Evil Big Wind

Evil Big Wind

The swordsman called Seven Falling Black Feathers strode with a slow and confident swagger up through the wide and winding valleys of the Felldales, his heavy sky-steel great-blade glinting upon his bare back, his late father’s worn leather sandals strapped-tight upon his tanned feet, and a song thundering in his heart.

Today is good, the swordsman decided after a moment, breathing deep and closing his eyes.

Around his neck was a gift from his youngest daughter: tiny white snail shells – polished, glimmering like little beads – strung upon a knotted length of scavenged, lusterless grey rubber. He treasured it, and had sworn to wear it every day; his mother’s gift, a gnarled wineskin once half-full of fermented mushroom-tea, was already near empty. The violet mark of his wife’s savage love-bite at the right side of his throat – his favorite gift of all, in truth – ached, and the huge man’s pale, scarred face burned slightly to remember the mingled hunger and pride in her bright blue eyes as she sent him forth to go a-reaving.

Yes. It is a good day, the swordsman thought.

The braids of his long, ash-blonde hair caught at drifts of the cold breeze, ripe and raw and rippling on this early autumn afternoon … and the swordsman laughed to himself.

Ash and aluminum were on the air.

It smelled like killing, and the killing was good.

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Seven Falling Black Feathers was a full high-man of the tribe, this day. He had bedded his wife, bested a horde of summoned slave-fiends, and recited the many names of his honored ancestors, each, all in full view of his family and of his Lady, Speaker of the Evil Big Wind. He had been proven a worthy warrior, a proper husband, and rightful heir to a legacy of blood and thunder.

Each hunter, demon-caller & flame-seer of the tribe had been offered the chance to challenge him – one final time – in single combat, to the death, for the rights to his name; not a one had stepped forward.

By their silence, they had made Seven Falling Black Feathers a full voice in the Speaker’s Choir.

The sky-steel blade on his back sung with him now, glowing; another strong baby grew in his wife’s belly, soon to be born with a fierce name blessed by the spirits.

Today, he was the deadliest thing on the planet.

That was enough to make any man smile.

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Class Feature Friday: Oath of the Mendevian Crusade (Variant Oathbound Paladin Oath)

Also known as the Oath of the Crusade in less Golarion-y places, today’s entry is a variant of the Oath Against Fiends, and is associated with fighting directly against fiendish incursion.

More specifically, this variant is tied to the ongoing crusade against the demons of the Worldwound, fighting back against an otherworldly invasion that, were it allowed to spread, would overtake the entire planet.

Outside of the Golarion setting, the purpose of this oath need not be so severe, but paladins that utilize it will certainly spend more time fighting against fiends directly, and opposing their more indirect schemes as well.

Those paladins who take this oath often have little use for magical flame in combat, and so, the ones bonded with their weapons gain the ability to enchant their blades with might against fiends.

Furthermore, with the regularly recurring demonic abilities to possess mortals, these divine warriors are blessed with the ability to banish such beings from the bodies of innocents and their comrades by laying on hands.

This variation doesn’t change any of the other abilities, so in many cases, you may have trouble finding a reason, other than story-wise, to NOT take this version over the original. I suppose I you want fiend-focused power but still want flaming weapons and another mercy not related to possession, you would probably go with the original.

Interestingly enough, even though this variant is geared towards demons lore-wise, the fact that the oath replaces flaming, rather than electricity, means it works slightly better when targeting fire-immune devils. I have no doubt most GMs will allow a variant code of conduct accordingly.


The Crusade of Shining Light pushes into kyton territory on the plane of shadow, but they are repeatedly stymed as they come across terrain that is impassable for most armies. The only path forward lies through a shadow marsh, but there are worse things than shadowy crocodile parallels in those dark waters.

Baksu the Gem-Hearted has been blessed by the Lord of the Twinkling Cavern, god of goodness in the underground. The young oread has been training for some time to fight in conflicts with the drow and their demon masters. His faith is true, but as young as he is, he will need help to survive the coming trials.

Just as paladins swear oaths to fight against fiends, so too might antipaladins do the same. The Oath of the Dark Crusade not only targets goodly outsiders, but also dispels the goodly blessings of such beings.

Paizo, You're Just The Best!

So a little while ago I made a post about coming out as Transgender, and the issues that came with that regarding my family and my friends.

Wes Schneider (I’m a tumblr noob and have no idea how to make that into a link to his tumblr), of Paizo Publishing sent me a message, and asked if he and his people could send some swag to make a hard time easier.

Well. It arrived.

That gesture in itself was amazing, but inside the cover of the Inner Sea Gods hardcover was this.

Annnnd! On the inside cover of Chronicle of the Righteous was this.

From Wes himself!~ And I’ll even show you the pages he marked off as things that might be of particular interest to me.

One of the Empyreal Lords in Chronicles of the Righteous called “Arshea”

Who embodies both and neither gender, and “Worshipers believe that one’s gender and role in society are not tied to one’s physical form.”

The second marked page was in “The Worldwound Incursion” and it was for a character named “Anevia Tirabade" 

Who’s very opening line is "Born a man and originally named Anvenn”.

A deep, and.. just, I don’t really know how to put into words, amazing thank you to Wes and to Paizo. Not only did they think of me, and send me these awesome things! But personal thought was put into every little gesture.

It.. Yeah, I don’t know how to express how grateful I am for just a kind gesture in a difficult time for me. It wasn’t something that HAD to be done, it was something they chose to do. As an absolute fan of their work in general, I can’t begin to explain what it means.

Thank you Wes, and thank you Paizo.

The Pathfinder Nations in a Nutshell
  • Absalom: Step right up and get your very own Deity License!
  • Alkenstar: Shhh, don't tell the DM, but we snuck a bunch of guns into his campaign setting....
  • Andoran: Freedom doesn't knock, 'cause freedom RINGS.
  • Belkzen: We needed a place to put all the Orc tribes the PCs fight.
  • Brevoy: In Soviet Rostland, dragons fight you!
  • Cheliax: We own 50% of the continent and 30% of our own souls.
  • Druma: We already bought the world, here's the receipt.
  • Galt: Who's running the country today?
  • Geb: Where "you might be a zombie" is a compliment.
  • Hermea: I got two tickets to paradise if you just sign away your free will.
  • Irrisen: A snowy land ruled by witches that is totally NOT Narnia.
  • Isger: We're Cheliax's bitches and we love it.
  • Jalmeray: We needed a place where monk characters could come from.
  • Katapesh: The city-state of Ebay.
  • Kyonin: Not to be confused with Rivendell....
  • Lastwall: We're like Mendev, but we fight undead.
  • Lands of the Linnorm Kings: THIS IS NOT SKYRIM
  • Realm of the Mammoth Lords: THIS IS STILL NOT SKYRIM
  • Mediogalti Island: In order to keep our assassin's guild a secret we let the whole world know we live on this island.
  • Mendev: We're like Lastwall, but we fight demons.
  • Molthune: MOAR LAND
  • Mwangi Expanse: Just head upriver and keep right. If you get devoured by sentient, psychotic gorillas you went too far.
  • Nex: Our wizards could beat up your wizards.
  • Nidal: The kingdom of Creepypasta.
  • Nirmathas: A nation of Robin Hoods (tights optional).
  • Numeria: According to Ancient Astronaut Theorists....
  • Osirion: What's this "Egypt" you speak of?
  • Qadira: We are a peaceful people who just want to burn the infidel shitstain of Taldor off the map.
  • Rahadoun: God-Free Zone.
  • Razmiran: Razmir rolled a natural 20 on his Bluff check and now we have to believe he's a god.
  • The River Kingdoms: Law? Government? Stability? You're cute.
  • Sargava: Homeland of Murphy's Law.
  • The Shackles: Argh.
  • The Sodden Lands: Where dry towels are worth more than gold.
  • Taldor: Are we still politically relevant?
  • Thuvia: Our entire economy is based around a single man with a single potion. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Ustalav: Everything here is either haunted or cursed, and if it's not already, it will be.
  • Varisia: Literally everything that could cause the apocalypse is buried here.

I love stories of redemption. Arueshalae is a succubus in the Pathfinder world, on the path to redemption. 

Arueshalae first came to the Worldwound in 4636 ar.

One fateful night after she’d seduced a priestess of Desna

and drained her nearly to death, on a whim she tried an

experiment. Since outsiders don’t need to sleep, they

don’t normally dream. Out of curiosity, she stole into the

thoughts of her dying victim using detect thoughts while the

woman lay sleeping, only to be pulled into the Dimension

of Dreams. When the priestess died, Arueshalae found

herself somehow trapped, but she hadn’t gone unnoticed.

In daring to allow herself to dream, Arueshalae gained

Desna’s attention. She had already observed the succubus’s

murder of one of her priests, but perhaps having learned

a bit of forgiveness from her own divine ally Sarenrae,

Desna did not smite Arueshalae. Instead, she reached into

Arueshalae’s soul and quickened her larval core. Memories

of her mortal life f looded back at once, memories of

dreams that never came true. Desna whispered in her ear:

“Even demons can dream.”

If Paizo put out a series of novels based on this character, I would buy them.

honeysaber  asked:

Hey! I drew the neh thalguu and it was really fun and i was wondering if you had any monsters you created that didn't have any art of it yet that way i couldn't be influenced by it.

Oh my yes! Lets see here… ooh, oh-oh, oh, Oh, OH! I have something crazy that might be right up your alley.

Okay, you know summoners in Pathfinder, right? Mages that conjure big custom-made monsters to fight with them. Those guys.

So, one of the places they hail/hailed from in Golarion is a land called Sarkoris. You won’t find it on the map, though, because it GOT ATE by the Worldwound. (I talked about designing Sarkoris a bit over here.)

However, their summoning tradition was called “God Calling,” as they had a very loose definition of what a “god” was—they didn’t see a big difference between actual deities, and empyreal lords, and proteans, and imps, and so on. For that matter, when some folks could summon giant powerful beings that helped the people, they called those summoner eidolons gods as well. Summoners, “God Callers,” passed on the secrets and styles of summoning their distinctive eidolons to their children and soon the clans of Sarkoris had their own distinctive patron/family “gods.” Pretty neat!

So, as detailed in full in Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea NPC Codex and repeated on the Archives of Nethys, we’ve name dropped a TON of these Sarkorin eidolon-gods. For example:

Dragoneagles of Neverhome, Aienu the Wall, Sister Last Tear, the Shackled Shadows of Rauglain, Alep’s Steed, the Torches of Dawn, and Clanliege Histunsun

These guys could be or look like anything!

Interested in taking a first crack? If not, let me know, we can find something else. :)

Thanks so much for aiming your pencil this way! Can’t wait to see what awesomeness you come up with next!

And if anyone else wants suggestions on never-before-illustrated Pathfinder stuff to draw/write/explore, let me know! There’s tons!