worn out t shirt

HP House Aesthetics
  • Gryffindor: paint splatters, bruises, beat up Converse, worn out t-shirts, fighting bullies, permanent sweat stains, scrapes, dirty pick-up trucks, lazy Saturday afternoons, wrestling with your dog, the smell of fresh cut grass, unintentional staring at pretty girls, the taste of blood in your mouth after a punch, the sharp taste of cinnamon, the smell of burning wood, holding the door open for someone, loud music, desperately wanting to be remembered, bright and colourful tattoos, boisterously stubborn, dirty jokes, jarring hugs that make your heart happy, chocolate chip cookies, rough neck kisses, grocery store raids at 2AM, loud and reverberating and body-shaking anger, "love is unpredictable, it's that fiery feeling in your soul when you realize that you've chosen to protect someone and fight for them above all else. love is freeing."
  • Slytherin: the smell of freshly trimmed trees, the crunch of fresh snow underfoot, running through the forest, truth or dare, thunderstorms, lingering kisses, protecting friends and family, sharp retorts, proving to people who have failed you that you don't need them, driving fast with the windows down, close-knit friend groups, action and drama movies, long walks on the beach at night, hugging someone tightly after not seeing them for months, peppermint & chocolate, fresh cologne, wanting to accomplish something meaningful, intense and passionate anger that brings a flood of tears, avoidance/dislike of change, knowing that failure is always an option but never ever choosing it, quietly stubborn, skipping classes to goof off and just take a break, constantly competitive, the way a brand new book smells, laughing so hard you can't breathe, "love is a choice and it can be hard to come by, but once the choice is made, there's no going back, you're in it for better or worse. love is a permanent cornerstone."
  • Hufflepuff: freshly baked muffins, warm sunlight on a cool afternoon, the ache deep in your muscles after working hard, hugging someone close whenever you see them, puns, pastel colors in a sketchbook, building sand castles till the waves knock them over, watching the sun set, kisses on the forehead, helping someone with their homework, a burning desire to make a difference in the world, calm and collected and righteous anger, running through fields, running up and hugging someone from behind, black and white movies, using your voice for the first time to say how you feel, defending your friends against the world, defiantly stubborn against a wrong doing, "love is a feeling, but it's not that warm fuzzy feeling; it's that turning in your chest that signifies a deeper emotional connection with someone than you've ever had before. love is understanding."
  • Ravenclaw: cool rain on a cloudy afternoon, witty jokes and puns, fruity lemonade, bike rides in the cool of the morning, sweet hugs when someone is upset/not feeling well, acting in a play, a kiss on the cheek, wanting to create something for the world, bright colors splashed on a canvas, laughing so hard you cry, painstakingly detailed book reports, chaotically organized bookshelves, excitement over the little things, the smell of old books, painfully silent anger that makes you want to yell, unfinished colourful crafts strewn about, constant daydreaming, unyielding stubbornness in every area of life, "love is like rain: when it rains it pours, and sometimes there's droughts. the clouds don't choose when they spill rain or not, they just do. love chooses you."

in the mornings when dean is sitting in the kitchen in his robe with his morning coffee and bagel, cas walks up behind him to kiss the top of his head. dean never says anything, but it’s one of his favorite things about mornings in the bunker.

when cas has showered on late afternoons or evenings, he pulls on dean’s worn out black sabbath t-shirt. “c'mon, we can get you actual clothes. that ones full of holes and the print is all smudged,” dean groans. “that may be, but it smells like you and it feels nice,” cas says with a shrug. and dean loves it. seeing cas in his clothes makes dean feel like cas is proud of being with him.

after a long and hard hunt dean used to want to go to the nearest bar to drink his brains out and pick up a chick to take back to his motel room. these days he would rather pick up a six pack so he, sam and cas can have a few colds before they part ways - sam to his own room, and dean taking cas to bed and curling up around him.

dean has bad night terrors and he used to stay up to watch tv until the early hours of the morning to avoid closing his eyes and face them, but now he shuffles into cas’ arms, taking in his scent and letting the feeling of cas’ breathing and warmth calm him. he knows cas will be there if he wakes up after nightmares.

in the beginning dean would get really pissed when sam teased him and cas. it was all innocent, but dean was still getting used to being with a guy - and in front of people, too. but now, when sam teases them, dean laughs and plays along on the joke before kissing cas proudly and sam makes a dissatisfied noise.

one night a waitress was hitting on cas, and dean tried really hard to not get jealous, but he was sitting there with gritted teeth and flexed jaw until cas returned. dean was quick to grab cas’ thigh under the table, but when the waitress came over with their food she slipped him a folded up note. on the note was cas’ handwriting saying “im in love with the guy in plaid”. that was the first time either of them used the word ‘love’ in their relationship. dean blushed and gave a crooked smile.

when they watch documentaries dean likes to lie on the bed with his head in cas’ lap and point at everything from dinosaurs to the russian czars, asking if “that’s really how it happened?”

when dean can’t sleep cas likes to tell him stories about random people he had watched throughout history since the dawn of time. people who are never mentioned in the history books, but who touched cas and his way of viewing mankind. dean makes jokes, but listening to the way cas talks about these people is one of his favorite things, and he’s happy it doesn’t seem that cas will run out of stories.

sometimes they visit jody and the girls. at first claire was the grossed out teenager about finding out dean and cas were together. but after dinner when it got dark and dean was having a beer by himself on the porch claire came out and told him that she’s really happy they’re together and she hopes they will last. dean joked that she couldn’t call him dad, so of course now she does on occasion to annoy him. dean will never admit that he likes the feeling.

cas sends claire care packages with books and stuffed animals, and silly cards that plays melodies when you open them, and dean throws in candy and cds from classic rock bands.

the first time dean told cas that he loved him it wasn’t planned. they were sitting on the hood of the impala by the beach, and it had been quiet for a while. dean put his arm around cas and just said quietly “i love you” and cas smiled, pressing a kiss to dean’s cheek with a happy “i know, dean”


Paint splatters, bruises, beat up Converse, worn out t-shirts, fighting bullies, permanent sweat stains, scrapes, dirty pick-up trucks, lazy Saturday afternoons, wrestling with your dog, the smell of fresh cut grass, unintentional staring at pretty girls, the taste of blood in your mouth after a punch to face, the sharp taste of cinnamon, the smell of burning wood, holding the door open for someone, loud music, desperately wanting to be remembered, bright and colourful tattoos, boisterously stubborn, dirty jokes, jarring hugs that make your heart happy, chocolate chip cookies, rough neck kisses, grocery store raids at 2AM, loud and reverberating and body-shaking anger. 

Love is unpredictable, it’s that fiery feeling in your soul when you realize that you’ve chosen to protect someone and fight for them above all else.
Love is freeing.

The smell of freshly trimmed trees, the crunch of fresh snow underfoot, running through the forest, truth or dare, thunderstorms, lingering kisses, protecting friends and family, sharp retorts, proving to people who have failed you that you don’t need them, driving fast with the windows down, close-knit friend groups, action and drama movies, long walks on the beach at night, hugging someone tightly after not seeing them for months, peppermint & chocolate, fresh cologne, wanting to accomplish something meaningful, intense and passionate anger that brings a flood of tears, avoidance/dislike of change, knowing that failure is always an option but never ever choosing it, quietly stubborn, skipping classes to goof off and just take a break, constantly competitive, the way a brand new book smells, laughing so hard you can’t breathe.

Love is a choice and it can be hard to come by, but once the choice is made, there’s no going back, you’re in it for the better and for the worst.
Love is a promise.

Freshly baked muffins, warm sunlight on a cool afternoon, the ache deep in your muscles after working hard, hugging someone close whenever you see them, puns, pastel colors in a sketchbook, building sand castles till the waves knock them over, watching the sun set, kisses on the forehead, helping someone with their homework, a burning desire to make a difference in the world, calm and collected, righteous anger, running through fields, running up and hugging someone from behind, black and white movies, using your voice for the first time to say how you feel, defending your friends against the world, defiantly stubborn against a wrong doing.

Love is a feeling, but it’s not that warm fuzzy feeling; it’s that turning in your chest that signifies a deeper emotional connection with someone than you’ve ever had before.
Love is understanding.

Cool rain on a cloudy afternoon, witty jokes, fruity lemonade, bike rides in the cool of the morning, sweet hugs when someone is upset, acting in a play, a kiss on the cheek, wanting to create something for the world, bright colors splashed on a canvas, laughing so hard you cry, painstakingly detailed book reports, chaotically organized bookshelves, excitement over the little things, the smell of old books, painfully silent anger that makes you want to yell, unfinished colourful crafts strewn about, constant daydreaming, unyielding stubbornness in every area of life.

Love is like rain: when it rains it pours, and sometimes there’s droughts. The clouds don’t choose when they spill rain or not, they just do. 
Love chooses you.

Back From The Dead

This is for a writing challenge created by @supernotnaturalcas 

Prompt: “I thought you were dead.” “I was.”

Characters: sister!reader, Dean, Bobby

Warnings: some swearing

Word Count: 940

  You couldn’t believe your eyes. What you were seeing before you – it couldn’t be real.

You had watched him die; you had been there when it had happened. You’d been there when Bobby and Sam buried him. Hell, you helped them bury him. It couldn’t be him.

But it looked exactly like him. The short, brown hair that you had always insisted looked more blond than it did brown; the candy apple green eyes that had always caught the attention of women everywhere they went; and, your favourite, the light brown freckles that were scattered across his nose and cheeks.

It was dressed just as he had always dressed, too. Old, worn out jeans that were wearing thin; a black T-shirt that had faded to an ugly grey; and over the faded shirt was a green-grey button up shirt that he had always worn unbuttoned.

“I thought you were dead,” you whispered.

“I was,” he smiled sadly.

This can’t be him, you thought to yourself. You watched him die, this can’t be your brother.

Slowly, you looked from the look-a-like to the old man standing next to him.
“Is this some kind of sick joke, Bobby?” You asked, trying to keep your voice steady. “Because I’m not seeing any humour in it.”


“My brother is dead, Bobby!” You snapped, “I was there, I watched him get torn to bits by multiple hellhounds! I watched my brother die. So either this is some sick joke you thought would be fun to play on me,” you pointed to the look-a-like. “Or this is a shapeshifter.” You pulled out your gun, the same one your brother had always favoured, and aimed it up at the look-a-like.

“Y/N!” Bobby shouted, moving to stand in front of the possible shifter. “Put that damned gun down now! I checked everything! I used holy water, and I tried silver; nothing happened. This ain’t no damned shifter or demon. You can check him yourself, but this is your brother. Trust me,” he finished.

Cautiously, you lowered your gun and looked back up at whom, just minutes ago, you had thought was a shifter.

If this is my brother, you thought. How is he here right now? This can’t be him. It has to be a shifter. It may look like Dean, and it may sound like him, too, but there is no way this is him. It just can’t be.

The shifters eyes glanced down at the gun in your trembling hands and back up into your eyes before stepping around Bobby to stand in front of you.

“Okay, Y/N,” he started. “I know what you’re thinking, and I understand. I do. I know this seems weird and pretty damn scary, but you have to believe us. I don’t know how I’m back, but I am. Okay? This is really me. You have a silver knife in your right boot, take it out and cut me with it.” He put out his left arm and nodded his head.

Never taking your eyes away from his, you bent down and pulled out the small knife from your boot. You stood up and nervously reached out and made a small cut into his forearm.

Nothing happened. It was him. It really was your brother.

You looked up at him with tears in your eyes, surprise in your features.

“Dean?” You whispered.

“Yes,” he smiled, holding out his arms.

“Dean!” You jumped into his open arms and held him tightly.

“God, I missed you, Y/N.” He whispered into your hair.

“I missed you, too, Dean.” You cried.

Your embrace was probably hurting him, but you didn’t care. You’d missed your oldest brother and you didn’t want to let him go. But, sadly, you had to.

“So where’s Sammy, Y/N?” Dean asked, putting you down. “Bobby says he hasn’t seen him since a month after I left.”

“Sam? Well, he left me after we left Bobbys.” You started, “we were trying to find ways to get you back. Even tried selling our souls for you, but they wouldn’t take us. They said you were “special” or something.“ You scoffed, “after finding out that we couldn’t do anything to save you, he dropped me off here, told me he was going for groceries, and never came back. The ass just ditched me without any money or a good-bye.”

“He just left you here?” Dean asked angrily.

You nodded, “Yeah, and boy am I happy to see you two, because I’m all out of cash for another night.”

“Idjit,” Bobby grumbled under his breath. “Any idea on where he went?”

“Not a clue,” you sighed. “I know I’m older than he is, but damn, I felt like Hansel and Gretel when they were ditched in the woods.”

“I’m gonna go get a room for myself,” Bobby said as he moved towards the door. “Dean, pay for another night for your sister, would ya? We’ll search again tomorrow.” With that he was out the door.

“I guess I’ll go pay,” Dean muttered and turned to face you, “Did you need anything?”

“No,” you mumbled. “But I think you should know something,” I said shyly.
Worriedly, he turned back towards me just as he was opening the door. “What?”
“Sam may have hooked up an iPod jack in Baby,” you told him, your lips turning up into a closed smile.

Dean just looked at you with a deadpanned look on his face before turning and walking out, slamming the door behind him.





“Son of a bitch!”


Shore Leave Part Two 

Part One

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS)

Pairing: ReaderXBones

Word Count: 1341

Rating: Everyone

Beta’d: No

You roll over in the bed and a cold draft hits your hand. You frown and feel around on the other half of the bed. Raising your head you open your eyes and find the bed empty. Sighing you sit up and glance at the time. Eight o’clock. You turn back to the empty bed and notice a piece of paper stuck to the pillow. Picking it up you smile as you read Leonard’s messy handwriting.

Donna had to leave early and I didn’t want to wake you. Come down when you’re ready and I’ll make breakfast.

Setting the note on the bedside table you walk over to the dresser and pull out a worn red t-shirt with “Ole’ Miss” across the front in fading blue letters. You pull the oversized shirt on and slip into a pair of leggings before heading downstairs. Walking into the kitchen Kirk grins at you from the dining room table, “Nice shirt.”

Leonard looks around and smiles at you. “Good Morning! I thought you’d sleep later than this.”

You shake your head and make your way over to him, “I guess I’m just used to being on the ship.”

“I do like the shirt.” He says as he moves a pot from the stove to the counter behind him.

You smile and wrap your arms around his waist. “It’s comfy and it smells like you.”

Kirk snarls his nose, “I think I’m gonna go. I can’t handle all this lovey dovey business.” He stands to his feet and ruffles Joanna’s hair. “Later small fry.”

She looks up at him, “Bye Uncle Jim.”

Leonard stares down at you and waves Kirk off, “Bye Jim.” He bends his head down and kisses you on the forehead. “You hungry? I’ve got biscuits about to come out of the oven and the sausage gravy is ready.”

You raise an eyebrow and peer into the pot on the counter beside you, “You cooked? Is it edible?”

His hands slip down to your waist and he leans in closer to you, “You know what I ought to do to you for that?” he says quietly.

You nod and kiss his cheek, “Maybe later. I think your biscuits are burning.”

“Dammit!” He releases you and spins around to the oven. Grabbing the potholders he pulls the door open and yanks the tray out. Dropping the tray on the stovetop he sighs.

Joanna turns around in her chair to look at him, “Did you burn them daddy?”

“No doodle-bug, they’re just a little more brown than usual.” he says, transferring the biscuits to a plate.

“Aunt Donna says you never learned to cook.”

He takes the plate over to the table and sets it down in the center. “Aunt Donna doesn’t know what she’s talking about. I’m a perfectly good cook.”

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What The Signs Remind Me Of

Aries- making out, ripped jeans, blasting the car radio, black high top converse, chocolate covered strawberries

Taurus- evergreen candles, silk nightgowns, the taste of white wine, hugging your best friend, wind chimes ringing

Gemini- long walks, friendship bracelets, dad jokes, hand holding, telling secrets

Cancer- crushes, white sheets, mascara running down your face, writing poetry, making new friends

Leo- stiletto heels, velvet skirts, contagious smiles, long blonde hair, red roses

Virgo- tea pots, old paintings, empty notebooks, dewy grass, star gazing with someone you love

Libra- cinnamon gum, pink lipstick, sneaking out, the feeling of heartbreak, designer sunglasses

Scorpio- bonfires, worn out t-shirts, laying in someone’s arms, black and white movies, cherry cough syrup

Sagittarius- globes, sun burns, running away, messy buns, laughing until your stomach hurts

Capricorn- biographies, iced coffee, gold necklaces, potted plants, brown leather boots

Aquarius- crystals, teal nail polish, tie dye shirts, video games, swimming in the ocean

Pisces- sunrise, the smell of daisies, classical music, patchwork quilts, forehead kisses

youareasunflowersammy  asked:

baby’s breath, lavender, waxflower, peony, and dandelion

baby’s breath: 5 things you associate yourself with worn out books, low light, oversized t-shirts, cities full of life, cats.

lavender: what is something that you’ve always wanted to be/have/get but can never have? a cat!! ;;;

waxflower: are you a bee or a butterfly person? a dog or a cat person? bee and cat!

peony: what is something that you wish your parents could’ve told you? that i was good enough lmao,

dandelion: any special talent that you have? i don’t think i have any! ;0;


Harry slid the worn out and hole-y t-shirt over his head, covering his cold chest. It wasn’t that the room was freezing cold, it was the fact he’d come from under the constraints of the duvet and your body into an environment which was a little cooler. His eyes scanned the dark room as he looked for a pair of pyjama bottoms, his feet shuffling along the floor in order to feel around for the soft material. He could hear the snuffled cries and whines coming from the hallway, baby cries soon filling the room as he panicked for a while. His head turned to look over at your sleeping figure, just a lump under the duvet in the visible light shuffling amongst the sheets to find another source of warmth. 

He knew you were tired. He was home late the previous night, having to stay behind at the studio in order to finish off recording and writing. You understood that he needed to stay behind, but having a crying baby keeping you up was difficult. He wanted to come home, back to you and his little girl to have a snuggle and a film night with pizza and wine. Instead he was in a studio. A stuffy, hot and boring studio filled with writers and recording crew. You insisted he stayed to complete his work, even with his constant whining about staying later. 

He figured that taking the night routine would be enough to make up for it. He knew you were grateful for that. He’d taken the day off the following day, in order to take some of the pressure away from you. The boys understood, the recording crew understood and he promised them he’d still keep his mind set somewhere upon continuing the newest song they were writing. 

He felt the atmosphere change as he moved from the bedroom to the chilly hallway. His bare arms becoming exposed to the chills, creating goosebumps to rise up on his arms. His hairs standing on end. The cries were getting louder the closer he got to the room, and he could feel his heart aching. His chest was tightening as his hand curled around the handle of the door, pushing the slightly ajar door open further. The pink nursery came into view, with the white nightlight in the corner of the room being the source of light so he could see where he was going. The blinds were pulled down, and the barely inaudible mobile hanging above the cot was playing soft music to lull his baby girl to sleep.

“Hello, my little one. How’s daddy’s favourite girl?” Harry wondered, as he leant over the cot, her cries loud and squealing. “Hey, hey. Come on, darling. Stop all this crying, hm. Daddy’s got you, Darcy” He whispered, as he placed his hands at either side of her body. He shifted her weight onto his chest, with a hand placed beneath her bottom, his other resting on her back. “Oh, baby. Is someone a little grumpy?” Harry chuckled softly, as he moved over to the rocking chair beside the blind-covered window. His back cracked as he hunched over to sit down, a whine and a hiss leaving his lips. This only made Darcy cry more, and he felt like he didn’t know what to do.

“Darcy, hey, it’s okay” Harry whispered, as he ran his thumb over her back. The onesie she had on her body was soft beneath the pad of his thumb, and the fleece was beginning to loose its tightness from where she’d worn it so much. It was a gift from Louis when she was born 3 weeks back, something he’d brought in the day following your labour. “Darcy, baby. Please” He whispered, a slight beg in his tone. “Daddy loves you, little one. So much. And mummy loves you too” He carried on, her cries lessening softly. “Your mummy made me so proud when she brought you into the world. We’ve had you for 3 weeks now, and we couldn’t have even asked for anything different. You,” he whispered, as he tapped at Darcy’s button nose softly, “you are my precious baby girl, and you’re stuck with me as your daddy for life” He chuckled, as Darcy’s cries lessened, the room falling silent.

That’s the noise he liked. When he could heard her jagged breaths and his breath melding together. 

“Good girl, poppet. That’s good, hmm? You just wanted some cuddles with daddy, didn’t you?” Harry grinned, as her face nuzzled into his neck. The side of her head tucked underneath his jaw. He could feel her breathing against his neck, her warm breath giving him a sense of warmth inside. “You smell delightful, poppet. I could just eat you up” He chuckled, his chest rumbling as he let out soft puffs through his nose. 

He’d always looked forward to having his own baby. To have a baby with the love of his life was a jackpot, and he didn’t want anything to change. He was lucky to have been blessed with you for most of his life, growing up with you. You knew he wanted a baby, you knew he wanted marriage, and you knew he wanted a normal job after One Direction. You’d supported his career fully, and you always made sure to go to every show possible. He took you on tour with him, he took you to award shows with him, and he even took you to LA with him on his off days. 

He’d always looked forward to having that baby smell fill the house, with the smell of powdered milk and baby shampoo mixing together. It was a smell he’d grown accustomed to from tour, when he’d taken occasional nights to look after Lux when she was a baby. He had plenty of practice for parenthood, and he knew he was ready for whatever life would bring him.

With you by his side, the two of you could conquer anything.

* *

His side of the bed was cold when you awoke. Your eyes trying to adjust to the bright sunlight shining into the room. The pale green walls of the bedroom were illuminated and bright, and your eyes just couldn’t adjust much. They stung from the still lac of sleep, and you felt like you should sleep for a thousand years for you to regain the strength. 

You had felt him move in the middle of the night. The sheets rustling together had woken you, but you’d fallen asleep quicker than when you’d awoke. The cries had been distant in your ears, when usually they’d have been loud and ringing. Maybe it was because Harry was on night duty? For that, you were grateful.

He’d been a true sport throughout your pregnancy with him running out and getting your cravings, even if it was the middle of the night. He’d sit with you, whilst your head was lodged into the toilet bowl as you threw up the contents from the previous dinner. He’d been there for you when you needed a back massage and when your feet needed some soothing rubs. He’d run baths for you, and occasionally sit in them with you. He loved to just be close with you, in awe at your growing bump. 

He was an even bigger sport when you’d gone into labour. He’d been on full alert the whole morning. He could sense it, before you even could. He had the baby bag packed neatly in the corner of the bedroom with another bag resting beside it with things that either he or you would need. He’d packed a book for you, and he’d loaded his iPad up with movies so you could snuggle on the hospital bed whilst you were going through the contraction period. He promised, on your wedding day, that he’d be there for you no matter what.

And he had lived up to that vow.

You kicked the duvet from your body, your legs stretching out from under a pair of Harry’s boxer shorts you slept in. They were baggy and loose, and he hated that you nicked them. Because they were his favourite pair. You’d had them since you’d fallen pregnant, and he didn’t have the heart to take them from you. As your feet his the carpet, you could hear him talking through the baby monitor. His voice deep and raspy.

“Good morning, my little one. Did you have a good sleep on daddy, hm?” You heard him wonder, with a soft chuckle leaving his lips. “The things you do to daddy, huh? You’re going to have me wrapped around your finger, you are” He stated, and your ears perked up as you heard the soft coo leave your daughters mouth.

“Shall we go and get some breakfast, hm? We won’t wake mummy up just yet. We can have some cuddles on the sofa” You heard him say, as you stood from your sitting position on the bed. “Come on then, poppet. I can hear your belly grumbling” Harry laughed, as you felt your chest twang with love. When he called her poppet, it made your heart melt. He’d forever been wanting a baby to do that with.

As you moved from the bed to the door, you heard his soft footsteps emerge from the nursery. The door creaked open as you pulled it back, and his figure emerged. “Oh look, mummy’s awake” He grinned, as he shuffled across the floor to where you were stood. 

“Hi, mister. You didn’t come back to bed. I missed you” You whispered, as you leant up and pressed a kiss to the corner of his mouth. His lips were dry and you could smell his slight morning breath. “Are you going for breakfast? I can make it. I need to feed Darcy anyway. You must be tired. Go back to bed” You smiled, as he shook his head. A grin on his lips. His tongue ran over his lips, and his hair fell over his face.

“No, I’m okay. I want to spend the few hours with my little one. You go back to bed. You look like you need it, honey” Harry muttered, as he felt Darcy drool against his shoulder. “Oh, thank you, poppet. Daddy’s t-shirt is not edible. Don’t you eat that” He chuckled, as your hand cupped his elbow.

“Harry, you must be exhausted. Please” You begged, as he shook his head. His lips pressing to your forehead as your arm ran up to his bicep. “Harry…”

“Baby, I’m fine. I promise. I slept fine last night. Don’t worry” He stated, as he walked passed you. His feet beginning to descend down the stairs. “Go back to bed, and I’ll bring you a friend breakfast up. You need to sleep, baby. I can see it in your eyes” Harry smiled, as he looked back. 

“I’m perfectly fine, Harry” You muttered, as he chuckled lightly. He continued to walk down the steps, and you could hear Darcy begin to whine at the sudden change of atmosphere. “Harry.. I can have her up here. I can feed her while you make breakfast” You suggested, as you began to walk down the steps. His body appeared from around the corner, a shake of his head stopping you. 

“Go to bed. I can feed her, and burp her, and stuff. I’ll bring her up when breakfast has nearly finished, then I’ll come down and get it” He smiled, as he walked off against. The kitchen door opening in the distance.

* *

(Sophia’s texts, (Y/N)’s texts)

You knew he loved Darcy. 

Anyone would be stupid to think he disliked having a baby. He was true father material, yet you thought he hadn’t grasped that you needed his help as well. You didn’t want to say you were jealous, per say. But you were a little down that he’d take her from you when he had the chance. 

You situated yourself on the bed, the pillow resting against the headboard as you sat upright. Your legs crossed with your laptop resting on your lap. Your phone was sat beside you on the white material, occasionally beeping away with messages and Instagram tags from Gemma and Anne. Your eyes cast down to the message shining away at the bottom of the screen, with ‘Sophia’ beside it.

Hey, you! I need to see you today. Liam’s out. Apparently him and Harry have organised a day out to go golfing with Niall, or something. Leaving me alone. I was thinking you and little Darcy could come and hang with me. x

You proceeded to text away at the screen, your nails tapping softly against the glass.

Harry hasn’t mentioned anything about that. He told me he was taking care of Darcy all day. Apparently, he’s making up for the night they stayed at the studio into the early hours of the morning. I’m sure me and Darce could pop over for a few hours. I’ll need to back though, as Gemma’s popping over for dinner. xx

You could sense Sophia’s lips curving into a smile as she scanned the message. She loved seeing you, and she loved seeing Darcy just as much. She was well loved in your little group of friends, and they spoilt her rotten. Liam and Sophia had the tendency to buy her cute little shoes and dresses, whilst Louis brought her onesies and baby football kits. Niall had yet to spoil her, but you had a feeling he was waiting for the toddler/schooling stage. So he could treat her to ice-cream and pizza and take her out for the evenings.

Yay. I think they were only going for a couple of hours anyway. I don’t know. Liam was like ‘I’m off golfing with the lads today’ and he went into the shower. That was it. I think Harry’s picking them up anyway, so he can drop you off here and pick you up after. If not, I’ll drop you home. Liam had insisted we installed a baby seat for her. Harry told everyone of us too. x

You laughed softly, and shook your head.

Only Harry would do that. He’ll probably take her golfing with him. He’s not been able to put her down. I feel like I barely spend any time with her at the minute. He knows I pump milk for the morning feeds, so he takes that as an advantage to keeping hold of her. I’ll persuade him to let me have her… x

As you waited for her to send a message back, the door creaked open and Harry appeared in the doorway. You babbling little girl was settled in the crook of his arm as she gripped at his t-shirt. You smile as you settled up more, and held your hands out for her. You watched as Harry’s bare feet padded across the carpeted floor, the smell of bacon grease coming from his body. You pushed the laptop from your legs, closing the lid and resting it on the bed beside you.

“Here we go, poppet. Have some cuddles with mummy, and then I’ll be back” He smiled, as he laid her on the bed in between your now stretched legs. “Breakfast will be done shortly. I’ll bring it up soon” He smiled, and pressed a kiss to your lips. “Oh, I’m taking Darcy out with me today. Me and Liam are heading to meet Niall for a golfing session. Figured I’d take her to see them” He smiled, as he patted your knee softly, before dragging his fingers across Darcy’s full belly.

“Yeah.. Sophia told me” You smiled, as placed a hand over his. His fingers bare from the rings he’d usually have on. “I was thinking of taking Darcy to see Soph. She’s hasn’t seen Darcy in a while” You stated, as Harry flashed a frown softly before he gave you a soft smile. “What was that frown for?”

“I didn’t frown..” He argued, as he removed his hand from your knee.

“You did. What was it for?”

“It’s just.. Niall really wanted to take her golfing. Liam’s just tagging along, and I felt like I couldn’t leave them both alone with her” Harry suggested, as he walked towards the door. “They were really looking forward to seeing her” He added, as his hand curled around the door handle. 

“Why can’t I have her for the day?” You wondered, before you thought what you’d said. Have her for the day? It made it sound like you were sharing her between you both. It made you think that she was Harry’s possession. He’d have her nearly all day.

“Have her for the day? Babe, that sounded a bit weird” He chuckled, as you frowned at his. Your eyebrows furrowing. You felt Darcy curl her hands around your fingers, before letting them go. “I planned to take her for the day. I didn’t think you’d mind. I thought you would have wanted to sleep. Or have a relaxing day alone” Harry muttered, as you scoffed lightly.

“Just, go and get breakfast Harry” You hissed lightly, your lips pursing into a tight line as you heard the door creak open and shut swiftly behind his leaving figure. Darcy wiggled around on the bed between your legs as you reached for your phone. 

Harry’s upset. He’s taking Darcy for the day. I’m sorry. I don’t feel like arguing about this. I’m sure we can stay for a while after, so you can have some time with her. xx

You could hear the clanging of pots and pans coming from downstairs, along with a clang of plates jostling together. 

That’s alright, babe. Don’t worry. If you feel like you’re never spending time with her, tell him. Harry will understand. I’m sure you have nothing to worry about. I’ll see you around lunchtime. We can head off out for lunch maybe. xx

He walked back into the room, with two trays in his hands. Cups of orange juice resting in the corner. He placed his tray on the bedside table, before you took Darcy from your lap. You felt Harry settle on his side of the bed, pulling his pillow out from behind him so Darcy could rest against it. 

“There we go, darling” You whispered, as you placed her gently against the pillow, her legs kicking out. You took the tray from Harry’s grasp and placed it on your lap, your fingers reaching for the fork. “Thank you..” You muttered, as he looked at you. His eyebrows furrowed.

“Have I done something? Or are you just tired?” He wondered, as you scoffed lightly. And let out a half-hearted laugh. “I’m seriously beginning to think I’ve done something, and I’ve not a clue what” Harry began to wonder, a sigh leaving his lips. “Just tell me” He begged, as he turned to face you. His knee bending whilst his other stayed resting over the side of the bed. 

“You’re taking our daughter away from me. I feel everytime I have to do something for her, you do it” You sighed, and ran your free hand through your hair. You closed your eyes as you heard him groan softly. 

“Are you angry that you didn’t feed her this morning? Because you pumped milk last night and I didn’t want it to go to waste. I’m sorry” He apologized, and looked at your scrunched face. “What else is there? I’m just doing what a father should do! I thought I was doing it right!” He stated, his voice getting louder as he stated each sentence.

“It’s not just about this morning, Harry! You bathe her all the time, you change her nappy all the time. Even when I say I can do it. You insist I should rest. When I want to take her out, you worry that something will happy and that you feel safer when you are with her” You sighed, and drop your fork to the tray on your lap. “You’re like mother and father all in one! All your missing is a pair of boobs. Then you can feed her yourself. Then you’ll have the perfect body image and behaviour to be both!” You hissed, as you pushed the tray away from you and stood up.

“I didn’t know tha-”

“You didn’t know because you figured I’d be okay with it! I feel I never get to hold my own daughter because you want to have her close” You pushed forward, and watched as he placed his fork down on his tray. His hand was curling around the glass of orange juice. His eyes cast on the orange liquid. “I just want time with her! But I can’t because you’re always there! Begging to hold her. Taking her from me when she’s clearly happy with me!” You shouted, as you stomped over to the bathroom. Cries were soon heard, and you sighed softly.

Your eyes closed before you turned round. You watched as Harry’s saddened face picked up your distressed daughter, her body resting against his chest as she cried into his shoulder. You could see Harry’s bottom lip tremble, as he stood from the bed. His hips swaying as he walked around the room slowly.


“Don’t, (Y/N). I get it. You’re jealous that she needs to be watched. I’m trying to help you” He whispered, panicking that if he spoke any louder his voice would crack and the tears would start. “You went through so much this past year, and I wanted to help you. You carried her for 9 months, with sleep-deprived nights. I wanted to help you. That’s all” He mentioned, as he looked to you. You could see his eyes glassy and glossing over, and you knew you’d mucked up. “I’m sorry for trying to be a good husband. I’ll let you suffer. You know? I’ll watch you break down because it gets too stressful” He hissed, as he picked his tray up with his free hand. 

“Harry.. I’m sorry..” You whispered, a tear dripping down your cheek. “I didn’t mean it. I understand th-”

“I don’t want to hear it. I’m taking her with me to golf, and you can go to Sophia. I need to get out of here for a while. I’m sparing you the stress of taking care of her for a day. Because I am a good husband, and I know you need it” Harry hissed, as he opened the door with his knee. 

Your tears fell as you heard his heavy footsteps descend down the stairs. You’d truely mucked up. You needed to fix it.

* *

You shuffled against the back cushion of the sofa, Sophia’s hands coming into view with a mug of tea nestled between them. “I’m sorry I haven’t been good company” You whispered, as she smiled softly. Her body sitting down beside you as she placed a hand on your forearm. 

“It’s okay, babe. It’s been good to see you anyway. When Liam and Harry get back, we’ll take Darcy so you guys can talk. Liam’s been texting me saying how Harry’s been moping around. We’ll get this sorted. Or should I say, you’ll get this sorted” She smiled, and passed you your mug.

“Thanks Soph. You’re incredible, you know that?” You smiled, as you rested the rim of the mug on your lips. The steam fanned your face, and the smell of lemon filled your nose. “Lemon tea. You remembered to buy some this time” You winked, and nudged your knee with hers.

“I did. I remembered” She grinned triumphantly, and reached for a biscuit on the plate on the coffee table. “How is motherhood anyway? Liam’s been telling me about how Harry won’t shut up about how good it looks on you” She laughed, as you blushed softly.

You set your mug down on the table, and looked to her. A warm smile on your face. “It’s so good. I mean, getting to hold a baby in your arms is incredible. But holding your own baby in your arms is just heartwarming and amazing” You sighed, as Sophia grinned widely. “Harry’s been a star. He really has. And I shouldn’t have given him an outburst. He’s been amazing” You sighed, as you heard a car door open and shut from outside.

“Speaking of Harry…” Sophia grinned, as she heard Liam’s key in the door. “I mean it. We’ll give you some space, and you can talk” She smiled, as she stood from her place on the sofa. You heard the door open, and deep chatter coming from the front door area. “Liam, hey. How was golf? Sounds like you had a good time” Sophia laughed as the three men came into view. Liam’s hand was curled around the baby carrier, with a wide awake Darcy strapped into it. “There’s my cute little niece!” Sophia squealed as she fell to her knees and cooed over the small newborn in the carrier.

“She’s a born golfer, ya’know?” Niall grinned, as he pulled you into a hug. “No matter what Louis says, she’s going to be a golfer” He grinned, as he pressed a kiss to your head. Your eyes cast over his shoulder, to see Harry standing there with a soft smile on his lips. His eyes trained to yours. “Go see him, love. He’s been moping all day” Niall sighed, as he let you go. His arms falling to his sides. You walked over to your husband, his hands outstretched and ready for you to take them. 

“Let’s go outside. Let them coo over Darce” Harry chuckled, as he pulled you outside the front door.Closing it slightly so you could get back in if necessary.

“Talk to me..” Harry whispered, as he squeezed your hand tightly. His eyes were looking at you intently, with his lips parted slightly. “I need to know how you feel. Because I can stop the way I am acting, and focus on how I should be acting” He stated, as you cupped his cheeks in your hands.

“Just shut up talking, Harry Styles” You whispered, and pulled his head down to yours. His lips mere inches from your lips. “I love you. You don’t need to change for anything. You are being the best father in the world, and I’m not going to change that” You smiled, pressing a soft kiss to his lips. 

“But, you’re upset that I do everything for Darcy. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done all of that. She needs a mothers nurture, and I can’t do both” Harry muttered, as you ran your fingers through his hair. It was soft and bouncy and felt like feathers against your skin. “I’m not going to try and even think about taking her. You are the most amazing woman, and she needs you in her life” Harry grinned, as his hands cupped your hips.

“Sweet talking me now, huh?” You winked, and felt your cheeks flush as you felt his lips against your neck. “I’m sorry about my outburst this morning. You’re the best person, and you’re the best husband, and your the best daddy ever and Darcy is so lucky to have you” You smiled, as nuzzled your face into his shoulder as his lips worked their way down your skin. 

“You, Mrs Styles, have made me the proudest husband in the world. Now, I think we should go in there and have some cuddles with our baby. Because you deserve it. I’ll cook the dinner tonight for mum, Gem and Robin, and you can have some time with Darce. Because I love you” He smiled, as pressed a kiss to your nose.

“I love you so much, (Y/N)..”

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andrea for the name aesthetic please

seeing the ocean for the first time, the glowing lights of a ferris wheel, your favorite worn out t-shirt, laughter echoing down a hallway, watercolor paintings, messy ponytails 


   he’s started to wear his face a little less and less around his brother nowadays. call it a bit of ‘exposure therapy’ for them both. hanzo has to face him like this, one way or another, and genji has to be come okay with him facing this. he doesn’t struggle with another’s acceptance of his scarred appearance anymore, but hanzo is a little different. no, he doesn’t need hanzo’s acceptance, he hasn’t needed it for years. doesn’t stop him from desiring it. perhaps he is going too full-force too fast. perhaps he will regret it.

   but today he sits next to his brother after a bout of meditation, nerves quelled for the moment. genji’s hair is tucked into a beanie and he sports a worn-out t-shirt, chrome arms visible. it’s a little warmer today, and the sun does beat down comfortably on his unprotected face.

   “–good morning, hanzo.”

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19, 24 , 26

Unusual food combination- Oh my god okay so when i was little i fucking loved peanut butter and … American cheese sandwiches. Bleh i know i was nasty but hey kids are gross anyways. Okay but these days its raspberry jam over cream cheese idk my mom hates it.

Softest article of clothing ive ever owned- oo this is easy, a worn out, vintage genuine, t shirt. It was blue and from the Thunderbird motel in Florida. It had a totem pole w the name and a native feel to it
I fuxking love that shirt.

Do i feel like i have a sixth sense… Uh not other than regular intuition.. Im kinda lame

“Connecting Link” (ft. iKON’s Bobby) Ch. 3

너와 나의 연결고리
You and me, our connection,

이건 우리 안의 소리

this is the sound inside of us.

You groaned in annoyance and gritted his name through your teeth, “Wang Jackson… You…”

You stared blankly at the ceiling and wondered if you should ditch him since the only reason he’s bothering you is because your BFF wasn’t there, but you were hungry anyway and he was paying. Why in the world would you refuse free food?

You jumped out of bed and looked at your attire. You were wearing black sweatpants and a loose worn out t-shirt from university. Good enough, you had thought. You put on a bra, searched for your favorite hoodie and tied your hair in a ponytail, before heading towards the door. You saw a black baseball cap lying around in the living room, which was probably owned by Jackson and stolen by your friend, and decided to wear it. You opened the apartment door only to close it again because it had gotten quite chilly. You went back to your room to get another jacket over your shoulder. You stuffed your phone, card and keys into your pockets, grabbed your lip balm belatedly, and locked the apartment behind you to meet Jackson ‘troublemaker’ Wang.

You were halfway down the stairs when you heard Jackson’s impatient scream.

“Yah! I know you’re there, hurry up! It’s freezing out here!” he was shuffling in front of the apartment trying to keep himself warm. He was basically the same outfit as yours, but in a darker color scheme, trying to appear inconspicuous even when he was screaming like a kid having a tantrum.

“Christ, keep it down, you babo! Do you want to let the whole neighborhood know that you’re here?” you hissed at him and flicked his forehead over the cap.

“Ah! You violent woman!” he defended and started walking with you following closely behind. He handed you a pocket warmer and grumbled, “After all the trouble I had gone through to get you that warmer.”

You snorted. “Knowing you, you probably picked up one for yourself and just remembered me at the counter.”

He shot you an incredulous look, before gasping dramatically, “How did you know? Are you one of those people who have some kind of blood and has powers?”

“It’s called ‘white blood’ and no, I don’t have powers, but why did you bring that up? Have you met someone like that? They say it’s really rare for someone to even have residual white blood.” You questioned, squinting your eyes at him to catch his lies before he even tried playing them.

He opened his mouth to bluff, but decided to tell you the truth. “Nah,” he shook his head instead. “…we both don’t know enough people here to meet someone like that.”

You nodded along, “True.”

“Have you heard from my soulmate?” he beamed at you and acted as if he was swooning.

You rolled your eyes at him. “You mean, Eunmin? I’m not sure why you’re asking me when you probably harass her with countless texts a day.”

“You make it sound like a bad thing.” He accused pointing a finger at you.

“It is a bad thing, Jackson. It’s also bad that you call someone who has a normal life to eat sampgyupsal with you at 12 AM when you can call one of your many celebrity friends or your members!” you exclaimed as you put on lip balm on your chapped lips.

“Exactly, Y/N. Why would I call busy people like them when I can call you?” he teased and you slapped his arm.

You weren’t very far from the samgyupsal place and though it was pretty cold in the early morning, you two were walking quite leisurely.

Then suddenly, like lightning striking from the skies, you heard the call faintly. Your feet moved before your thoughts could follow. Jackson tried to keep up with you and asked, “Yah, why are you suddenly walking so fast? Are you that hungry?”

You heard him, but tuned him out to focus on the call. It was getting louder as you continued nearing the samgyupsal place. You stood in front of the restaurant, its dim lighting and no nonsense menu not anymore an unfamiliar sight to you. Jackson kept calling after you, but you already had your hand hooked on the sliding door. You slid it with a loud clatter and the small group that occupied a table looked up at you, but they weren’t even relevant then because he was there, looking quite out of place in the small eatery with his tall and bony structure.

Jiwon was already standing up and the moment you met his eyes, the loud call stopped ringing in your ears.

Jackson finally caught up with you and slung an arm over your shoulder before any one of the restaurant occupants could comprehend. “Yah, I didn’t know you were that hungry, you practically ran all the way here.”

When Jiwon’s companions saw and recognized Jackson, they bolted upright and bowed respectfully. You saw that Jackson was obviously flustered, but he tried to maintain a solid expression as he greeted back cheerfully. Jiwon also bowed, but his eyes were trained on you.

Jackson urged you forward, he whispered, “They’re celebrities and I’m guessing you don’t know any of them because you’re an ahjumma.” He teased again and you pinched his arm, stealing a glance at Jiwon who was still looking at you, his mouth slightly agape.

Jackson greeted them again before pushing you towards your usual table.

“Ahjummeoni, 4 servings of samgyupsal and two bowls of rice, please.” He ordered immediately when the owner greeted the both of you pleasantly, recognizing you, especially Jackson, as regulars. “Did you want something else?”

“Jackson, 4 servings? Are you out of your mind, how many servings are you planning to eat?” You laughed at him.

“Well, depends on how hungry you are, I can eat your portion too if that’s what you’re worried about.” He shrugged and nodded to the owner, requesting for generous servings. “But weren’t you hungry? You even rushed all the way here.”

You looked at him blankly, before catching Jiwon’s eyes again behind him.

“Do you know those guys?” you asked, gesturing to the other table.

“We’re not that close, but some of them are idols too.” Jackson remarked, picking at the side dishes. “Why? One of them is your style?”

You shook your head violently.

“You liar. Just because you haven’t met your soul mate yet, you can just play around.” Jackson clicked his tongue, shaking his head in disbelief at your ‘behavior’.

“From what group are they?” you tried to change the topic to stop Jackson from saying any more embarrassing things.

“Even if I told you, you won’t know them. I still have trauma from our first meeting.” Jackson feigned a headache, being the drama queen that he is. “I still can’t believe that the only JYP group you know is Wonder Girls.”

“Hey, at least I know you now.” You laughed just in time for the food to arrive.

The conversation flowed freely between you and Jackson, maybe this is why you get along with him well; he managed to eat 2 and a half servings whilst talking and before you knew it, it was almost 2 AM.

His phone rang loudly as you two were finishing up with a few pieces of meat were still sizzling on the grill.

He looked at the screen with horror in his eyes. “Oh my g—Hyung! Yes, I’m done. I was just about to head over there. Yeah, yeah… I’m hanging up.” Jackson groaned and slumped in his seat. “Mark-hyung caught me. I have to head back now or else he’ll tell on me.”

“What?” you exclaimed with a wrap stuffed in your mouth. “What about me?”

“Huh? I can’t understand.” He played dumb and began to rise from his seat. “I’ll just go settle the bill, stay here and finish up, I’ll be back.”

You chewed on the wrap thoughtfully, trying your best not to look at Jiwon’s table. After a few minutes, Jackson hasn’t returned and that was when you received a text message from him saying that he already left and told you to enjoy the food.

You wanted to shout, but gathered your fingers into a fist instead. You gritted his name for the second time that morning, “Wang Jackson… You…”

You heard excessive coughing and boisterous laughter from the other table as they loudly said goodbye to Jiwon who was trying to shut them up and stop them from leaving.

“We’re going first, hyung! We know you’re still hungry, eat more! We don’t have a schedule tomorrow anyway.” They all said simultaneously that it was difficult to pick out who was speaking. They all tapped his shoulder a bit too forcefully and nodded to you as they filed out the small restaurant.

When all the ruckus subsided and the two of you were left inside, you tried to avert his gaze as you gulped down a glass of water. You wanted to slap yourself for going out in your pajamas and not having a single speck of make-up on your face except for the tinted lip balm that you picked up.

You met his eyes again from under the shadow of your cap and he answered with a toothy grin.

“Hi.” He remarked, quite amused at the situation.

A smile quivered at your lips at how cute he was acting. “Hi.”

“This feels really awkward now.” He said shyly, tugging at his bonnet.

You let out a huff before shooting out of your seat. “How are you with soju?”

He looked stunned at first, but he smirked and said, “Probably better than you.”

You let out a short laugh of disbelief at his show of fake arrogance. “Let’s go then.”

You walked around looking for a tteokbokki tent. The streets were practically empty and you two were able to stroll comfortably.

“So…” he began after he took a look at your expression. “…you know Jackson, huh?”

You laughed at his obvious question. “Before you get ideas, I’m going to stop you right there. He’s my bestfriend’s soulmate and he spends an awful amount of time with us. You saw that he dragged me out at 12 am to eat, right? So I know him all too well, but we don’t have that kind of relationship.”

“Oh, oh I see…” he nodded, secretly glad that you cleared it well.

“But you… are you an idol as well? Jackson did tell me that he knows the guys from your table.” The warmer Jackson gave you was already cold, so you tried to bury yourself further into your jacket.

Bobby wanted to get to know you better before he revealed his true identity, but he thought that when you entered earlier, Jackson had already told you everything you needed to know. “No! I’m just… just a back-up dancer. We’re around the same age, so we hang out a lot.” There, he said it and he beat himself up for lying. “Sorry about them earlier, I was so surprised when I heard the call that I blurted out everything to them. They seem to have acquired the habit of teasing their hyungs any chance they get.”

You shook your head again and laughed, suddenly remembering the ruckus that his friends caused earlier. “No, it’s okay, trust me. Just having Jackson as a friend is already a handful.“ you remarked as you entered the small tent.

You got yourself some fishcake and soup and he ordered soondae and kimchi pancakes for the both of you. He also poured you a shot of soju and you answered in the same manner.

"Cheers.” You both said before gulping down the alcohol. You realize belatedly that this was actually a good idea because you were close to shivering to death and the alcohol really warmed you up inside.

He suddenly stood up and bowed to you. “안녕하세요, 김지원 임니닷.”

You got what he was trying to do here, so you got up, introduced yourself and shook his extended hand.

“Kim Jiwon, huh?” You murmured as you took bite off your fishcake. “I didn’t get your full name last time.”

“Me too, Y/F/N-ssi. You have a really pretty name.” He replied nonchalantly, but his deep, rough voice made it sound so charming.

There was an awkward silence and the air around you suddenly got tense. Was it sexual? Maybe. Did it make you feel weird? Definitely. It got too stuffy that you eventually shrugged your jacket off and placed it on your lap instead. He, on the other hand, almost choked on his soondae when you did that and a million, little, thoughts went through his head.

You realized that you were still wearing the cap, so you removed it along with your hair tie. Bobby was able to pick up his jaw by the time you spared him a glance, so you didn’t see how surprised he was when he finally saw your face in the low light. To say that you were his type was pushing it a bit, but he definitely thought that you were beautiful, sexy and cute at the same time.

He nervously chugged down his drink and felt himself slowly loosen up. “So what do you do?”

You were caught off guard by his question, but you were glad that the conversation picked up again. “I’m an intern at JJ&M, I’m under the HR Department.”

“Wow, you must be smart.”

You shrugged and jokingly said, “I do what I can.”

You laughed and he snickered to himself as you both took shots. “If you don’t mind me asking,” you began while nibbling on a piece of the pancake. “…how old are you?”

Bobby tried to dodge the question by leaning over and smirking, “You should probably call me 오빠.”

You were unfazed and imitated him with the same teasing expression. “Why? Do you like it when girls call you 오빠?”

He leaned back against the chair, acting like he was not just flustered by having you lean in so close. “If a guy told you that he doesn’t like it when girls call him 오빠, you run. He’s lying.”

“So you do like it! Jiwon-oppa?” You smirked and internally, you wondered where this newfound confidence was coming from.

He covered his smile with his hand and insisted, “Why don’t we stick with an American style?”

“Like what? No honorifics whatsoever?” You felt the alcohol hit you and all the nerves you might have had disappeared. “Just Jiwon is weird.”

“I have an English name if that helps. It’s Bobby.” He began munching on the kimchi pancakes as if he hadn’t stuffed himself with samgyupsal.

“Bobby… Hmmm, pretty cute name.” You drawled on, looking innocently at his face. “Why do you have an English name? Did you live in the States?”

“Yeah, my whole family’s there actually.” You caught the brief look of longing that passed and softened his features. “How about you? I do remember hearing the call during one of our family’s rare outings…”

“I was there on vacation, but I live in (country/state). I also heard that and now, look at us sitting in front of each other in Seoul, drinking soju at…” You pulled out your phone and looked at the time. “…4:40 AM. Don’t we have an awful amount of free time?”

He laughed with you as you poured each other another glass to celebrate your fateful meeting. “Cheers to… What are we drinking to?”

“To our soul being mates?” You supplied and he shrugged. 

“To our soul being mates, then.” Your glasses clunk together.

“Bobby…” You suddenly groaned out. “…it came.”

“What?” He laughed, taking in your beet red face and slightly disheveled hair. His elbow was on the tabletop, his cheeks slumped against his palm.

You ran a hand through your hair and put on the black cap backwards. You were slightly swaying as you sat on the plastic chair and Bobby managed to get to your side before you fell off.

“Whoops…” You grinned as he kept you upright with his hands on your shoulders. “I can stand and walk home, but you have to help me.”

Bobby was equally amazed and amused by you. On one hand, you were drunk, but you weren’t even stuttering and yet you were basically asking him to take you home. Times like these that Bobby really admires his self-control. He helped you up by offering his arms as leverage, before teasing, “That’s good news then because I wasn’t planning on carrying you all the way back.”

“I never asked you to, Mr. Bobby Kim.” You tripped on your step and he kept you in place. Though you hated to admit it, you liked skinship like this.

He retrieved your jacket which fell on the floor and dusted it off. You easily slid your arms through, before saying, in a really cute voice, which Bobby will use to tease you whenever, “Can I borrow your arm instead?”

Like a true a gentleman, which he was more often than not, he allowed you to link arms with him as he paid for the early morning drinking session. With you safely tucked next to him, you started on the long way back.

“Aaah…” You sighed as a subtle breeze hit your face. “Aaaair.”

You were still wobbly and giddy, but Bobby kept his steps firm to keep you from diving face first onto the sidewalk.

“Hey, I have a crazy idea.” You suddenly blurted out when your thoughts stopped being hazy. “But promise that you won’t think of me differently because I usually don’t do this on first dates, but…”

He chuckled and tried to meet your eyes. “Don’t worry, this is hardly a first date for me. I promise I’ll treat you to something better.”

“Nah.” You waved your hand as you shook your head. “No worries, this is probably the most interesting date story I can tell. Anyway, I want to invite you to my apartment…” You trailed off and he hung on every word. “I mean, sorry, that sounded too forward… to my apartment’s rooftop, to watch the sunrise.”

He snorted at your antics and followed with, “Sure! It wouldn’t hurt to end this date on a romantic note, right?”

“Psh, romantic… Don’t try to kid with me.” You smirked and raised your face to meet his eyes. “By the way, have I mentioned that you’re so tall?”

Bobby laughed harder and pinched one of your cheeks, falling for your natural aegyo by the second.

a/n: this is soooo long to make up for the short chapter last time and guuurl… you invited Bobby to your apartment, like whut? I wonder what happens in the apartment hmm… especially now that your roommate is away.



It would not be long to curfew when Aidan made it back to Hogwarts. He had been walking all the way from Hogsmeade’s train station where he had suddenly found himself when he had thought about finally going home after spending an hour walking the woods behind aunt Aoife’s cottage. Walking had made him tired enough to want to go home, only instead to back to Tutshill, he had gone back to Hogsmeade, the closest to Hogwarts he could manage by apparating. He had not been too surprised. He had not giving it too much thought. Aidan had simply started walking.

He had been walking for hours and he was tired, so tired, and so cold. He had no coat on. He had nothing to protect him from the cold, evening air, but his big, old, worn-out sweater and the silly t-shirt he wore underneath. The sweater was a gray one, which made him almost look like a ghost in the foggy air and his unsually pale skin. That was not the only thing different about him. There were his hair, grown long since January, and his eyes that were red and puffy for having cried so hard and for so long.

What had meant to be a happy reunion had been turned sour.  He could still remember each and every word from his fight with his father. ‘It was the worst day of my life.’ ‘Liar.’ He remembered his father’s grip and his sister’s face even as he had looked at her through tear-filled eyes. But there were no tears now, just an empty, unfocused gaze as he made his way back towards the gates. And it was there that he saw home coming to meet him half-way through. He stopped, feeling very tired now. Tired and ready to cry again.

i want to wear long sweaters and jackets with embroidered flowers and dark clothes with enchanting boots and i want people to look at me and think i’m strange and mysterious but in a good way that makes them want to learn more about me and lowkey think i’m a witch

but i also want to wear silly oversized t-shirts and and shorts and old worn out shoes with the laces partially untied and i want people to think i’m childish and silly but still kind of a cool person to hang out with and lowkey probs a stoner or something

Ron wasn’t planning to come to this event in first place, in fact, he didn’t want to even step at the Ministry those days, but he had to return for some boring reports he had to finish. An old wool jacket that once belonged to Fred covered a butterbeer stained t-shirt. Worn out jeans dragged a little dust at the bottom and he had a little dirt on the nose ( as always ), and yes, Ron wasn’t using his best clothes, but again, he didn’t plan on staying or even stopping to say hi. Yet, the commotion that took place brought his attention and his feet to where the gala was taking place. He ran in with the wand in his hand.

After the words spoken by a voice that triggered some bad memories, he took a moment to recover and shook his head, looking around for his friends, family or even acquaintances. God, even finding Malfoy right now would calm his growing anxiety. “Where are you, guys?”, he muttered for himself with his red hair flying and jumping with every turn of his head.