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Happy Birthday, engineerleopoldfitz!

May 18 - “Is that all your mouth is good for?” Fitz/Darcy/Tony for @engineerleopoldfitz

Written by @kathryn-claire-oconnor

They were cute together, Tony mused, watching the science baby duo out of the corner of his eye as he worked at a holo-table near them. Except they weren’t the actual, proper “science babies” – in Tony’s mind, that was Fitz and Simmons, not Fitz and Darcy. Fitz and Darcy, however, were very cute together. In fact, his bisexual self was kind of jealous… He couldn’t quite decide who he was jealous of, though, he admitted to himself.

Because Fitz definitely had eyes to drown in and hair that Tony absolutely itched to run his fingers through, but at the same time you had to be blind not to see Darcy’s boobs.

“The same time” was the problem, really; he’d been thinking those things about each of them at the same time for a long while.

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