worldwide elf

ELF is talented at scolding ㅋㅋ

MC :  I heard that last time when you came to our show and said some stuff about Kyu, all SJ worldwide ELF scolded you?

DinDin :  Yes, after the show was broadcasted, my SNS was flooded, I saw all kinds of languages that I had never see before, I thought might be they were praising me? But then after I roughly used the Google translate… all of then were c…dog…stupid… then I realized that our SJ sunbaes are such a wonderful group!

Kyuhyun : Yes, now millions of our ELF are waiting for Kim Gura to open his own SNS..   ©


   Hi, ELF! So let’s go to the point…

   Even through we don’t know what’s behind the whole situation and Kangin’s personal life, we all know that what he did was wrong, irresponsible and could had caused worse consequences. We won’t take care of him like he was a victim or a baby.
  Some of you probably already read some comments saying mean stuff about him and asking to Kangin leave Super Junior.
   We, ELF + SJ, are a family. And, as ELF, we should show to our beloved Kim Youngwoon some love, right? ^^
  On May 27 from 7AM til 9AM (KST) we will use on Twitter the tags #StayStrongKangin #ELFWithKangin. ARMY will be helping us using the tag #ArmyWithELF ♡ You can also use #StayStrongSuperJunior ^^  
   Thank you for reading it~

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