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Once, I was going to a film event and someone told me not to wear high heels to it. They said that it might intimidate the men. For some reason, I was ready to take their cue, but about an hour later something in my head started ringing and I thought, that is the worst advice anybody’s ever given me. I wore the highest heels I’ve ever worn to that event. If someone needs me to belittle myself in any way to make themselves feel better in my company, f— them.

A zimbits Fic

Check, Please! (In the restaurant sense. Not the hockey sense)

Pairing: Zimbits

Jack Zimmermann just wants to impress his boyfriend. Too bad he tried way too hard and Bitty doesn’t really know how to handle it. It’s a good thing milkshakes fix everything.

The restaurant is gorgeous. It’s absolutely breathtaking. It’s everything that Eric expected from a fancy restaurant, but Christ Almighty it’s the most expensive establishment Eric’s ever set foot in.

“Sweetpea, you didn’t tell me it was going to be this fancy! I would have worn something nicer!” Eric whispers to Jack as their waiter escorts them to their table. Their table that Jack reserved for them weeks in advance! Jack had literally been planning this date for months and Eric was so awed by his dedication that he didn’t bother to look up the restaurant beforehand. It’s obvious now that he should have.

“You look great, Bits, trust me. I think you’re dressed appropriately. They haven’t kicked us out yet, eh?.” Jack says and the corners of his lips turn up into just about the sweetest smile Eric’s ever seen. Eric would swoon if he didn’t know that Jack was only saying that because he was trying to be a good boyfriend. Eric compares his outfit, the same suit he’s worn to every formal event since he was eighteen, to Jack’s outfit, a sleek brand-new tailored suit that probably cost 10 times as much as Eric’s. There’s really no comparison, Eric is under-dressed.

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Babysitting Blues

Genre : fluff
Summary : Chanyeol’s been tasked with looking after his nephew, but soon enough he calls you needing urgent reinforcement.

“What’s with all the crying? I thought you were a big boy,” you say, your eyes playfully squint.

He points to Chanyeol. “It’s him!” he says with a cry quickly following his words.

“Oh no! What did that long monster do-”


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internallydeceased  asked:

will there be any more of the external forces au?

You can find part one and two: HERE.

External Forces: Part 3 - 

Laying his head against her currently flat belly, Jamie sucked in a breath and closed his eyes. They hadn’t spoken since Claire’s confession, he’d simply curled up beside her and let a dull calm overtake his previously ignited ire.



Unable to fully grasp the concept, Jamie had taken up his place. His ear right next to Claire’s womb. He hoped something might pass between the two of them, something more tangible than fragile words.

Claire, worn down by the events of the day, had slid her hands through Jamie’s wild hair and slumped her shoulders against the headboard. Semi-relaxed, she’d managed to convince herself that Jamie wouldn’t lay a hand to her now – lost as he was to the imagining of their child growing steadily inside her.

“What are you thinking?” she whispered, a large lump forming in her throat at the thought of things lost to this new reality.

“When…” he began, his voice wavering as he spoke the words, “when will ye ken for certain?”

Counting backwards, Claire began to think about the actual dates. She was *never* late. In all the years since her courses had begun, she had never been even a day behind. It was like clockwork.

“I know, now. For sure,” she returned, her voice steady and certain. “It’s been t-three,” she stammered, trying to be accurate with her timings. “Just about three weeks since I should have…had my courses.”

Thinking over the options in his head, Jamie contemplated what returning to Leoch might entail.

They could of course. It would be safer there. Colum might not be particularly pleased by his newly wedded status, but nor could he annul their marriage. Dougal, however, remained a loose canon.

Claire’s mind was equally busy. Whatever her original plans, she could hardly run away now. It had been clear from the moment she’d announced her news how excited Jamie was at the prospect of becoming a father. Knowing how desperately she wanted a child, there wasn’t a chance she’d take that opportunity away from him.

…and no way she would compel Frank to raise another man’s child. Letting her hands flop against the rough mattress, Claire allowed all thoughts of returning to the 20th century to drain from her bones.

Her heart trembled and stuttered, the numb feeling snaking through her veins from her toes upwards.

Claire watched as Jamie viewed her lower half as if it’d suddenly developed magical properties, his soft breathing washing over her stomach, through the thin material of her shift. She didn’t need to see his face to know how he’d look. His eyes would be shining with tears, his mouth twitching upwards in a childlike smile as he contemplated their future.

He already loved her.

She could feel it emanating from every inch of him.

Shock pulsed violently through her, and she had to ball her hands into fists to stop her belly from betraying her. Having spent so much time fighting against the tide, pushing away all feelings of contentment, Claire had never once considered the truth of the matter. A truth that had so vividly, now, made itself apparent.

“I need some air,” she whispered, her throat battling to let the words out whilst keeping the bile at bay.

Shaking her legs free of the covers she’d tangled herself in, Claire fled the room, not waiting to see if Jamie followed her or not.

Grabbing her robe from the chair, she pulled it around her shoulders as she marched down the stairs, ignoring the silence her approach brought to the men still hovering in the tavern below.

Throwing the doors open, she dashed into the night, her bare feet sinking into the thin mud path that lay at the entrance. Paying little mind to much else, Claire listened for the steady babble of the stream, the calming ebb and flow of its waters calling her forward.

Rising in the sky above her, the moon shone through the boughs of the trees, lighting the water at her feet as she splashed her toes, the cold spray keeping her completely in the present.

Closing her eyes, Claire let the minutes slip away, all thoughts banished as the chilly wind whipped through the branches, lifting her hair and sweeping it across her face.

From a distance, Jamie watched, his eyes focused solely on Claire. Already he understood her dilemma. He knew well the clouds of her past. Emotions running high, she’d been brought to the castle, threatened, held captive - albeit politely - and then forced to marry him without truly having time to process her owns wants and desires.

He was fortunate. He’d known from the beginning that he wanted her. So to have her as his bride and now, to have a family to call his own – Jamie knew the fates had been on his side.

Claire was not so lucky. Leaving her be, Jamie perched himself on a root and simply watched. Just in case she needed him.

As the numbness began to subside, Claire felt rather than saw Jamie behind her, her silent protector.

The thought made her smile, her heart warming at the reminder. Whatever her *predicament* Jamie was ever vigilant, ensuring she came to no harm. Shaking her head, she dipped her fingers into the burn. She should have realised sooner, the signs had been there all along, written clearly over every action Jamie had ever bequeathed to Claire.

Just how long he’d felt this way, she could only guess.

“Since ye wept in my arms…at Leoch,” Jamie answered, startling Claire from her quiet contemplation as she swirled around, sending splashes of water up in the air.

“So long?” She questioned, ignoring the fact that she hadn’t realised she’d voiced her thoughts out loud.

“Aye, Claire. How about you?”

Their pact suddenly reared its head as Jamie’s eyes lowered, his throat bobbing as he swallowed and dipped his head as he communicated silently with Claire.

She knew she couldn’t lie.

Lost in the moment, Claire’s breath caught in her throat…

‘Check mate!’ Frank’s voice filtered through the darkness, distant memories renewed as Claire fought to understand Jamie’s question. ‘Nowhere else to go now, Claire!’ He jested, triumphantly.

…”Not at long as you,” she heard herself saying, her hands trembling with the assurance of the evidence she presented to herself.

‘The truth will out, Claire. Just be honest with yourself, and all will be right with the world.’

This time it was Uncle Lamb. His voice, the voice of reason, stilled her pounding heart as she glanced back up at Jamie just as he looked back to her.

“Do ye ken when, exactly?” He probed, his eyes alight with a sort of mild joy that he didn’t want to fully bask in until he’d heard her actually admit it.

“I liked you at Leoch,” she began, sensing Jamie’s excitement, watching as he pursed his lips, hurting just a little as disappointment crept in. “B-but that led me to marry you. No matter what,” she clarified, eager to bring back his elation, “I wouldn’t have gone through with it had Dougal suggested anyone else.”

“Aye…” Jamie whispered, coaxing her to continue.

“That night,” reaching out her hand, she bid him forwards, a small smile tugging at the corners of her lips as he came to her, “as the dust settled and the world quieted around us,” shaking away her poetic notions, Claire gripped Jamie’s fingers tightly as she licked her lips and took one final –deep– breath. “That was the first time I allowed myself to contemplate what love might actually look like. T-that was the night…honestly and truly…that I fell in love with you, Jamie Fraser.”

Shuddering with the weight of her confession, Claire slid forward, catching herself in Jamie’s arms as he pulled her against his chest.

She could feel his heart, its strong pulse beating against her chest as her wrapped his large palm around her neck and swayed her with the breeze as the evening settled around them.

“I love you,” she half whispered-half cried, tears rolling down her face and onto his shirt as she voiced the words again and again, the truth finally broken free of its cage. “I love you.”

“Then let me take ye home, Claire, please…” Jamie returned, his spirit lightened by Claire’s admission.

“Yes, Jamie,” she replied, her thumb twirling Jamie’s wedding ring around her finger, “take me home…”

“Aye,” Jamie sighed, “home…to Lallybroch.”


Once, I was going to a film event and someone told me not to wear high heels to it. They said that it might intimidate the men. For some reason, I was ready to take their cue, but about an hour later something in my head started ringing and I thought, That is the worst advice anybody’s ever given me. I wore the highest heels I’ve ever worn to that event. If someone needs me to belittle myself in any way to make themselves feel better in my company, fuck them

Discarded Doubts

Alternate Title: Double “D”  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
3 or 4-some with [Edward/Arno/Reader] requested by @thosechocolatebrowneyes

Pair: Arno Dorian x Edward Kenway x Reader
Word Count: Manageable (4,376)
Rating: NSFW
Warnings: None

“You can still back out, you know.”

“I have no intention to. Why would I?” You ask.

“Because it was just a silly game. We don’t expect you to actually—”

“What? Go through with it? You sure you aren’t the one who wants out of this arrangement?”

A silly game is an understatement.

Most of the time within the Assassin headquarters, especially with the tentative peace that now reigns in the region, initiates and masters alike can spend their free time as they please. Training is encouraged, patrols are still mandatory, and — well, outside the eyes of others, there’s playtime to be had.

The masters preferred more refined practices — taking in the city sights, cultural refinement, and anything else that proved beneficial while also relaxing. The initiates, however? Gambling. Lots of it.

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This dress is made from fabric printed with the design ‘Hera and Honesty’, also known as ‘Peacock and Honesty’, which was registered by the company of Liberty & Co. in 1926. It was named after Hera, the Greek goddess of women and marriage, with whom the peacock was associated. The peacock feather motif, a favourite of the Aesthetic Movement, had already featured in the Liberty’s textile designs from the late 1880s.

The dress is made from crepe de chine, now slightly faded in places. Full-length dresses such as this, printed with flowers and foliage, were often worn at formal afternoon events during the summer, and were known as Ascot or Garden Party dresses.

The John Bright Collection


What’s your all-time favorite look you’ve worn for an event or red carpet? -  “I don’t know, each one is different — it’s like asking your favorite Disney character! You have different favorites for different reasons. But I had a pretty fun Cannes this year. I wore this beautiful blue Vivienne Westwood gown, which felt like when you’re a little girl and you’re playing dress-up and when you go to Disneyland and you get to meet the princesses and get their autographs, and you think, I want to be them. I would give anything to wear that dress and work at Disneyland and be a Disney princess! I felt like I got to do that.”

Drabble: After the Event

So this drabble has been floating around my head for a few days now… let’s see how it goes.

Title: After the Event
Pairing: Chris Evans x reader
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Chris in a tux… nude female nearly clothed male… SMUT SMUT SMUTTY SMUT SMUT…

And because I’m sure you all need to see this gif to visualize Chris in a tux….

Originally posted by adamisstillinhellthankstoyou

Chris hadn’t been able to keep his hands to himself all evening, but because the two of you were at a formal event with at least three hundred other people, the placement of his hands had been respectable. That didn’t mean, of course, that everything that came out of his mouth was respectable. In fact, most of the things he whispered in your ear were extremely lewd.

By the time the two of you got into the town car he’d hired to get you to and from the event, you were more than ready for him to make good on the promises that he’d whispered in your ear earlier. However, Chris practically ignored you on the way home, choosing instead to check on his fantasty football team. He didn’t even appear to notice you wiggling around in your seat as you removed your panties.

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Someone asked “Fred Weasley is bisexual and aroflux /H”

(Showed up in activity feed, but not our inbox.)

One of Fred’s personal projects when he and George open their shop is to finally create his line of bi joke products. It includes a powder inspired by Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder that, when thrown, creates a pink, purple, and blue cloud of smoke that allows the user to escape from biphobic people and situations. (It becomes so popular that he creates powders in as many pride colors as he can.) He also has sweets that will become near impossible to chew if the person eating them starts to say something queerphobic. And he makes ridiculous pink, blue, and purple hats that spout bi puns and proclaim their wearer’s pride at anyone they pass. These become popular at parades, and a few get confiscated by the Ministry because they were worn to muggle pride events. Muggles grew suspicious when the funny hats started giving intelligent answers to questions asked of the wearer.

He starts getting requests from his friends in the a-spec community, so he starts a line just for them. Aros love the mini “bow and aro” sets that shoot (harmless) arrows that trail green, white, grey, and black smoke. Aces love the decks of cards (nothing but aces of course) where each card can be thrown into the air and it will fold itself into an origami dragon that glides back down. During the next year’s Ace Awareness Week a student walks to the middle of the Great Hall during breakfast, yells ACES WILD, and throws the entire deck.

Fred’s favorite thing is when customers come in and tell him what shenanigans they got into with his products.

- Ravenclaw Mod

anonymous asked:

this might be a dumb question but do their make up artist cover mark/youngjae's tattoos when they need to wear shorts or sleeveless shirts?

Mark hasn’t worn shorts in public events since he did his tattoo. Youngjae’s tattoo was spotted during one of the performances but it was accidental. I think the members themselves try to cover their tattoos, they’ve never talked about their make up artists covering them.

Honeymooners- Soonyoung Fluff

Originally posted by hoshhoshi

Request: i’ve been reading a lot of your fics and i really like them!! (also, high five 02 liner lol). If I could request, can I ask for a Hoshi or Jun fic where you’re going on your honeymoon but like, everything goes really badly and it’s a bit angsty because you get in a bit of a fight but all in all it’s real fluffy and you end up having a good time? Thank you!!!

Word Count: 1189

Genre: Fluff

Member/Group: Soonyoung (Hoshi) of SEVENTEEN

Summary: Whoever said honeymoons were supposed to be ‘the most relaxing thing ever’ had clearly never experienced anything like this before.

Author: Admin Cloud

 “Hey sweetie, have you seen the- OH MY LORD Y/N WHAT HAPPENED.” Soonyoung stumbled at the entrance to the bathroom as he was greeted by a terrifying sight. You were sitting on the edge of the bathtub with a line of crimson dripping off your knee as you made a sad attempt of trying to grab the band aids on the sink’s edge. The struggle was completely futile, as there was simply no way you were going to be able to reach without your now-husband’s help. Soonyoung whipped out a band aid from the box and a took towel out of the cabinet to press down on the small cut. “Why are you bleeding?”

 “I was trying to shave my legs before we went to the beach, and my hand slipped so I ended up cutting my knee on accident.”

 “Aish, what would you do without me here to help you with your battle wounds, you clumsy girl…”

 “Hey! I may be clumsy, but you were the one who married this tornado of destruction!” A pout settled on your lips as Soonyoung’s angelic laugh filled the air. He placed the freshly opened bandage on the cut, and set a light kiss on your lips. 

 “Oh, I was going to ask if you knew where the sunscreen was. I’m packing the beach bags, but I can only find the SPF 15 and I am not about that crispy melanoma filled lifestyle Y/N.” (Quick note: Always wear sunscreen out, especially if you live in a hot state like I do! Skin cancer and wrinkles is not worth a tan that will be gone by the next summer!) 

 “I think I put the SPF 50 in my blue suitcase… go check there.” Soonyoung nodded and set off to complete his task.

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  • Prompt 6: After the party, you have all these thoughts swirling in your head. Was all those nights together a lie? You can’t tell the truth from lies. Someone follows you, and you hope that it’s Gokudera, but it is actually Yamamoto.


You had pulled into the parking lot that was near your apartment, and stared down at your lap, not focusing on anything.

Inside, you could not feel anything at this point. Your feelings had been thrown around and mocked, and the pain had become so unbearable that you could not feel it at all anymore. It felt like you were detached, no able to focus or think.

Sleep seemed so tempting, so peaceful at the moment. When you were asleep, nothing could bother you and no one could lie to you. Your eyes were heavy and, out of nowhere, darkness surrounded you.

There was no telling how long you had been out, but you awake to tapping at your window. You jump out of the haze, with the one name that you should despise on your lips. Looking up, you swear that you see a flash of silver, but all that greets you is the worried eyes of your best friend, Yamamoto.

“[Name]! Open the door, you shouldn’t be sleeping out here!” His frantic voice is slightly muffled by the door and window, but you hear him loud and clear. Sighing, you run a hand through your hair, before unlocking the car door.

The terrible taste in your mouth and the ache that is apparent in your neck puts you in a sour mood as Yamamoto pulls you into a tight bear hug.

“I saw what happened, I’m sorry that I did not step in sooner. I should have kept Valentina away so you could of talked to Gokudera-” You cut off his rant.

“Yams, it’s not like what she said was any different than what Gokudera was going to say. I know that he was just going to let me down easy or something. I just wish that I could have punched that bitch in the face, ugh!” You growl,imagining punching Valentina’s face in. A tiny amount of glee courses through you at the image.

Yamamoto is unaware at the cackle that escapes you, thinking that you’re laughing. He joins in.

“I’m glad to see that you’re still able to smile after learning about the arranged marriage and all.” His smile makes you feel better, but it is interrupted by you processing his words.

“Arranged marriage? What? I was just told they were engaged!” You yell, shocked but also slightly angry. An arranged marriage? Those things were still happening?

Yamamoto grimaces.

“I thought that you knew! Valentina is the daughter of the Russo family. They are a popular arms dealer, and are looking into expanding their business using the Vongola. Of course, Tsuna was convinced that they would make a good ally, and during one of their meetings, Mr. Russo offered his daughter. Gokudera would do anything to please Tsuna…” Yamamoto trailed off, knowing that the rest speaks for itself. Gokudera would sacrifice his own happiness and life to make sure the Vongola prospered.

All the information was beginning to make your head hurt, along with your neck and back. You were exhausted and ready to just pass out. Yawning, you locked your car, and slammed the door shut.

“I don’t even wanna think about this right now. Are you coming over? If you are, then you have to buy dinner.” You started to walk towards your apartment building, leaving Yamamoto to process what you said. A whimper was heard, but you couldn’t bring yourself to feel bad. If Yamamoto had told you everything in the first place, then it could have saved you a lot of heartbreak.

Suddenly, you felt Yamamoto’s hand enclose around your arm, making you stop in your tracks. You stopped, and turned around, a confused look on your face.

Yamamoto’s face looked pained, but he did not say anything. He removed his hand from your arm, and seemed to take a deep breath.

“I just want you to know that I’ll always be by your side, no matter what. No matter what happens, I’ll always be around for you. Because I…” He stopped himself, looking as if he was having trouble forming words for a moment. You felt your heart start beating frantically, scared and nervous out of nowhere.

“I’m heading home for tonight, but if anything happens, call me.” Yamamoto backed away slowly, his face no visible anymore by the streetlight. You were left there, in the parking lot alone, as Yamamoto quickly walked to his car.

All you could think of was the forced smile that he had given you.

Later, once you’re in your apartment, everything seems to just be falling apart around you once again. Your dress that you had worn to the event had refused to come off, so in the end, you had to rip it to get it off. That dress had cost a hundred dollars! A HUNDRED!

Then, when you had went into the bathroom to wipe your makeup off, you were greeted with the horrid sight of black tear stains all the way down your face and lipstick rubbed all around your lips and chin.

“Oh god…” You whispered to your reflection, before grabbing on of your makeup wipes and started to get rid of the terrible scene. It then hit you Yamamoto had managed to keep a straight face while staring at your messed up face. What a true friend he was.

Once the makeup was gone, you had washed your face, then lazed across the couch. You stared up at the ceiling, glaring at the pristine white paint. It looked so perfect, and you wanted to flip it off because at least paint did not have to deal with all this shitty drama going on.

Now you were even cursing at paint, how low can you get?

You turned over, snuggling into the couch, wanting to just let it swallow you up. At least then, you would not have to go to work tomorrow and deal with everyone while handling a gigantic headache and pretending that your personal life wasn’t in tatters.

As if your mind loved seeing you tortured, it started to reminisce about the fun times you had with Gokudera. Even though the two of you had been only together for a few months, your life had actually felt complete. Gokudera was not a pushy guy, wanting to make you fit into a mold of the perfect girlfriend. He seemed interested in learning about your life and what you had done during the day.

However, that must had been a lie, no matter how much you kept telling yourself that there was no way it was. It was wishful thinking. He had a fiancee that he was not going to give up because that’s what the Vongola had wanted from him. Gokudera was going to be having a better time with someone else, and there was nothing for you to do.

You were just an insignificance that had gotten in the way for a little while.

You never mattered to Gokudera. He was just stringing you along until he had no need for you anymore, you had fell for the act like a lovesick puppy, and now you were paying the price. You had thought that you had managed to break through his barriers, but no, you had not even made a dent in them.

As the terrible thoughts started to take over, you sat up, shaking your head to rid of them. This was not going to help you get over Gokudera. Instead, you walked over to the bathroom, brushed your teeth, and then got into bed. Sleep always helped, and hopefully you felt better in the morning. Maybe you’ll even call someone of your friends to see what they were up to.

You needed to do something to forget about this aching.


I realized I didn’t do a thing I wanted to do! 
Cosplays of 2014!

These are only the ones worn out at events and conventions and such!  There were a ton more costumes bought but not used yet so hopefully the cosplays of 2015 post will be bigger and better!  :)
Still a great year though, I might say!

You Saved Me

Imagine: Matt Murdock saves you from being crushed by debris during the fight at the end of the first avengers and they find out they live near each other. You guys end up bonding and there’s a little smut.

Warnings: Just a little bit of smut


You walked down the streets of New York, enjoying the clear day. You had gotten off of work early and you were excited to get home and relax. Suddenly, everything seemed to shake, causing everyone to stop dead in their tracks. You searched for the source of the disturbance, which came from Stark Tower. 

You watched in awe as a blue beam hit the sky, causing a giant hole to open up. You knew Tony Stark was always experimenting, but this seemed really drastic, even for him. 

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anonymous asked:

How did sabrina buy a $8000 dress?? (which I totally loved)

Well short answer is…..she didn’t! (though she probably totally could lol, I’m sure she’s got. $$$$). I’m assuming you’re talking about her dress for the EMAs. When it comes to events, celebrities don’t buy the dresses. They pay their stylist to style them (and the stylist coordinates with designers who loan the dresses….after all, it’s free advertising for the designer). And I don’t know how much a stylist makes in a day, but highly doubt it’s $8k (unless maybe Beyoncé’ stylist or something lol).

So a lot, if not literally all, of the designer dresses (and shoes and jewelry) she’s worn at events, she doesn’t own and she’s returned them after the event.