worn in denim

Things that remind me of the signs (aesthetic):

Aesthetic- warm fireplace, morning coffee, busy city streets, red leather.

Aesthetic- Redwood forests, tranquil nature walks, listening to old records, worn denim.

Aesthetic- Quiet library, spearmint gum, thin-rimmed oval glasses, subtle smiles.

Aesthetic- Overcast sky, light rain, clear water at the beach, movie quotes.

Aesthetic- Gold glitter eyeshadow, bold statements, fur coats, late night clubbing.

Aesthetic- Fishnet stockings, light pink lipstick, white marble floors, white stone statues.

Aesthetic- Cotton candy, ribbons, curls, visits to the carnival.

Aesthetic- Black nail polish, red gems, slow dancing by candlelight, leather jackets.

Aesthetic- Soft violin music, black & white balloons, latticed windows, hot showers.

Aesthetic- Long car trips, woollen scarves, road maps, picnics in the shade.

Aesthetic- Messy art studio, sunflowers, old books, 90’s cartoons.

Aesthetic- 60’s flower power era, hesitant skinny dipping, warm days at the beach, your favourite pillow.

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Sun + Venus Aesthetics


Aries sun / Aries Venus: scraped knees, red lipstick, ripped fishnet tights

Aries sun / Taurus Venus: floor tickets at a concert, dark chocolate, combat boots

Aries sun / Cancer Venus: cuddling next to the fireplace, camping, woven blankets

Aries sun / Aquarius Venus: breathless conversations, red sunsets, cacti and succulents

Aries sun / Pisces Venus: getting lost in an unfamiliar city, driving in the rain, tired eyes


Taurus sun / Aries Venus: classic rock, red long-stem roses, nose rings 

Taurus sun / Taurus Venus: bubble baths, daffodils, classic dark wash jeans

Taurus sun / Gemini Venus: bubblegum, crinkled-up laughing eyes, champagne

Taurus sun / Cancer Venus: pastel balloons, the moon reflecting on a lake, acoustic guitars

Taurus sun / Pisces Venus: bluebirds, getting caught in the rain, high waisted shorts


Gemini sun / Aries Venus: lightning, laughing in the middle of a fight, stiletto heels

Gemini sun / Taurus Venus: mountain air, a perfect smile, wildflowers

Gemini sun / Gemini Venus: going out dancing, slapstick comedy, maraschino cherries

Gemini sun / Cancer Venus: pastel yellow sundresses, a worn out denim jacket, daisies

Gemini sun / Leo Venus: gold eye shadow, margaritas, long manicured nails


Cancer sun / Taurus Venus: first kisses, baby pictures, vintage dresses

Cancer sun / Gemini Venus: strawberry milkshakes, blowing bubbles, old convertible Volkswagen bugs

Cancer sun / Cancer Venus: clover flowers, silver lockets, sunshowers

Cancer sun / Leo Venus: piano music, sunflowers, promise rings

Cancer sun / Virgo Venus: polaroid pictures, forehead kisses, silvery moonlight


Leo sun / Gemini Venus: golden retriever puppies, braided hair, orange cream popsicles

Leo sun / Cancer Venus: red wine, engagement rings, Valentine’s Day chocolate

Leo sun / Leo Venus: perfect winged eyeliner, gold jewelry, crushed velvet

Leo sun / Virgo Venus: cashmere sweaters, caramel popcorn, high heeled boots

Leo sun / Libra Venus: aviator sunglasses, palm trees, 80′s cult movies


Virgo sun / Cancer Venus: freshly cut grass, crescent moons, flannel shirts

Virgo sun / Leo Venus: black coffee, thigh high socks, short bodycon dresses

Virgo sun / Virgo Venus: oversized sweaters, black framed glasses, old newspapers

Virgo sun / Libra Venus: windswept hair, coffee shops, lace stockings

Virgo sun / Scorpio Venus: black cats, crop tops, vinyl records


Libra sun / Leo Venus: lemonade, charm bracelets, gold tiaras

Libra sun / Virgo Venus: fairy lights, sparrows, a seedling just poking out of the soil

Libra sun / Libra Venus: cupcakes with pink frosting, designer brands, first dates

Libra sun / Scorpio Venus: converse high tops, smirks, amethyst 

Libra sun / Sagittarius Venus: private jets, tequila shots, seashells


Scorpio sun / Virgo Venus: Doc Martens, obsidian, stargazing on the roof

Scorpio sun / Libra Venus: strawberries, angel wings, sly smiles

Scorpio sun / Scorpio Venus: acid wash denim, vintage concert posters, things said in the heat of the moment

Scorpio sun / Sagittarius Venus: broken glass, chipped nail polish, beach bonfires

Scorpio sun / Capricorn Venus: werewolves, vanilla candles, smiling through tears


Sagittarius sun / Libra Venus: bioluminescent beaches, quick kisses, flirting with a perfect stranger

Sagittarius sun / Scorpio Venus: crunchy leaves, wild eyes, losing baby teeth

Sagittarius sun / Sagittarius Venus: making people laugh, sneaking out, music festivals

Sagittarius sun / Capricorn Venus: the smell of smoke, old maps, iced tea

Sagittarius sun / Aquarius Venus: sunburns, the feeling of wind in your hair, sand between your toes


Capricorn sun / Scorpio Venus: thunderstorms, first love, the satisfaction of getting your way

Capricorn sun / Sagittarius Venus: sarcastic remarks, septum piercings, the “bad boy”

Capricorn sun / Capricorn Venus: crooked smiles, classic cars, cinnamon whiskey

Capricorn sun / Aquarius Venus: postcards, walking through grass barefoot, staying up until sunrise

Capricorn sun / Pisces Venus: foggy mornings, herbal tea, shooting stars


Aquarius sun / Aries Venus: exploring abandoned places, debates, laughing so hard you cry

Aquarius sun / Sagittarius Venus: spontaneous midnight road trips, borrowed sweatshirts, beanies

Aquarius sun / Capricorn Venus: ghost stories, fireflies, skateboarding

Aquarius sun / Aquarius Venus: hawks, ripped jeans, the irresistible urge to do something reckless

Aquarius sun / Pisces Venus: pastel hair, fairy tales, constellations


Pisces sun / Aries Venus: black pearls, burned out matches, ferris wheels

Pisces sun / Taurus Venus: tide pools, the smell before rain, cotton candy

Pisces sun / Capricorn Venus: meteor showers, crystal-covered caves, daydreaming

Pisces sun / Aquarius Venus: crystal balls, watercolor paintings, Greek mythology

Pisces sun / Pisces Venus: hypnotic eyes, unconditional love, wild hair

  • Scout Aesthetics: Fresh laundry. Hot dogs for dinner. Cold pizza for breakfast. A really good haircut. A joke so funny that you cry. New shoes. The CRACK! of a baseball on a wooden bat. FOMO. Peppermint chewing gum. Runner's high. Your first crush.
  • Soldier Aesthetics: Pine trees. Cold dew on a summer morning. MRE's that don't taste like paper pulp. Cornfields as far as the eye can see. Screaming at the sky late at night. Turkey with stuffing. White bread in a plastic sleeve. Getting gum on your shoes.
  • Pyro Aesthetics: Scented candles and burnt popcorn. Fresh-cut daisies. Drawing with charcoal. Sun bleached bones. The smell of gasoline. Gel pens. Your favorite animated movie. The scapegoat. Not caring at all.
  • Demoman Aesthetics: Butterscotch and sulfur. Rolling meadows of grass. Sand in your shoes. Fried fish in a greasy newspaper. Fireworks on a warm summer evening. Wool turtleneck sweaters. Being double-dog-dared to swim in the lake during winter. The best hole-in-the-wall pub in the world.
  • Heavy Aesthetics: Dusty old books. Creaking floorboards. Fresh winter snow. A really good sandwich. Finding a new favorite novel. A handmade scarf. Getting a good grade on an assignment. First editions. Going to the natural history museum. Firmly believing why you were put on this earth.
  • Engineer Aesthetics: Breakfast foods. Campfires. The satisfying clicking of clockwork machinery. Reading bedtime stories aloud. T-shirts with math jokes on them. Tuning a guitar. Petting zoos. Knowing your limits. Learning about something that makes you really happy. A cool looking rock.
  • Medic Aesthetics: Antiseptic. Down comforters. Really round fluffy birds. Bad puns. Doing things because you can. Hot tea. Waking up before the sun does. Whistling. Dry cleaning. Fun facts about animals. Really strange nonfiction books. Windy winter days.
  • Sniper Aesthetics: Dirt and black coffee. Climbing a tree. People watching. Road trips. Going to bed and realizing you haven't spoken to anyone all day. Fairy bread. Getting caught in the rain. Really cool scars. Having a story for everything. Polarized lenses.
  • Spy Aesthetic: Vermouth and tobacco. Minimalist cuff links. Playing cards. Hair pomade. Silk ties. Your first love. A passing feeling of emptiness. Heels clicking on polished floors. Crusty dinner rolls with soft warm bread on the inside.
  • Pauling Aesthetics: Lavender hand soap. Gunpowder. Lilac polo shirts. Worn black denim. Staying up late and watching the home shopping channel because you can't sleep. Beat-up firearms catalogs. Telling your mother to return your birthday gift because your workplace has strict dress codes regarding clothing colors, even though you desperately need that new skirt. Finding drawings from when you were a child. Soft wool cardigans. Shiny silver knives. Yogurt with fruit. Hating and loving your job at the same time.
Things you find in the Batfamily closets


  • That suit (We all know the one)
  • Old clothes that barely fit him
  • The old dad sweat shirt (It’s covered in coffee stains and smells like fall)
  • Hockey jerseys, just so many hockey jerseys; one from each town that he’s ever visited that has a hockey team
  • A pair of white tennis shoes from ten years ago
  • Tons and tons of ties that everyone gets him for his birthday


  • Every horrible shirt he wore (polka-dots, everything)
  • Gymnast leotards
  • Awful green tights
  • Baseball caps with terrible one liners printed on them
  • Khaki pants and shorts
  • Collector edition shoes from when he was little that he doesn’t even realize are special
  • His costume


  • A purple track suit Steph got her
  • A trench coat from her dad
  • A black t-shirt that says “In a hacker voice” on the front and “I’m in” on the back
  • Tons of nice blouses and cardigans (her and Kate the only grown adult in the batfamily that dresses like it)
  • Old clothes from her youth that she’s embarrassed about (”It’s like staring at every neon sign in Vegas in a box”) 


  • A variety of custom motorcycle riding gloves 
  • Old Red Hood Helmets 
  • Worn out, beaten up denim jeans that make him think about retiring to the countryside after he kills the Joker
  • (He also keeps fashion magazines hidden in it)


  • Every single bit of Tony Hawk brand clothing he could get his hands on
  • Converse sneakers
  • The rich kid sweater album
  • Too many polo shirts 
  • A terrible purple suit Steph got him
  • Stale meme shirts he wears ironically

Jean Paul

  • Hot pink socks
  • Crocs
  • Old sweaters he gets at thrift shops
  • A pimp hat, but he doesn’t even realize it’s a pimp hat (he also got this a thrift shop)
  • Band t-shirts for the most obscure shit ever
  • Hand sewed capes and cloaks he makes for the batfamily for their D&D nights
  • His costume


  • Leg warmers she stole from Barbara
  • One of Jason’s favorite leather jackets (Which she stole)
  • A pair of Tim’s sneakers
  • Jean Paul’s cape that he made for her
  • Five of Bruce’s ties
  • One of Harper’s flannel button ups
  • One of Jason’s motorcycle helmets
  • Her black dress



  • A nice variety of formal wear that isn’t just one suit/dress or just one color
  • A good variety of shoes that aren’t old or something she obsessively collects
  • Comfortable robes and pajamas
  • Her wigs
  • (Other women’s lingerie)


  • The most amount of suits in the Batfamily
  • Uniforms from every private school he’s been kicked out of
  • Alfred the Cat’s cat bed
  • The swords that Bruce won’t allow him to keep out in the open
  • A safe with a duffel bag that has the supplies he needs if he has to go on the run


  • Signed band/singer/rapper t-shirts that he would never wear
  • A Batman hoodie (He says if he ever becomes Batman that’s what his costume is going to be)
  • His costume(s; he keeps his Robin one for nostalgia sakes)
  • Power Rangers, Tokusatsu, and anime cosplays he’s made and wore
  • Cool sunglasses (He stole some of them from other heroes and villains)


  • Ripped up jeans
  • Very nice leather jackets (Jason asks her where she gets them from every time they meet)
  • Bisexual pride shirts
  • Flannel button ups
  • Tons of boots
  • A gross ass jumpsuit that she wears for when she has to do electric work in the sewers


  • Some very nice suits, which are the only nice clothes he has
  • Jorts
  • Tank tops
  • Basketball jerseys
  • Lab coats
  • Sandals that he wears with socks
I’m Sorry (I Fell In Love Tonight)

( PROMPT: We’re making out on the couch when a member of your family - who doesn’t know we’re friends with benefits - walks in and what do you mean I have to be your pretend girlfriend? )

A/N: I’M BACK!! FIRST STORY SINCE MY ARRIVAL IN ROME!! I’ll be posting sneak peeks of my stories, as well as edits and graphics on my Instagram (3rdgymbros), so do follow me there!! Comments and reblogs are appreciated! I love you guys!!

WARNINGS: Sin. But slight sin this time. 

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Hands, warm and strong, grip your hips. Peter’s lips, so firm yet soft, press against yours. His mouth slants against yours, seeking and ravenous, sucking on your lips and tongue. Moaning, you arch into him, your fingers tangled in his silky hair.

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Magnetic [Part 2/2]

Based on “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Explicit Language, Unprotected Sex (wrap it up before you fuck it up), Use of Alcohol, Strong Sexual Reference and Suggestive Themes. 

Word Count: 4.6k+

A/N: The grand conclusion to this little smutty fic, we’re quite frankly jumping into the fray right off the bat so enjoy! x. T

>> Read Part One <<

Brooklyn, New York  |  7:19 AM

.   .   .

You were hot, every inch of your skin doused in what felt like lava, but you couldn’t bother to pay heed to anything except the otherworldly pleasure coursing through your entirety in that moment. 

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Sky Blue Walls.

28. “You’re still mad?”


You were painting your kitchen. Kiwi blasting throughout the house as you danced around. Your worn out denim overall had paint all over it of different colors and your hair up in a wild bun.

“I’m having your babay! It’s not your business!” You sang out of tune, twirling yourself before painting the wall. You were alone in the house; Harry had interviews and meetings all day and you wanted to surprise him with the new painted kitchen walls of your shared flat.

To say you were excited would be an understatement. Your newly sky blue painted kitchen walls made you grin as it exchanged the black painting which you despised and made you feel gloomy whenever you were cooking.

After finally finishing and taking a well earned shower, you sat in the living room, calling Harry to ask him when was he coming.

“Hi, Haz.” You sat on your stomach, your feet in the air.

“Hey, baby. How are you?”

“I’m good. Great even. I wanted to know when are you going to come? I miss you and I have a surprise.” You grinned.

“Should I be scared?” Harry chuckled through the phone.

“No.” You laughed.

“I’ll be home in 5, love. And I miss you too.” He replied.

“Alright. Fancy some pizza?” You asked.

“So much.”

“On it. I’m waiting for you. Love you.”

“Love you too, munchkin. Bye.” And he hung up. You order yours and Harry’s favorite pizza and turned on the television as an attempt to contain your excitement.

Minutes later, you heard the sound of keys and the door opening, making you grin and go to the door to find Harry closing the door and taking off his shoes. He lifted his head, a tired smile on his face once he saw you and opened his arms.

You jumped on him, placing your lips on his. “How was your day?” You asked him.

Harry, still carrying you, shrugged, “Shitty. Tiring. I just want a really nice shower then a really nice cuddle with my gorgeous girlfriend.” He said before pecking your lips.

You kissed his cheek before jumping back in the floor and holding his hand. “I have to show you something.”

You began dragging him behind you and into the kitchen. You turned to see him, his smile dropping and reflexively, yours did. “You don’t like it?”

“Why didn’t you tell me you were going to paint the kitchen?” Harry asked, looking at you and crossing his arms across his chest.

“I just wanted to surprise you.” You shrugged.

“So you take decisions in our shared flat? Alone?” He raised a brow.

“Don’t look at it like that. I mean, we both talked a few months ago about changing the color and you said it would be fine if we painted it sky blue or deep green so I thought…” You stopped, playing with your fingers.

“We’ll talk about this later. I’m tired.” And with that, he went upstairs, took a shower and slept. No cuddles. Pizza for one.

The next day, you were in the kitchen making breakfast and suddenly, sky blue didn’t look nice anymore. You put the last pancake on the plate and turned around, almost dropping the plate in fear, “Jesus, Harry, I didn’t know you woke up.” You breathed out before putting his plate in front of him.

He only gave you a side halfhearted smile in return as he began eating. You sat on the chair opposite to him, eating in silence. Something you both rarely did. “You’re still mad?” You asked.

He sighed, putting his fork down, “I’m not mad. I’m a dick. I shouldn’t have been like that. I was just tired and I was surprised.”

“You looked mad.” You muttered, playing with your piece of pancake.

Harry stood up, approaching you from behind and wrapping his arms around you before giving your neck a chaste kiss, “I’m sorry. It honestly looks nice and cheerful. Better than black.”


“Yes, I promise. Now we can cook more without both of us feeling gloomy.” He chuckled before nudging your cheek with his nose.

You grinned, “Cookies?”

“What are you waiting for? Let’s bake our asses off!”

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Military boy

i don’t know where this idea came from but somehow it popped in my head, the premise is your one of carl’s military dude officer guy’s daughter and you hook up and then he takes you on a good ole gallagher adventure. that’s not proper english whateverusebusebeuhsdfbjsc jsdbsbud

also it’s unintentionally deep in some parts idk this is like a mini story rather than any kind of simple smut I LIKE REAL STORIES OKAY SOMETIMES I WANT TO WRITE MORE THAN JUST CARL BEING A HORNY BOY LET ME LIVE

Word count: 3,413

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Your dad had served in the military since way before you were born, and he had recently taken a job at a military school. When you thought of military school you thought only of privileged guys who had nothing better to do with their lives then prepare to die for their country. You appreciated anyone in the military of course, and you understand it was necessary, but growing up watching your dad fall apart made you hate it. Every time he would put himself back together only to fall apart again. He was a military dad stereotype when it came to his protectiveness and worry, but you had to hear and watch the real aftermath of what his life had done to him.

It was the weekend and you were going to work with your dad. Not in a bonding type of way, but you had gotten busted for sneaking out and he didn’t trust you to be home alone by yourself for the day. You sat in silence in the car on the way to the military school you had never once visited, or had any desire to. 

“You know I’m bringing you with me because I care about you. I don’t want you going any further down this path you want to take.” Your dad said breaking the silence for the first time in the twenty minute ride.

“Me going to work with you for a day won’t change my life. Only gonna make me want to go further down that path to get away from you.” You retort, still angry with him for his large absence in your lonely childhood. He just sighs, knowing he can’t win with his military man attitude vs your angry teenage girl attitude. You leaned your head against the window and scrolled through your phone and checked on various social medias. You watched as your dad reached for the air conditioner button and turned it up more. You were already cold in your dress, so you immediately turned the knob the opposite direction after his hand returned to the wheel. From the corner of your eye you saw him glance over at you and shake his head slightly. You rolled your eyes and dropped your phone into your lap. You fumbled with the edge of your dress until you pulled up to the gates of the school. 

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