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every time my team loses badly my immediate reaction is going back through my entire day to try to figure out what I personally did to jinx them

z-0013  asked:

Heyo! Can u do some fluffy V headcannons plz? The baby needs some love💙

~I’ve done so many and still it seems that it’s never enough, because we all need more V. 

[V/Jihyun Kim]

  • Has a floofy monogrammed robe and absolutely can not take a bath unless he can wear it afterwards 
  • Composed and played a song on the piano specifically dedicated to MC on their first anniversary and since then it’s become a tradition to play it every anniversary after 
  • Likes to go to karaoke with MC on the weekends 
  • WILL PICK FOOD OFF OF YOUR PLATE (BUT he always shares some of his in exchange) 
  • Carries really nice smelling hand moisturizer with him wherever he goes, he has soft hands 
  • Loves the smell of jasmine and lavender 
  • Ordered two wall calendars because he COULDN’T PICK, one is desert landscapes and the other is baby animals 
  • Emails jumin funny cat videos 
  • Also, him and Jumin email back and forth a lot and Jumin is like an old man and does those forwards (you know the ones) to V and V always just laughs 
  • Enjoys breakfast for dinner 
  • Can’t swim very well 
  • Collects old books just for the smell of them 
  • Him and MC go antiquing and they split up, making it a challenge for whoever can find the most interesting or odd thing. The loser has to buy it for the winner. Needless to say, their place is filled with some…..interesting stuff 
  • Wishes he could sell fruit at the farmers market, but he goes there often to take photos 
  • HAS worn mismatching shoes and socks before (thanks eyesight) 
  • Eats a lotta bread 
  • Love cotton candy and also afraid of carnival rides 
  • Very sentimental and keep random trinkets that mean something to him 
  • Actually super funny and witty??? When he goes to a party or gathering he is always center stage and making everyone smile and laugh 
  • And Jumin just (every chance he gets cause he is so proud of V) 
movie premiere and sudden love.

summary: Tom Holland can’t help but look at his best friend and suddenly feel something that isn’t platonic.
words count: 800+
an: 100% based off of @tomftpeter  ‘s hc about a movie premiere so ((: creds to them!

It was just another day in the movie business, Y/N had been invited to a movie premier with her squad; Tom, Jacob, Zendaya, Laura and the cast of the Avengers. Unfortunately, Marissa and Tony couldn’t make it, each having something else planned.  Y/N had decided to color coordinate with her Spider-man: Homecoming cast, a subtle orange (Y/N’s choice) that would be anywhere on their body. Y/N had chosen to do an orange eye look while Zendaya wore an orange dress and Laura wore a piece of orange jewelry. Tom, on the other hand, had worn orange socks, as well as Jacob.

“Over here! Y/N! Over here!” Some of the photographers shouted as she twisted her torso in their directions, her hips staying forward the entire time. A large smile was on her face, her eyes squinted as she allowed the photographers to take her picture.

Tom wasn’t near her, in fact, he was multiple people ahead of her. He had been holding Tessa’s leash while waiting for the group to all get back together, but as expected, it was going slower. Tom stared up at the screen that was showing Y/N as she was photographed, his mouth dropping slightly as she stared at her beautiful form. Suddenly, he could feel his heart flutter and his lips release a pleasant sigh before closing quickly when she winked at the camera. Did she notice him staring at the screen? Debatable, but God, he hoped she didn’t. Tom hadn’t noticed that Tessa had seen you, her other owner who loved her almost as much as Tom did, maybe even more but she was excited and overall just wanted to see Y/N. So, like any excited dog, she finds a way to get loose from Tom, and she did. Her leash got loose from Tom’s grip and in an instant, Tessa was at Y/N’s legs, scratching and her dress. He would have noticed her escape if he wasn’t so in love with her - wait. 

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When not stretching out behind the desk in the Oval Office, Kennedy defined the Ivy League casual style of the early ’60s. On land, this often meant blazers in navy blue wool or brown Harris tweed, paired with khakis in the summer or gray flannel trousers in the cooler months. The sport jackets were often cut like his suits with slim notch lapels, 2-button fronts, welted breast pockets, jetted hip pockets, and 4-button cuffs. Underneath, the shirts and ties were the same as his suits – white shirts with blue-ish ties.  His shoes were typically off-white canvas sneakers with white laces, worn with thin socks in either white, blue, or black. On sockless days, he would wear dark leather penny loafers that was usually paired with a sweater and white boat slacks. Around his various vacation homes, he would wear velvet Albert slippers with his initials in gold.

bad shoe headcanons

naruto: crocs but he wears like, off-brand crocs. they have diamond-shaped holes and he got them cheap at a yard sale. hes rly sad bc he cant ever fit jibbitz in em

sasuke: heelys, hes the coolest kid and everyone is absolutely jealous of him. “wow, sasuke’s got heelys,” they say “he must be an uchiha.” no other uchiha has ever worn heelys

gaara: socks with sandals, sometimes flip-flops, sometimes those weird like, hiking dad sandals. “why” everyone asks him. he doesnt answer. his toes are warm yet unrestrained

rock lee: Croc Lee. he has all the best jibbitz and naruto is very jealous

Do you know what’s been killing me since Wednesday? Out of everything? 

This. SO MUCH this. I mean, yes, also the William stuff because I’m me. But, mostly, it’s been this. Know why? Because this has meaning

Oliver washed up on Lian Yu, undoubtedly soaking wet, dirty, traumatized and exhausted.

He survived through sheer force of will and a refusal to give up.  

He fought. He bled. He almost died countless times, but he just kept going.

Imagine for a minute this is you. Imagine you’re cold. And sore. And hungry. And tired. And in pain. All. The. Time. For years. Imagine the level of athleticism required to survive. 

It isn’t quirky that Oliver has a thing for socks. And it’s not a throwaway meaningless moment. With shoes undoubtedly worn through the soles and socks worn to threads, the only replacements available found on the feet of the people he killed. Imagine how badly his feet hurt. Imagine how blistered and sore they were all the time. Imagine, when he washed up, how badly he wanted clean, dry socks and shoes. 

Oliver needs socks now because Oliver knows what it’s like to go without socks. And that is what’s been haunting me since Wednesday. 

plastic beach headcanons
  • 2d likes to sit on the roof of the building, as far away from the water as he can get. he gets horribly sunburnt from laying up there for hours without anything to cover him. murdoc yells and makes cyborg noodle cover him in aloe vera when he sees the bright burns. if 2d looks straight up at night it is completely silent and there are so many stars that it feels like he is falling up into space. these are the only times he feels peaceful. 
  • murdoc loses a lot of weight. he’s manic and the only thing really going into his body is hard alcohol. there are times when his hands shake so much that he has to call off practice because he can’t play his bass anymore. he downs something straight from a tin can, unknown, gelatinous and tasting vaguely of rubber. he drinks some more to get rid of the taste. 
  • the evangelist shows up in 2d’s room sometimes with armfuls of vhs tapes of commercials from the 80s. they warp and hiss static between jingles when he plays them on an old tv that he found washed up onshore and repaired. the two of them sit on 2d’s bed and watch them silently for hours. there’s not much else to do. when the last tape runs out the evangelist waits until 2d is finished rewinding them, gathers them up and leaves through the door that 2d thought was locked. the bed is damp where it was sitting. once 2d fell asleep before the evangelist left and woke up alone, hot tears in his eyes from a dream he couldn’t remember.
  • 2d referred to the boogieman as “sun moon stars” once in an offhand remark. “how did you know that’s his name,” murdoc demanded. 2d looked up, confused and a little startled. “i dunno,” he said. “i just do. how do you know that’s his name?” murdoc couldn’t answer. 
  • featured artists on the album seem to exist on a separate plane of reality. they came with murdoc and 2d there. they both have clear memories of an exodus of submarines following behind them as they made their way to the beach. their voices are on the tracks and they’ll run into them in the den or the kitchen, crack a beer and have a conversation. the guest artists mention each other and at times you can hear them laughing down the hall. 2d played a game of pool with them once and won 5 pounds and a worn-out sock. but neither murdoc nor 2d can explain how there are 20+ collaborators but the halls are empty more often than they are not and the only things on the beach seem to belong to the two of them. there is strange flat silence between the lapping of the waves and they can’t find anyone when they want to, only when they stumble across them, and then everything continues as normal. they turn around when a track is finished to congratulate everyone and there is nobody there except for the other. suddenly they are emptied and filled with an aching loneliness. 
  • murdoc does not cry. if he did, he does not remember it. 
  • there is something about on melancholy hill. for a few seconds after the final bell tolls, nobody can breathe. the air stagnates in the lungs. it is uncomfortable and jarring the first few times, but ultimately harmless. 2d never mentions it. it makes murdoc terrified.
  • plastic beach is a no man’s land. it is an ungoverned place but there are many rules, most of which are unspoken. do not try to leave. do not eat the jellyfish. do not look in the mirror or think about what you have become. you may engage with the boogieman but do not let him get too close. do not look directly at the sun and do not look directly at him and do not listen to the crying. do not try to remember what it is like to not be lonely. do not think about what might have happened or what could have been. do not let him know. the most important rule is do not say her name. this is for his sake and for your sanity, or his sanity and your sake. now that you think about it, there’s not much of a difference.
Anti’s Little Helper

I don’t know why I never thought of writing this sooner!! 
I’ve missed a very important part of the Jacksepticeye community! 
SAM! I forgot about little Sam! 

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Anti didn’t look up when his dark room suddenly filled with a bright green light. 
The little fuck was sneaky he’ll give it that. And quiet too, whenever he zoomed around the place; only making a small whistling sound if he reached a certain speed. And on rare occasions, the green eye made squeaking noises to communicate or get someones attention. 
It was one of those rare moments when Septic Sam made a quiet squeak. Becoming louder when Anti didn’t look up from his lap. 
He sat cross-legged on his bed. Eyes cast down to the black socks that wrapped around his feet. They were beginning to show holes around his toes. 
He wasn’t in a good mood. It was one of the reasons he had locked himself in his room. Stop himself from raging at someone and possibly save another from getting hurt. 
Sam flicked Anti’s hair with the tip of his tail. Poking Anti’s head a few times, before zooming away when the man swiped at him. 
“Fuck off, septic freak!” Anti snarled. His body already beginning to glitch. “Get out of here before I make you into a paste.” 
Sam had retreated to hide under a pile of clothes on the floor. His green glow could be seen through the material, his little iris poking out to regard Anti curiously. The man hissed and the eye fled under the crack of the door.
Anti scoffed and returned to staring at his lap. He had to calm himself down before he could go outside again.
Jackaboyman was already on his case about exploding at Chase about his trick-shots. And Marvin had only recently turned his hair back from being blue after their fight a few days ago.
Anti growled out of irritation. It wasn’t his fault everyone was so fucking annoying. Why didn’t they just leave him alone? 
He didn’t need them.

Anti looked up when something slithered under his door. The green ball was back, but his tail was wrapped around something soft and fluffy looking.
Sam dropped the object in front of Anti and zoomed to the other side of the room. Watching the man as he reached for the soft thing and picked it up.
His eyebrows furrowed at the deep green socks in his hands. They were similar to the ones he was currently wearing. Minus the holes.
Anti looked up at Sam, arching an eyebrow. “What’s this meant to do? Cheer me up?”
Sam squeaked and zoomed in a loop above Anti’s desk. His glow turning bright enough to light the whole room.
“Well, you’ll have to try harder than that, Green Freak.” Anti grumbled. Pulling off his worn out socks and slipping into the new pair. They were a lot warmer than the previous ones.
Sam hovered in the air for a moment. Seeming to think. Before his little tail wriggled and he was flying out of the room from under the door again.
Anti shook his head. It hadn’t been very long since the little green eye started hanging around the Egos. He was usually with Sean and Signe, making them laugh and curling up on Sean’s lap when he recorded.
Anti had been baffled when Sean admitted that piece of information. How did the eye sleep with that blow-horn’s screaming? 

This time, Sam had a little bit of a hard time squeezing himself under the door. He was dragging something bigger and heavier than a pair of socks.
The object was rectangular and slipping from Sam’s thin tail grip. He squeaked loudly when the object did manage to fall, but before Sam could retrieve it, Anti’s hand lashed out and caught it.
“A phone?” Anti scoffed. “How the hell is a phone gonna-”
The man froze at the sound of your voice. His fingers curling around the phone and he glared at the small green eye.
Sam twirled in the air and floated down to nudge Anti’s hand. Pushing the phone up to his ear.
“Um, (Y/N), hi. What’s up?” Anti managed to get out. To say it was good to hear your voice was an understatement.
“Nothing much.” You replied slowly. Anti could hear your confusion. “Um, no offence, but what are you doing on Chase’s phone? He called me and I heard squeaking or something. Are you guys playing a joke?”
“No, no!” Anti hurriedly said. “No, Sam called you. I suppose Chase’s phone was the easiest one to find.”
Sam dipped and rose in the air. His equivalent of saying ‘yes’.  
“Look, sorry, I think he’s trying to cheer me up. And I think he still believes we’re dating.” Anti’s voice dipped in volume at the end. And he felt his mind go numb at the memory of the night you walked out. It hadn’t been pretty. “I’ll just, uh, hang up.” 
“Wait! Don’t.” Your voice was frantic. Thick, as if you were fighting back tears. “I miss you. I’m sorry, I was being unreasonable. I just…. freaked out. I didn’t know how bad your glitch-outs were.” 

Anti was quiet for a moment. His hands trembling as he closed his eyes, trying to calm himself down. You weren’t at fault. It was Anti. He was the monster. The freak. You had tried to help and he returned your kindness by screaming at you. Pushing you away from him. So hard you had hit a wall and hurt yourself. 
He saw the burn marks on your shoulder from where he had pushed you.
That type of energy wasn’t meant to be used on you.
He had hurt you. A part of him was glad you had stormed out. To save you from another attack like that. But there was more of him that wanted to hug you again. To hold you.
”Anti…what happened wasn’t your fault.” Your voice was like a lullaby to him. His mind eased out of the black hole he had so frequently fallen into. “I…I still love you, ok? I’m sorry for all the things I said. I was scared. But I know it wasn’t your fault.”
Anti felt something slither over his leg and he looked down to see Sam curl up in the crook of his crossed legs. His tail wrapping around Anti’s thigh as the little green ball gazed up at him. Another soft squeak rippled from the eye and Anti smiled. Stroking the smooth glowing surface with his free hand. 
“You have no reason to be sorry.” Anti said softly. “I should have walked away. I knew I was losing control, but… you know how I am.” 
You sniffled on the other end and Anti’s heart almost broke at the sound. 
“Do you mind if I come over?” 
Anti’s smile was broad enough to show his teeth. “Of course not, babe. Hurry over here!” 
Anti could feel your smile as you chuckled. God it felt good to hear you laugh. 
“I’ll be over soon.” And you hung up. 
Anti sighed and threw the phone down on the bed. Patting Sam as he wriggled to get more comfy against his legs. 
“You’re not so bad, Sam.” He said and the eye dipped in a little nod.