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I now choose to believe that every one of Tracer’s skins has been something she has worn for an event with her girlfriend.

The punk costume? They’re going clubbing, Emily has worn a black tank top and can’t stop laughing because pink hair Lena, really?

The Olympics skin? Gotta get hyped for the season. She wears it for a watching party at a mates house. Emily is dressed up in a simple jersey. 

The Christmas costume? Emily’s office party. Emily laughs because she always knows where Lena is. She has worn an ugly sweater. 

On the flip side, for Halloween? Lena didn’t put on a costume because she didn’t have time while Emily has dressed up as her favorite superhero.

Let’s say when Lena gets home, her jaw drops at Emily dressed up as her.


What’s your all-time favorite look you’ve worn for an event or red carpet? -  “I don’t know, each one is different — it’s like asking your favorite Disney character! You have different favorites for different reasons. But I had a pretty fun Cannes this year. I wore this beautiful blue Vivienne Westwood gown, which felt like when you’re a little girl and you’re playing dress-up and when you go to Disneyland and you get to meet the princesses and get their autographs, and you think, I want to be them. I would give anything to wear that dress and work at Disneyland and be a Disney princess! I felt like I got to do that.”

Someone asked “Fred Weasley is bisexual and aroflux /H”

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One of Fred’s personal projects when he and George open their shop is to finally create his line of bi joke products. It includes a powder inspired by Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder that, when thrown, creates a pink, purple, and blue cloud of smoke that allows the user to escape from biphobic people and situations. (It becomes so popular that he creates powders in as many pride colors as he can.) He also has sweets that will become near impossible to chew if the person eating them starts to say something queerphobic. And he makes ridiculous pink, blue, and purple hats that spout bi puns and proclaim their wearer’s pride at anyone they pass. These become popular at parades, and a few get confiscated by the Ministry because they were worn to muggle pride events. Muggles grew suspicious when the funny hats started giving intelligent answers to questions asked of the wearer.

He starts getting requests from his friends in the a-spec community, so he starts a line just for them. Aros love the mini “bow and aro” sets that shoot (harmless) arrows that trail green, white, grey, and black smoke. Aces love the decks of cards (nothing but aces of course) where each card can be thrown into the air and it will fold itself into an origami dragon that glides back down. During the next year’s Ace Awareness Week a student walks to the middle of the Great Hall during breakfast, yells ACES WILD, and throws the entire deck.

Fred’s favorite thing is when customers come in and tell him what shenanigans they got into with his products.

- Ravenclaw Mod


I realized I didn’t do a thing I wanted to do! 
Cosplays of 2014!

These are only the ones worn out at events and conventions and such!  There were a ton more costumes bought but not used yet so hopefully the cosplays of 2015 post will be bigger and better!  :)
Still a great year though, I might say!


Ákwà Ḿmírí (’water cloth’), Igbo cloths made from locally grown and hand-spun cotton yarns. [Left] Cloth purchased from Ibagwa Ani, Edemani, Ezzamgbo, Fowler Museum at UCLA. [Right] Loincloth made before 1932, Smithsonian Design Museum. This was the cloth worn for daily use before western clothing became popular, they’re still worn during cultural events.

A Hard Bargain - Ch. 5

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Summary: With all the goodbyes said, and tears shed, Kylo’s very public demise goes forward. Though reluctant and absolutely destroyed from within by what she sees, (Y/N) agrees to go with Leia and watch. The evening return to the Resistance is both emotional and exhausting but leads to an unexpected turn.

A/N: Oookay, so I apologize in advance haha the angst is gonna get worse. BUT, I promise I will make it better. You have to read it all the way through to figure out how, no spoilers, but reader will get some peace I promise! 

Also if you’re someone who enjoys pain deep in your heart as you read haha song recs are “Shadow of the Day” Linkin Park and “Let it Go” James Bay. 


Not bothering to open your eyes, you laid motionless, still worn from the events over the past few days. You were physically drained and wanted nothing more than to finally drift off to sleep, which you had been deprived since sitting at Kylo’s bedside. Your nerves were too high and your mind couldn’t process anything aside from the growing anxiety you had with every stitch sewn into him.


“…Why do you stay?”

Arching a brow as you nuzzled your head further into your pillow, you gave Kylo a little shrug.

“Are you really bringing this up right now?”

Turning to look at you Kylo’s lips parted, his eyes slowly growing glossy.

“I killed my own father (Y/N)…and you’re still here. I need to know. …Are you staying out of fear…or something else?”

Finally fluttering your eyes open you saw Kylo come into your momentarily hazey vision. Taking him in you saw the welling tears in his eyes, the way his lips were just barely quivering, the obvious dark circles under his eyes, obvious even under the bandages from his fresh scar. Furrowing your brows at him you shook your head.

“…I understand why you did it Kylo. I don’t have to whole heartedly agree with it…but it’s not my journey. Whether you regret or believe it with every fiber of your being I’ll support you.”

His bottom began to quiver more now as he looked over your face.

“…Even something as monstrous as that…as unforgiveable…and you…you’re willing to stay?”

You nodded as you felt your eyelids attempt to fight off the undeniable craving of rest.  

“I love you…and you do some crazy stuff for love…so I guess that’s my thing.”

As your eyes shut, sighing to yourself, you could hear the stifled whimpers from next to you, the bed lightly shaking with each sound. Slowly opening your eyes once again Kylo was covering the lower half of his face now, hunched forward as the ripples of his pain hit you. Sitting up slowly to join him you carefully brought a gentle hand to his back. 

“I-I killed him (Y/N)…his own son…I don’t know if I can keep doing this.”

“Ssshh…it’s ok…no matter which path you choose, I’ll be there.”

Sniffling he quickly wrapped you into his bare chest with his uninjured arm, holding onto you as if you were his life support. Tears slowly fell atop your head as you just nestled your head against him.

“…Thank you…thank you.”

Placing a soft kiss to his chest with a smile, you let your eyes fall shut once again as Kylo rocked you both.


Looking up from where you sat in the Falcon, you saw Leia, her eyes solemn as she looked over to you. From the energy her presence alone gave off, as well as her bloodshot eyes, you knew she had taken a good long while to relieve herself of her tears before coming to see you. 

“They’ll be…they’ll be starting in 30 minutes.”

Nodding with a small gulp you attempted a smile towards Leia. 


Turning back to looking at the controls laying all in front of you in the captains seat of the Falcon, you carefully ran your fingertips over them. Despite the technology being rather outdated compared to what you were used to, you couldn’t help but admire it.

“Ben used to love sitting up here.”

Watching her take the seat next to you, your brow arched.

“My son…he loved to be up here.”

Smiling to yourself, imagining what Kylo looked like as a small toddler, you turned back to the control panel. In your mind, Kylo likely looked almost exactly like (Y/S/N), the fluffy head of hair, big curious brown eyes and chubby cheeks. To think a man such as Kylo was such a small innocent being like (Y/S/N), was at the least ironic, and heartbreaking. 

“I’m sure he did.”

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loveisbollywood  asked:

Cmon Aish is not playing dirty games? In wich terms ? She is still in the media with some articles. Like she is not in good relations with Jaya, or the bachchans didnt wanted her to do adhm & many more.

The articles we get from her are typically about what she’s worn or what events she’s attended. If we get anything about her family, it’s something cutesy about them all going on holiday. It is pretty apparent, at least from my point of view, that her PR works very hard to paint a happy family picture, and releasing any articles about Jaya or Amitabh would be contrary to that goal. I have also never seen her release anything that drags down another actress, which is what I was originally talking about by “playing dirty” anyway.

I also named Vidya in that list of actresses. Do you think that she’s the one who released her husband’s affair rumors? Not every piece of press, positive or negative, comes from the stars themselves. It’s the things that make them look good that they want to push. The Bachchans, as a family unit, are a money-making brand, and any PR person would know that it would hurt all of them to purposely damage that brand.

tikka vs bindi

this is tikka

tikka is applied after puja (hindu prayer ceremony) and on auspicious occasions such as cultural festivals

any hindu of any race is welcome to wear tikka.

in fact, any person of ANY religion is free to wear tikka if they received it from a hindu person

most hindus are HAPPY to share this practice with people, as it is a blessing and auspicious thing.

this is a bindi

this is also a bindi

this is a more elaborate bindi, usually only worn during big events like a bride at her wedding. 

a bindi is a cultural decoration that mostly had to do with a woman’s marital status. in the past, a red bindi meant you were married, while a black one or none meant you were not.

bindi and tikka are not the same thing. here is a woman wearing a bindi AND tikka, as is very common amongst south asian hindus.

while the placement of the bindi and tikka are both related to hindu beliefs about the “third eye”, the bindi is not specifically a “part” of hindu practice. it is a cultural practice and is worn by south asian people, hindu or not. see these cute little girls? they are actually bangladeshi muslims. in bangladesh it is common for all women and girls to wear bindi, regardless of religion. it is part of their cultural practice.

although the bindi holds some religious significance in that it is placed in a spot that is thought to be important, it is not something that is “supposed” to be worn by hindus or anything. it is not something that a hindu wears to practice hinduism the way a catholic might use a rosary. rather, it is a cultural practice that channels hindu beliefs about the health and spiritual benefits of focusing on the third eye chakra.

non-desi people, hindu or otherwise, should NOT wear bindi unless specifically invited to share in this practice by a desi person. this also applies to other cultural practices such as our clothing.


Court suit                

  • Place of origin:
  • Date:
  • Artist/Maker:
  • Materials and Techniques:
  • Credit Line:

France (woven)
Italy (made)

1765-1770 (made)

Unknown (production)

Silk velvet, embroidered with silver-gilt thread, purl and sequins, lined with silk satin, backed with corded silk, hand-sewn

Given by W. R. Crawshay

Such a luxurious silk velvet elaborately embellished with silver-gilt thread would only have been worn for high-society events at Court. The embroidery is a dense pattern of large flowers and leaves, executed in a variety of threads with purl and spangles. This very formal style of dress was quite conservative in style. The flared skirts of the coat, deep cuffs and absence of a collar reflect the fashions of the 1750s. The provenance of this ensemble suggests an Italian origin.

Requesting Help!

I’ve been on the hunt for one of Jensen’s bracelets for the longest time and was hoping I could get some help from others to track it down. He’s worn it to multiple events, most recently to SDCC15 (others that come to mind are multiple VanCon’s as well was AHBL15 among others). It is the bottom bracelet in the following image, black with a silver buckle (SDCC15). 

Here’s another close up (VanCon14)

If anyone is able to help it’d be greatly appreciated and I’d gladly give them a screenshot promo for their assistance :)


Grace Kelly, Actress
May 01
 - Favorite Grace outfit in Rear Window, and why

I absolutely adore everything about this black chiffon dress. This dress is definitely the underdog in Rear Window, often taking a backseat to the black and white gown with the full skirt (which, of course, is just glorious). There’s just something very timeless about this dress. I think it could easily be worn to an event in the modern day. *I* would love to wear it!