Okay so just fyi this is the ask that for some reason won’t show up on my computer

I’m going to try to be semi-coherent about this but I just have a lot of feelings, okay?

My FAVORITE thing about supernatural is that, despite the fact that most of the characters are other-worldly or not human or perhaps NOT NATURAL [ha] there are factors and traits in each on that people can relate to. Like nobody is really inherently evil, it’s just that everyone wants different things and has different goals. Even the monsters! The wendigo isn’t like that because it just woke up one morning like “hey I feel like stringing people up and maybe eating them” it became that way because of the methods it used for survival.

I just love that each character is flawed, and they try to work through that. You don’t have to be facing the apocalypse to be able to relate to that.

My LEAST FAVORITE thing about Supernatural is probably that there’s never going to be a “happy” ending. I mean, for me, as long as it ends with Sam and Dean together and content (whether in life or death), I’m okay. But from the first episode, nothing was ever going to end okay. Mary died. Sam and Dean grew up without a real home and with a father who was preoccupied. Over and over again Sam and Dean are left to cope with each other’s deaths, and manage in a world without each other. They don’t trust anyone and are forced to make decisions that they can’t possibly benefit from. They’ve just struggled so much and lost so many friends that it’s like, how can this ever be wrapped up in some sort of way that provides closure?

now I’m sad but THIS WAS A COOL QUESTION thanks for letting me ramble and thanks thanks thank for the compliment ;3;