Paizo, You're Just The Best!

So a little while ago I made a post about coming out as Transgender, and the issues that came with that regarding my family and my friends.

Wes Schneider (I’m a tumblr noob and have no idea how to make that into a link to his tumblr), of Paizo Publishing sent me a message, and asked if he and his people could send some swag to make a hard time easier.

Well. It arrived.

That gesture in itself was amazing, but inside the cover of the Inner Sea Gods hardcover was this.

Annnnd! On the inside cover of Chronicle of the Righteous was this.

From Wes himself!~ And I’ll even show you the pages he marked off as things that might be of particular interest to me.

One of the Empyreal Lords in Chronicles of the Righteous called “Arshea”

Who embodies both and neither gender, and “Worshipers believe that one’s gender and role in society are not tied to one’s physical form.”

The second marked page was in “The Worldwound Incursion” and it was for a character named “Anevia Tirabade" 

Who’s very opening line is "Born a man and originally named Anvenn”.

A deep, and.. just, I don’t really know how to put into words, amazing thank you to Wes and to Paizo. Not only did they think of me, and send me these awesome things! But personal thought was put into every little gesture.

It.. Yeah, I don’t know how to express how grateful I am for just a kind gesture in a difficult time for me. It wasn’t something that HAD to be done, it was something they chose to do. As an absolute fan of their work in general, I can’t begin to explain what it means.

Thank you Wes, and thank you Paizo.

Yaniel, by Kate Burmak

Kate Burmak is another amazing artist who has become one of my heroines in the fantasy art world. I particularly love her work for Paizo’s Pathfinder series. As well as great heroines, Kate offers a stellar selection of demons, monsters, battles, deities, and landscapes for the fantasy nerd in all of us. I’ve used Kate’s awesome work in the past and keep an eye on her galleries for future writeups.

The paladin Yaniel is a seriously badass figure from Pathfinder lore and I absolutely love Kate’s depiction of her here. According to the lore, Yani was a demon-hunting crusader who, after conflicts with her order’s hierarchy, ventured into the demon-infested Worldwound to rage a one-woman war against the hellish hordes. After two years she returned from the ‘Wound after rescuing another party of crusaders. Though Yaniel perished on her subsequent crusade against the demons, her sword, Radiance, remains an artifact in the game with special powers for paladin characters who wield it.

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I love stories of redemption. Arueshalae is a succubus in the Pathfinder world, on the path to redemption. 

Arueshalae first came to the Worldwound in 4636 ar.

One fateful night after she’d seduced a priestess of Desna

and drained her nearly to death, on a whim she tried an

experiment. Since outsiders don’t need to sleep, they

don’t normally dream. Out of curiosity, she stole into the

thoughts of her dying victim using detect thoughts while the

woman lay sleeping, only to be pulled into the Dimension

of Dreams. When the priestess died, Arueshalae found

herself somehow trapped, but she hadn’t gone unnoticed.

In daring to allow herself to dream, Arueshalae gained

Desna’s attention. She had already observed the succubus’s

murder of one of her priests, but perhaps having learned

a bit of forgiveness from her own divine ally Sarenrae,

Desna did not smite Arueshalae. Instead, she reached into

Arueshalae’s soul and quickened her larval core. Memories

of her mortal life f looded back at once, memories of

dreams that never came true. Desna whispered in her ear:

“Even demons can dream.”

If Paizo put out a series of novels based on this character, I would buy them.