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emerpenny asked:

(Writing question.) Hi, I have one Romanian character. I was just wondering is it true that you refer to people by their surnames until you get to know the other person better? And also what traits would be associated with the upper class? What do people think of foreigners knowing the language (like is it welcomed open-armed, would people offer help or with an 'about time' attitude or something)? Thank you for your time, have a nice day. :)

Hi! We call everyone close to our age and younger by their first name. With older people, it depends on how close we are to them. For teachers, bosses etc we use Mr/Mrs (domnul/doamna) and surrname. For family members or neighbours we usually use a shortened version of their first name(eg Mariana - Mari) and before that children use “nea” or “nenea” for men and “tanti” for women.
Even though our upper and midde claases are not so segregated, we still have our stereotypes. Rich young people are thought to be lazy, shallow and stupid, and being successful only because their parents have money. About our bussinessmen and politicians we think they gained their wealth illegally,which is sometimes true, sadly. Like in most eastern european countries, our government is really corrupt.
And about our language, Romania is pretty unknown to foreigners so whenever we hear it mentioned somewhere it feels like Christmas. So whenever someone tries to learn our language we feel honoured really, even though our first reaction would be “Why are you doing this to yourself?” bc Romanian is hard and it makes no sense.
Hope this helps and good luck!

pomegraenate asked:

Hi! I wanted to contribute... and I have a question. I have lived in two countries, so I can provide info for both of them - do I submit them separately or in the same post? Thanks!

Hey, great question! This has been asked before and could continue to be relevant in the future, so I hope you don’t mind me answering publicly. Submitting in two separate posts for the two countries you have experience in is probably the best for categorization purposes. Also, for a related question that’s been asked in the past, providing info for two or more countries is absolutely helpful.

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