your fave is problematic: Luke Skywalker
  • cares too much
  • super compassionate like who does that
  • abandoned his Jedi training to save Han and Leia on Bespin despite Obi Wan’s and Yoda’s warnings
  • gave his father, who was an evil warlord for over 20 years, a proper Jedi funeral
  • would not kill his enemies even though it was the easy way out 
  • never ended up picking up power converters at Tosche Station 
  • childhood nickname was “Wormie”
  • perfect cinnamon roll, too Good for this world, too Pure

worm just told the story of how he and gerard met and i guess worm was friends with chris and worm was on the bus and he heard a voice say ‘chris, get your hoodlum friends off my bus’ and work just RIPPED gerard’s bunk open and PICKED HIM UP LIKE A BABY and chris was like “worm….put gerard way down…” and that’s how gerard and worm met

I’m not against the popular fanon interpretation of the Fell brothers, but also: what if they were just the shittiest high school bully-esque jerks who get along with each other like an obnoxious, insufferable house on fire, but can’t see eye-to-eye with anyone else.  Haha, what if.

Unfortunately I could not make it through Big Wormy’s whole stream tonight, I’ll try and continue on where I left off tomorrow once Wormy uploads it tomorrow, or if anyone else would like to try I was about two hours in.

Most of Wormy’s comments regarding MCR came at the beginning of the stream anyways. The following is going to all be paraphrasing, but I tried to write as the events were unfolding.

The stream began with him playing the beginning notes of The Black Parade and laughing at our reactions. He then went on to explain how bemused he was at the amount of tweets he got today about My Chemical Romance.
From here he defined that there’s no “five,” referencing the fans on Twitter asking about MCR5. He added, “there’s an ‘x’ a 'ten.’ No five, a ten.” He never said “there’s no MCR5” or referenced that it’s the ten year anniversary. Just said that’s it is “not five, but ten.”
Soon after I made a comment about how the video was posted at a bad time, since Gerard has SDCC and Frank and James have Death Spells, and how they’re going to be swamped with fan questions. Wormy responded to me about how “they” all agreed upon the date. He didn’t say “band” or mention any names. Just a “they." 
I then continued and said it’s good that Warner Bros isn’t doing these things without their consent and he replied, "that’s not how these things work.”

So some sneaky, shady, mychem stuff is afoot here my dears. Keep a sharp eye out for more clues. Tag or send me anything you find. <3