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Missandei // April 2017 for Character Design Challenge!

“A slave who served as an interpreter to the masters of Astapor, Missandei was freed when Daenerys Targaryen took the Unsullied army and used it to overthrow the slavers. Missandei now serves Daenerys as her trusted advisor and Handmaiden.”


Game of Thrones season 4 one week challenge:
[6/7] Favorite relationship Missandei and Grey Worm

If the masters never cut me, I never am Unsullied. I never stand in the Plaza of Pride when Daenerys Stormborn orders us to kill the masters. I never am chosen to lead the Unsullied. I never meet Missandei from the island of Naath. 

@dukey127 I may have slightly forgotton about this for a bit but I’ve now done the Elora one too

oh dear I really need to practice backgrounds

Oneshot: Welcome to the Snowside Inn

Had a quiet little romp in the mountains, well, inside the mountains today with a small party of folk. Let’s see how it turned out.

  • First let’s meet our heroes:
    • Icy Bubble, or Bubble (or Bubbles, by accident), a tabaxi mountaineer druid looking to climb the highest mountain.
    • Aretta Solarin, a half-elf bard looking to find new people to meet and perform to.
    • Esmer Starante, a human rogue who’s really only looking for some peace and quiet and definitely not trying to lay low, no ser!
  • All of these three people are staying at Snowside Inn, a small inn in the middle of nowhere, owned by a kenku woman Aderyn Snowberry and her child Wrenna Snowberry.
    • There’s one other person staying at the inn, a dwarven author Ivar Stonebeard.
  • One day, as the characters are having lunch, their lovely eating moment is interrupted by a sound of thunder and shaking, and then something crumbling below.
    • It looks like there has been an avalanche, and also a cave in below the house.
    • Wrenna is troubled because her mother has gone to the shrine a little off the inn, and it looks to be buried under the snow.
      • Wrenna asks the visitors to help, as she is quite young, and they agree.
  • There is a tunnel going from the inn to the floor below the shrine, so our heroes don’t have to traipse through the snow.
  • In the cellar, Mister Stonebeard helps to get them through the hole in the cellar wall and says he’ll stay behind to ensure that the walls will not fall.
  • There’s a hole and a crumbled wall in front of them. In front of the wall, they find a pickaxe and a backpack full of drow clothes, and a magical mask that turns one’s appearance into a male elf.
    • Esmer totes takes the mask.
    • They determine that the drow must have climbed from below, and then gotten injured by the cave-in, but he was still alive.
  • Aretta makes the jump over the hole first, almost falling, but catching herself at last second. She holds onto a rope, so the others will have easier time jumping.
    • Esmer makes the landing, and, as there’s no room for bubble to jump, makes it to the other side of the wall through a small hole.
      • And also comes face to face with a spider, no biggie.
        • Who bites him. Again, no biggie.
  • Bubble orders Aretta to go help Esmer, once he starts screaming. Aretta does so, Bubble follows.
    • Aretta and Esmer don’t manage to hit the spider, but the spider does manage to hit Aretta too.
    • Once Bubble joins the scene, the spider starts backing out.
      • Bubble starts talking to it, since she’s a druid. The spider tells that it’s scared since there is no way out. It came here with a two-legged friend (the drow) and the friend had disappeared through the wall.
        • With help from spider they find a switch in the wall and get to the next room.
  • The next room is filled to the brim with black soil. On the other side of the room the wall has crumbled, and an underground river has burst through, slowly turning the room into mud. There’s stairs going down into the ground where most of the mud is going.
    • There’s also a screaming drow being dragged into the lake.
      • Our adventurers and the spider help him, tying him (by his request, mind you) to a toppled over stand made out of stone.
        • He has a gash in his shoulder, which has some kind of a rotting disease in it.
        • Esmer is very suspicious of the drow, possibly because he is a drow, possibly because he’s friends with spiders?
          • The drow, Ildan by the name, is quite scared, he’s also like super-evasive, but our heroes learn that he’s here to meet a dwarf, presumably Mr. Stonebeard.
  • Before they can drag Ildan out, they need to locate Aderyn. Bubble tracks her movement into the stairway leading down. There’s no way to get her out, since the river keeps spilling mud into the room.
    • They start digging another route for the river, Bubble turning into a Giant Badger to help. 
    • There’s bones under the soil, looks like the cavern is a kenku/bird graveyard.
      • Esmer tries to remove the bones respectfully and he gets approached by spirits who tell him (and later Aretta) that they would like the river to be stopped.
        • There’s something about words to tame the river, so they try speaking to the river, and it almost works, but clearly the words weren’t the right ones.
  • Bubble’s next idea is to put on snowshoes and go to the room filled with mud (the shoes keeping her above the mud). They block the river’s passage to that place first.
    • Luckily Bubble locates Aderyn, stuck behind a door, cos Esmer’s next idea was to sacrifice Ildan to the water that was pulling him in.
      • Aderyn shares with Bubble the words to stop the river, and also says that strange blood (namely the wound on Ildan’s shoulder) has caused some spirit to become angry and it will surely attack them when the river’s gone.
  • Bubble tames the river and a creature of rotting flesh and maggots attacks them. The battle is pretty quick, Esmer especially does that good good™ damage.
  • After the battle Bubble and Aretta go help Aderyn out, while Esmer keeps an eye out on Ildan.
    • He voices his concerns about Ildan to Aderyn, but Aderyn says that they can speak of them later, once she has healed Ildan.
  • While Ildan is being healed, Esmer takes the mask he took from Ildan’s bag and goes meet up with Mr Stonebeard.
    • Stonebeard recognizes immediately that it’s not Ildan, but Esmer manages to persuade him to part with his story, and it’s nothing he expected…
      • Stonebeard is actually a dwarven prince, who met with Ildan on an expedition in the Underdark. The two fell in love, and are eloping.
        • Esmer promises to keep it a secret, in exchange of a copy of the Prince’s signet ring, some money to pay for his stay at the inn, to which the Prince agrees to, saying that he’ll throw an invitation to the wedding into the deal too.
    • Esmer returns to others but the others are suspicious of his lie. Bubble asks Ildan, who spills the beans to her only, and also invites Bubble to the wedding for keeping the secret. She agrees to keep the secret and lies to Aretta that it would perhaps be dangerous to know too much and that the bottom of the line is that Ildan and Stonebeard are friends.
  • The group returns to the inn. Esmer has Ildan hook him up with a mask similar to his, which Ildan does happily. Bubble conquers the mountain she wanted to, and takes a selfie on top of it (self-portrait?). Aretta gets hired to perform at Ildan’s and the Prince’s wedding.

All’s well that ends well. And what’s a happier ending than two dudes in love? :P

March Book Photo Challenge

My March Book Haul so far
> - ‘Since you’ve been gone’ by Morgan Matson
   - 'A darker shade of magic’ by V.E. Schwab
   - 'Northern Lights; The Subtle Knife; The Amber Spyglass’ by Philip Pullman
   - 'The Unbound’ by V.E. Schwab
   - 'Falling into Place’ by Amy Zhang
   - 'Seriously…I’m kidding’ by Ellen DeGeneres
   - 'My Drunk Kitchen’ by Hannah Hart
   - 'Graces guide the art of pretending to be a grown-up’ by Grace Helbig <

Challenge by books-cupcakes

September 13th - Unexpected
Just One Word Book Photo Challenge
By Jen of just0nemorepage

I originally just checked this book out from our school library because I needed a book and didn’t have one that day. I didn’t even expect to read it but I was very pleasantly surprised and finished it within 3 days! 😂😄💕