth round rock, rolling it over in her hands. Straightening up, Max glances at the rock once more before launching it forward into the lake, watching as it breaks the surface violently some ten feet from the shore. That felt good. Max takes a quick look around her feet and stoops to pick up several more rocks of similar sizes, throwing them with force into the water one by one, shouting into the open air as she does so, the sound of her voice echoing off the walls of the quarry and back at her.

She only vaguely hears someone call out behind her as she continues to toss rocks into the water, counting the rough ripples of every puncturing blow to the once-still water. Then, louder and with more force, the voice asks her what’s she’s doing. Max turns on her heel, glaring, and sees a tall and lanky dark-haired boy walking towards her alongside his bike, looking at her with confusion etched onto his sharp features. Max recognizes him from the school she started at earlier that week. Mark, Matt, Mike…something like that. 

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His visage, framed by dark, thick waves of hair, was a bit proud of countenance: something that others, not knowing him, might mistake for arrogance. 

Confident in his skills and in his mission, he sometimes displayed an impatience that arose only from a desire to fulfill the task at hand. 

His worn-down red-and-sand-hued flight jacket had been with him as long as he had been in the Resistance, rising through its ranks


i look unlawfully pale and unenthusiastic in these photos but sweet friend catie gifted me the anastasia palette i blogged about the other day as a surprise and i got it today and i just cant fucking believe this 

64 days in heaven and hell (112)
Day 26, November 17
Until this day, Van Gogh and Gauguin had lived under one roof for almost four weeks and things seemed to work out well. But that would only prove to be the silence before the storm.

For now, I can still imagine them, after a decent evening meal in their kitchen, chatting by the gaslight, exchanging ideas, telling the stories of their lives and, why not, discussing some of the paintings and drawings that Van Gogh had hung up to decorate the house. ‘Shoes’ was one of those: two worn shoes on the red-tile floor of the Yellow House.
Did Van Gogh really tell Gauguin that he had worn these when he embarked on his journey by foot from the Netherlands to Belgium? Or did they belong to Patience Escalier, the shepherd who sat for Van Gogh, at the same time when this pair of shoes was painted?

Or isn’t this a pair after all?

Vincent Van Gogh, Shoes, August 1888. Oil on canvas, 46 x 55 cm. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (F 461, JH 1569)


What’s your all-time favorite look you’ve worn for an event or red carpet? -  “I don’t know, each one is different — it’s like asking your favorite Disney character! You have different favorites for different reasons. But I had a pretty fun Cannes this year. I wore this beautiful blue Vivienne Westwood gown, which felt like when you’re a little girl and you’re playing dress-up and when you go to Disneyland and you get to meet the princesses and get their autographs, and you think, I want to be them. I would give anything to wear that dress and work at Disneyland and be a Disney princess! I felt like I got to do that.”

The man behind the beard... 6 things you didn’t know about Father Christmas!

He may be one of the world’s most recognised figures, but Mr. Christmas still has a few secrets…

1.     He is based on a real person (allegedly!)

These days we’re used to seeing Santa Claus as a gift-dispensing, sleigh-riding, larger-than-life figure. However, he is actually based on a real person! Born around 270AD, St. Nicholas was the Bishop of Myra in what is now Turkey.

He established a reputation for charity by distributing presents and coins to children, often leaving them in their shoes – hence the tradition of the Christmas stocking!

2.     Santa hasn’t always worn red

According to internet legend, Santa’s red attire is attributed to Coca Cola’s famous branding. However, this isn’t strictly true, as fact-checkers have claimed that images of a rotund Santa in a red jacket were seen long before his affiliation with the drinks brand.

In 1931, Swedish-American artist Haddon Sundblom was commissioned to paint Santa Claus for the company’s Christmas adverts. His paintings of a pot-bellied, bushy bearded, red-jacketed Santa were an instant hit and Coca Cola have been using the image ever since!

3.     He’s only been Mr. Claus for a couple of centuries

In Holland the St. Nicholas story continues in the form of Sinterklass, a bishop who travelled from home to home, delivering treats to children on December 5th. The first use of the English version – ‘Santa Claus’ – appeared in a New York City newspaper in 1773.

4.     He must have very strong bones!

According to estimates, if Santa had a glass of milk and cookies at every house he stopped at on Christmas Eve, he would consume a whopping 137 gallons of milk during the course of the night! A human stomach and typically hold around 3 litres of liquid, which perhaps explains that belly of his!

5.     He’s been happily married for over 150 years

While Santa visits every house on the planet, he’s remained steadfastly faithful to his beloved wife for over a century and a half. Mrs. Claus first appeared in 1849, in James Rees’ short story ‘A Christmas Legend’, although her first name is a closely guarded secret!

6.     Rudolph was a later addition to the reindeer fleet

Traditional poems tell us that Santa’s sleigh is originally led by 8 reindeer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Dunder and Blitzen. The red-nosed marvel Rudolph was the invention of Robert L. May, a copywriter at the Montgomery Ward department store.

May wrote a Christmas-themed poem in 1939 to bring customers into his store, but ended up selling nearly 2.5 million copies, which has since been translated into 25 different languages and made into a film!

anais-ninja-blog replied to your post “To all that responded to my stuck on the train post, you are awesome. …”

Excuse you, is the pimple red? Because that just shows your commitment to the look. Post selfie now plzkthnxbai.

*snorts mightly*  Yes, it’s red, painful, covered up by a shitton of powder, and still poking through.  But, you did ask for it. ;)

Ack, my lipstick is a little smudged there.  Whatever, though…. ;)


“His visage, framed by dark, thick waves of hair, was a bit proud of countenance: something that others, not knowing him, might mistake for arrogance. Confident in his skills and in his mission, he sometimes displayed an impatience that arose only from a desire to fulfill the task at hand. His worn-down red-and sand-hued flight jacket had been with him as long as he had been in the Resistance, rising through its ranks.” 

Alan Dean Foster, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.