worm run


We are submitting Worm Run to Apple on the 21st!

Hey everyone,

We just wanted to let you all know that we plan on submitting Worm Run for approval this upcoming Monday. Usually, there is about a 10 day waiting period for Apple to approve games, but if everything is in order we should be set to release sometime in early February.

More info as it comes. Get your iDevices ready!

The signs as dance moves
  • Aries: The Worm
  • Taurus: The Running Man
  • Gemini: The Creep
  • Cancer: Dancing is not their thing in public, but if they're alone they will dance as fabulous as Sagittarius
  • Leo: The Macarena
  • Virgo: The Moonwalk
  • Libra: Y.M.C.A
  • Scorpio: Makes up their own moves "The Scorpio twist"
  • Sagittarius: Can dance to any song and will look fabulous
  • Capricorn: The robot
  • Aquarius: Harlem Shake
  • Pisces: Gangnam Style

Hey all,

We’re super excited about Worm Run’s eventual release. We made a trailer for advertising purposes but since the game isn’t out yet we can’t really show it around all willy-nilly. 

Although, if you just happened to find a video on our tumblr page and happen to type the word swipe in the password box, we wouldn’t stop you. 


Hey comrades!

Check out this awesome ALL RUSSIAN review of Worm Run. I have no idea what they’re saying but it sounds positive.


Mission system coming to Worm Run!

We will be adding a completely new mission system to Worm Run soon with over 100 missions to complete. Each one harder than the last, it will be sure to bring an added challenge to our already crazy game. 

We hope you guys enjoy it!