worms armageddon

the first time i played a worms game, i’d rented the sega genesis version for the weekend. i knew almost nothing about it and someone had lost the manual, so i couldn’t figure out what to do and ultimately dismissed it as the slowest, shittiest platform shooter in existence

the second time i played a worms game was at a friend’s house, the playstation version, and he actually explained what the fuck was going on and this time it had cute voices and cutscenes and by the end of the day i’d decided it was the best thing ever. it was the biggest change of heart i’ve ever had about a franchise

this post is for the benefit of that worms armageddon blog that followed me today even though i have never posted about worms until just now. you do you, little bud

My bank only transfers money from your savings into your checking account during bank hours which is apparently not on weekends and I haven’t eaten since Friday afternoon and its god damn horseshít
—  A negative review for Worms Armageddon on Steam.