Eamon Espey

This is the room where I draw. It’s a small room, but it serves its
purpose and I feel comfortable inside. The shades are kept drawn
tight. No one needs to know what’s going on in here.

Here’s my computer, busted desk and a ripped chair. To the left are
insect charts from 1938 and a photograph of an atomic bomb test on the
Bikini Islands.

After dipping the Hunt 107 nib in the ink jar, I tap it on a piece of
cardboard taped to the desk. The drips next to it build up over time.
After awhile it becomes a miniature landscape.

Rufus the cat hangs out the radiator on top of a fish rug my
grandmother made. She left behind many woven treasures. Although I’ve
only read the first 10 pages of the Savage Sword of Conan Volume 1, I
felt compelled to buy the first four volumes when Atomic Books put
them on sale.

I don’t know who this 3-eyed cat is, but I have a special fondness for him, especially in the ribcage of a skeleton.

The box of drawings got full. Then the binders got full. Now I just
stack them on top of one another. The afghan came from 70’s and
belonged to my hippie parents. I like looking at the map of the world.
It reminds me of the all the places and all the people.

Life Science and Nature Library: I got most of these in a free
bookstore in Baltimore called the Book Thing. Usually there are scraps
of tracing paper on the floor. I rip a piece off a giant scroll and
then work out the drawings. Then I transfer them onto Bristol with a
light box making adjustments as needed.

Action photo from last year.