All waterproof and tearproof, and big in size :3 Printed on glossy material with white outlines. They are so nice! My phone camera does no justice to them.

Fuzzling, Fuzzy and Fuzzy and Irene = 3 USD each
Gimme Yogurt = 1.5 USD due misprinting
Shipping worldwide always 2 USD no matter how many you buy!

Send your order to 

(edited prices from euros to dollar equivalents)
Are you filled with an existential screaming void? When people ask how you Are, does nothing but static come out of your mouth? Do you wish to skip the formalities and allow people to perceive the endless expanse of perpetual horror inside of you? Then this is the badge for you! 1 inch

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA badges are now for sale!
Scream into the void!
Scream out of the void!
But do it with this 1 inch badge attached to whatever surface it’s stabby hook can latch onto!

(50p each, free UK shipping, $2 worldwide)

hi i have a horny little cat who needs her heatbits removed, i have the money but it’s gonna cut into my budget and i know yall love a) cats and b) terrible blingees

SO, to help with costs, i’m gonna be selling my Saint Purrtrick enamel pins for a reduced price with FREE worldwide shipping!!! woah!!!!

each pin comes with two back posts and measures 1.5″ wide, and is super super cute!! so for just $7 (lucky 7′s ofc) you can get a cute pin and help me get cici taken care of


cici will thank you! if you cant buy, please boost!!!



  • 4 designs; Fuzzy, Fuzzy & Irene, Fuzzling and Gimme Yogurt
  • Printed on glossy waterproof and non-tearing material
  • Big stickers cut in shape
  • Limited quantity - when it’s gone, it’s gone for good
  • 2,5 euro / a sticker - GIMME YOGURT is 1 euro due misprinting
  • Worldwide shipping 1,50 euro no matter how many stickers you buy!
  • Payment via Paypal (after I receive your order)

Send your orders to thefuzzycomic[a] 
Please include your Paypal address, full name and address in the order email. That helps me to handle your order faster. Thank you!

Questions? HMU with chat message or note!

- thefuzzycomic / Niu

tsyunae  asked:

will you turn your todoroki wearing gucci into a print? i really love that piece and i would like to buy it and hang it up on my wall! thank you!

thank you for your interest! a lot of people asked me about these so here they are! they will probably only be available for a limited period of time since I usually don’t go for traditional stuff w/ prints (also inprnt has free worldwide shipping for orders over 25$ and you can use the code “PJN522C”to get 15% off til 28th!)


Exciting news- I’ve been accepted into a residency in Iceland in August. However, it’s self-funded, so to raise money I am releasing a limited edition print, of a brand new painting! All details below, I am taking pre-orders until Friday May 25th so please email before then to guarantee yourself a print. I can ship worldwide, shipping costs coming soon.


Fixed It Fine Art Giclee Archival Print

A3 size (297 x 420mm/11.69 x 16.53 inches)

Signed and numbered, limited edition

$190.00NZD plus tracked worldwide shipping (postage and packaging TBC)

Email to pre-order. Pre-order ends THIS FRIDAY, May 25. Accepting paypal and bank transfers only.