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HakYona week. Prompt: First

Their first kid taking his first steps. I know it’s supposed to be all about Hak and Yona, but I started and then I couldn’t stop… so you get the whole HHB.

Self Challenge: textures. I’m going to go with a solid ‘meh’ on those. Good practice, though. Fun to do with pen. While I was inking this the song ‘Rocks and Trees’ by the Arrogant Worms kept running through my head. Which made me laugh. ;P

Also, Yona is wearing her ‘mom’ clothes. That is the only way I can explain the absolute frumpiness of her outfit. :D

cecily-light-worm  asked:

if you have time can you do this prompt - amusement park au, percabeth: we came to the amusement park with our separate group of friends, and our groups are odd in numbers. We ride the roller coaster and our friends are already all paired up so we have to sit together. :) Please and thank you.

“This is dumb,” Annabeth grumbled. “Why do I have to sit by myself?”

“You won’t be by yourself,” Hazel said comfortingly. “You’ll be sitting with a stranger.”

“Oh, great, thanks, Hazel.” Annabeth rolled her eyes. “Why do I have to be the one who sits with a stranger, then?” 

Piper draped an arm over Annabeth’s shoulders and pinched her cheek, saying, “Because I sat by myself on the last ride, and Hazel was the odd one out on the ride before that.”

Annabeth swatted her hand away and shrugged out from under her arm. “Hazel wasn’t the odd one out, she didn’t even go on that ride.”

“Which makes her the odd one out.”

Annabeth sighed. “Piper -”

“Come on, Annabeth.”

“Can’t we just wait for Rachel? Then we’ll have a group of four and no one will have to sit with a stranger.”

“Nope, Rachel said she didn’t want to do this one. The show she’s watching doesn’t finish for another twenty minutes, anyway. And if we wait that long then it totally throws out our afternoon schedule.”

Annabeth chewed her bottom lip. She didn’t say anything, but just rolled her eyes and stepped in to line. Hazel and Piper high-fived and stepped in behind her.

It wasn’t long before a group of guys joined the queue behind them. Piper nudged Annabeth with her elbow and muttered, “Hey, they’re an odd group too. Maybe one of them is the stranger you’ll get sat with.”

Annabeth rolled her eyes, wearing a mask of practiced disinterest. But when Piper snickered and turned away, she glanced out of the corner  of her eye at the group, sizing them up. They all looked to be about the same age as the girls, dressed casually in jeans and t-shirts. Not too bad looking. She was about to turn away when a complaint from the boy at the back of the group caught her attention.

“Why do I have to be the odd one out?”

She raised an eyebrow and turned her head slightly, trying not to be obvious about her spying. The group of guys shifted, and she finally got a good view of the one who’d spoken. He was taller than her, with messy dark hair and bright green eyes, a really quite impressive jaw line.

“Because you lost sudden death rock paper scissors, and them’s the rules,” a short boy with unruly curls answered.

“Leo, you literally made up the rules for sudden death rock paper scissors as we were playing,” a blonde boy with glasses pointed out.

“Yeah, thanks Jason!” the original boy said, punching the blonde’s arm lightly. “Those rules shouldn’t count.”

“But alas, they do, and Percy must ride by himself. Such a shame,” Leo said, smirking.

“I wish Grover was here,” Percy grumbled and folded his arms over his chest. 

Suddenly, Annabeth was very preoccupied with some mental calculations of how many people fit on one rollercoaster car at a time, and how many people were ahead of them in line.

When they reached the front, the attendant asked how many in their group. Piper answered, and then the attendant craned her neck to ask the group behind the same thing.

“Great, you’ll all be in this car then,” she confirmed, gesturing for them to go line up at their gates.

Annabeth stepped into a row, trying not to fidget as she waited for Percy to join her. Don’t say his name, she thought to herself, Don’t let him know you were eavesdropping like a creep.

“Hi,” he said, flashing her a friendly smile as he stepped in behind her.

“Hey,” she smiled back. 

“Your friends ditch you, too?” he teased.

She laughed. “Yeah, the losers. Something about having to take it in turns to ride alone. Terrible.”

Percy chuckled. “At least you didn’t have to undergo a round of sudden death rock paper scissors.”

She winced. “Oh, nasty.”

He seemed happy that she was playing along with his joke. Conversation paused when the coaster pulled in, but once they were buckled up her turned his head to face her.

“I’m Percy, by the way.”


“Nice to meet you, Annabeth.”

“Nice to meet you, too, Percy.”

His expression turned serious, but his eyes were shining as he said, “Now, uh, I think it’s only fair to warn you. The real reason my friends didn’t want to sit with me is because I get scared on rollercoasters and try to hold their hands.”

Annabeth bit her bottom lip, contemplative. “I suppose you can hold my hand if you get scared.”

Percy grinned, and she grinned right back.

Oh, she owed Piper and Hazel big time for letting her get paired with him.

vortex chase

3-in-1 illusion gif !

illusion 1 : you may think there are some round particles in motion, but all of them are static, just growing up and down one at a time (mexican wave effect)

illusion 2 : you may think the first worm runs faster than the second one, and that they’re both accelerating, but they keep the same constant speed and distance in time and space all along (400m race bend effect)

illusion 3 : you may think there’s a third illusion but there’s not

Rescue Mission// An Eric Harris Imagine

Fulfilling another anonymous request today guys! Hope you like it!



Your ears pricked up at the slur, and you turned to look towards the direction it came from. A rowdy group of jocks were surrounding a table at the back of the commons, hurling insults and laughing at the seniors who sat there. It made your blood boil. No one stood up for the little guy at Columbine High School, and it was starting to piss you off big time.

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Two Immortal Eyes

I’m immortal in my brain storm
Of wildly running worms
and flailing flying arms
Severed from my dolls

They wave to me with chainsaws
Reflecting tiger paws
Swatting opposite doll fingers
Devoured in the fall

Into razor sharp mouths
In slomotion, swooping down
Into a horizontal wall

A projection of the sky
Who whispers, die die die
With an appetite for tiger eyes
As he looks up, enthralled

By a flaming painting brush
Creating feathers in a rush
Into clouds, thirsty thrush
From the canvas they crawl

Leaving charcoal dust clouds
In the shape of hatter cows
Glass ducks, foxy hounds
And nervous narwhals

The painted birds fly
Around a hurricane inside
My maelstrom mind
Hungry for warhol

But a blue man from afar
Hovers, heavily armed
With a bag of shooting stars
Thrown like fireballs

He watches fried dominoes
Start spiralling below
Fiery feathers explode
And the blue man calls

My peeled banana phone
And leaves a message at the tone
“Eye of Storm, I am alone”
In a voice so small

“I am immortal” he informs
So I share with him my form
We are two eyes of a storm
In the mind of a doll

tirefirespectacular replied to your post “alrighty. let’s gore it up. my chara gets there stomach slit open…”

If you want to get REALLY graphic, your character can literally spill their guts. The cut point for this is called the “blue worm line,” and runs right under the victim’s abs. A big enough cut anywhere near the intestines can also have… spillage… and a deep enough cut could nick an artery. Death by insides-on-the-outside is usually infection or shock (and can be preventable), death by arterial bleed is bleeding out very very quickly.


More guts info for you guys


The enduring appeal of the staircase shot in film.

M | 1931 | dir. Fritz Lang
Europe ‘51 | 1952 | dir. Roberto Rossellini
Vertigo | 1958 | dir. Alfred Hitchcock
Black Orpheus | 1959 | dir. Marcel Camus
The Bird with the Crystal Plumage | 1970 | dir. Dario Argento
Run Lola Run | 1998 | dir. Tom Tykwer
The Matrix | 1999 | dir. The Wachowski Siblings
Hugo | 2011 | dir. Martin Scorsese
Frozen | 2013 | dir. Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee
The Great Beauty | 2013 | dir. Paolo Sorrentino