worm fridge

jack is bad at food HC
  • so i have a headcanon that jack is actually REALLY BAD at nutrition
  • not so much ‘he eats mcdonalds five meals a day and chocolate for breakfast’ or whatever
  • but like
  • that boy subsists on all that nasty Athlete shit – protein powder, protein bars, gatorade, Hungry-Man Frozen Meals, etc. – because he cares about fueling the hockey machine
  • …not so much long-term care

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owning exotic pets is weird as shit. a small army of potentially dangerous reptiles peacefully tolerates me, each in their own little glass microclimates scattered across my living space. there are dead mice in my freezer and live worms in my fridge. i just asked my friend to bring me the tree bark i left in his room. somewhere, a large snake is staring at me, unblinking, and i am completely unphased