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Stiles Stilinski Imagine - Newspaper

The Beacon Hills newspaper wasn’t exactly the most popular publication. Generally, it was used for pets or children’s art projects. However, you always seemed to be a feature.

They didn’t have a whole lot to report on except occasional disasters at the hospital, successes of the high school’s Lacrosse team and a tree that fell down during a storm. It always seemed that whenever you did something slightly out of the ordinary a reporter would be there with a camera and a tape recorder.

When you held a bake sale for the animal clinic. Lights flashing your face. When you played the lead in the local theatre’s production. A tape recorder shoved in your face. When you had volunteered at the hospital to help Melissa when they were short of staff. The sheriff had to come to get rid of the reporters who were trying to follow you around because they were causing a health and safety risk.

He’d offered to take you back to his and Stiles’s home for dinner. You agreed as you hadn’t seen Stiles since school on Friday when you had worn his jersey to school.


After dinner, you went upstairs with Stiles so you could do some research together on the latest supernatural occurrence. Well, you had tried to do research but you just ending up laying on his bed with his arms around you as you talked.

“You know the newspaper is really starting to get on my nerves.” Stiles only laughed in response.

“Seriously Stiles, soon they’ll start reporting when I’ve had a haircut.”

“Don’t speak too loud. You might give them ideas.” You groaned as the thought of having a constant tail started to give you a headache.

Stiles started to shift so he could get up. “Wait here, I need to show you something.”

“I wasn’t intending on going anywhere.”

He rooted into his desk draw and pulled out a few piles of newspaper clippings held together with paper clips.

“I know it’s kinda creepy but I thought you’d like to have them when you’re older.”

“Are these all of the stories they’ve done on me?”

“Yeah,” Stiles said as he rubbed the back of his neck. He was obviously worried that he’d made a mistake.

“Hey, this is amazing!”


“Yes! I mean I know I get annoyed with the newspaper but this. Thank you.”

He moved to sit behind you on the bed as together you flicked through the clippings and cringed at some of the ridiculous things they reported on.