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(apparently i'm a masochist why am I doing this to myself) If Barba died, Sonny would be one of those people who visits their lover's grave every day and would have conversations with them. Sonny would continue celebrating anniversaries and barba's birthday by decorating his tombstone with flowers. If they were married, he'd wear his wedding ring for the rest of his life. When Raf was alive, he was certain that Sonny would eventually move on and date someone else after he died. He was wrong.

GOD. I actually think that Rafael would insist that Sonny tries to date after he’s gone, because he knows how it could turn out and all he wants is for Sonny to be OK, and maybe Sonny would try, just for Rafael but they end disastrously because Sonny Cannot Let Go and it frustrates the other person. Sonny keeps everything he had with Rafael, like you said, he still wears his ring and visits his grave. All pictures he had of him remain in their frames and he would probably keep all of his suits and shit and WOW


These two fluffy-looking birds are baby pigeons (also known as squabs) and were brought in to us after being found on the ground and on a windowsill respectively.
Other than a tiny wound on the side of the face of one bird, they proved to be fine, and after treatment were moved into one of our incubators together for company. Hopefully we will be able to watch them grow over the next few weeks and then they can go back out to the wild!

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回 = patching a wound .

A small hint of light, flashed in X-23′s vision for a small moment until once again it was all darkness. Suddenly, numerous amounts of notifications burst out into his view; red projections listing different issues. They all overlapped each other trying to make themselves more important to the viewer, fighting for attention then suddenly they blink out, as if the monitor of a TV screen had been turned off.

A new notification screen pops up, with a light blue hue to it, while random numbers around the corners go off and the words “REBOOTING” float above an increasing bar. X-23 slowly opens his eyes and Xavier’s familiar image comes into his view, he seems nervous and stressed but quickly notices X-23 opening his eyes. He makes a bit of eye contact before adverting his eyes while mouthing words, as X-23 realizes that from his point of view small letters spelling out “Video Only” can be read. His auditory sensors were probably down.

X-23′s scrapped body, with skin feeling off revealing a robotic interior closer to that of an Omnic, lay next to X-23 while leaking blood-like fluids from his body. He forced his lips to move and in between drowns he managed to whisper,

⚔ “Don’t let me die here…”

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While EDC is not our usual topic of business, what we carry in our pockets does define what we decide to pack…

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