Felix Lee as your boyfriend

A/N: Warning, this is going to be more humorous than romantic I apologize in advance

Chan // Woojin // Minho // Changbin // Hyunjin // Jisung // Felix // Seungmin // Jeongin

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  • You’re in for a wild ride dating this boy
  • It would just be a mess every single day
  • Sometimes he feels like more of a dumb best friend than a boyfriend
  • Then he kisses you and you’re like: “Oh right, we’re dating.”
  • Would giggle to himself every time you’re the one initiating skinship
  • Pretends to be all smooth and chill around you, but he is actually yelling on the inside
  • “They’re holding my hand, oh my god, stay cool, Felix.”
  • When in reality you’ve held hands like 50 times before?
  • He just never gets used to the fact that he is dating his favourite person
  • And you never get used to that you’re dating the weirdest, but most lovely boy in the world
  • Started jumping up and down when you agreed to go out with him
  • Then he tried to regain a somewhat normal state
  • “ *coughs* Uhm, yeah right cool, that’s cool.”
  • As soon as you leave the room he starts screaming and he immediately texts the group chat with his members about you
  • Would bring you to a pet store to look at baby animals
  • “That kitten is almost as cute as me.”
  • “I thought you were gonna’ say that I was the cuter one.”
  • “What no, you’re cute, but the third cutest – after me and the kitten.”
  • This is where you have permission to jokingly hit him
  • “Ouch! Kidding, I was kidding, you’re the second cutest, after me!”
  • You have to get used to him saying things like these, but he mostly does it for the laughs
  • We all know he thinks you’re the cutest one deep inside
  • (Okay, maybe the kitten is slightly cuter, but come on, it’s a kitten)
  • Would be extremely cuddly when tired
  • “Little did I know, was that when I took elevator to get to practice today, I really did get on the hellevator.”
  • “How was it meeting your brother the devil?”
  • “He was almost as awesome as me, but a bit more evil.”
  • Anyways, back to cuddling
  • He’d snuggle against you until he got completely comfortable
  • Sometimes he asks you if you can stroke his hair because he thinks it feels so nice
  • It gives him shivers at times, but he still wants you to keep going
  • Can of course get all love-dazed and serious sometimes, which is usually when he is sleepy
  • “You know all my insults are from love right?”
  • “I know, Felix.”
  • “Cause I do love you so much. You make me really happy.”
  • The type to sometimes ask for permission to kiss you, but other times he just steals them
  • Lights up when someone mentions your name
  • Loves to tell his members about your adventures together
  • You’d feed each other popcorn when watching a movie
  • He gets the most scared from horror films
  • He once knocked the popcorn bowl right up in the air from being startled
  • Other times he’ll hide under the blanket you’re sharing
  • “Felix, come back out, you’re gonna’ miss the storyline.”
  • “No. It’s warm and safe here.”

A Pokemon Ego AU

I love Pokemon and I love the egos, so I thought I would combine them. I’ve only done 5 teams so far but I have 2 that I’m still working on. This post is here to explain why I chose the Pokemon I did for each of the babs and their relationships with each other in a Pokemon world

Starting with Dark. His team is Gothita, houndour, Vulpix (alolan), Pawniard, Glaceon, and salazzle. He has mostly Ice and Dark types because of his uncaring manipulative personality. He wants strong Pokemon who are efficient and will cast any of them into the box at the first sign of weakness. My initial thought was to give him Umbreon (I’ve given all the egos here an eevee as a starter) but to get an Umbreon you have to be friends with the Pokemon. Quite frankly, I think he would see that as more of a hassle then grinding levels in the cold. He got the Alolan Vulpix and the Salazzle because they are exotic and fit better with his team. Salazzle is strong while the ice Vulpix looked more like his mostly monochrome team.

Next his Rival. Wilford. Wilfy has a team of all pink pokemon consisting of Sylveon, Milotic, Luranti, Chimchar (shiny), Magmar (shiny), and Magcargo (shiny). Big thanks to @ask-bubblegumb1tch for helping me figure out what to do with his team. I wanted the silly all pink team that made it look like he didn’t care about winning, but still the power to actually beat Dark in battle. Wilford had to go through a lot of work to get these shinies and he loves his entire team to death. They all have 5 hearts in affection which further frustrates dark because they can avoid his moves and hold on at 1 health.

Then Google (before his update, may add the other colors later) His mission is to complete the pokedex in order to have a full understanding of pokemon. In his team he has Ditto, Burmy, Vivillion, Castform, Rotom (which can go into his pokedex), and Oricorio. All of them can switch types during battle (aside from Vivillion but he is determined to get all the patterns) He also is keeping his eevee in the box until he figures out which eeveelution would be the most useful. H es not neglectful to his Pokemon but he also doesn’t really care.

Our Hosty boy has a mostly psychic team consisting of Espeon, Espurr, Litwick, Kirlia, Smeargle, and Beldum. Smeargle and Litwick help him write. He can see through the psychic types eyes thanks to his own powers, which in turn let’s him understand them. Beldum helps him get a birds eye view of a situation ahead of him and he had found a eats abandoned by his trainer at the beginning of his journey. Host has no Pokemon in his PC. He has bought a sort of day care center/ petting and let’s them play there and interact with those too young to be trainers yet.

And Finally Doctor Iplier. He refuses to actually battle. Instead he’s like the Nurse Joy of our group. He has Audino, Leavanny, Umbreon, Petilil, Bellossom, and Happiny. 3 baby Pokemon, A mother Pokemon, A healer, and his partner Pokemon. He also has his entire team at 5 hearts each and has never caught a Pokemon aside from those in his team.

Our precious sniper, captain and god needs more love, so I’ve taken in upon myself to bring you Usopp Week because as much as me creating a single illustration to show my love, why not have an ENTIRE WEEK dedicated to screaming our love for him to the world

Starting Monday July 4th and lasting until Sunday July 10th

Tag your posts as #UsoppWeek2016 so I can see them and make sure to follow here at @usoppweek​ for updates, info, and entries.

Prompts for each day are:

Day 1: Heroic/Cowardly
We all know that Usopp is the bravest man on the seas and he’s had many moments of bravery and courage!…Okay, okay, hes a coward but he faces his fears when it counts!

Day 2: Plants
He uses them to attack. He grows them on the ship. Usopp has a great connection to plants and flowers

Day 3: Family & Relation(ships)
Family, friends, namaka and more, a lot of people love Usopp and he loves them, too.

Day 4: Fashion
He’s a good looking boy. Make him look better. Or worse. He’s got some questionable hats in that wardrobe….

Day 5: Hobbies
He’s multitalented, an artist, an inventor, a…story teller.

Day 6: Epithets
Sharpshooter. Liar. Great Captain Usopp. Sogeking. God. A man of many names.

Day 7: AU!sopp
In another world, in another life, what else could he be? 

Utapri Maji Love Live 5th Stage 2016-01-17 Day 2 Report - Part 3: Shining Theatre! + First Part of Starish

Part 1 about the Flower Displays and Drop Boxes here
Part 2 about the Concert Opening and Quartet Night here

Part 3 is finally here!! Sorry for the wait and thanks for your patience!

So the senpais never sang their second song, I really wanted to hear Mune No Kodou :(

After the Shining Dancers’ intro, the screen played the PVs for Shinning Theatre, which actually made me scared! It seemed like they were just advertising it and won’t sing them ((((;゚Д゚))))))) I wanted to hear Bloody Shadows so bad!!! AHHHHHH
And I also thought as well if they do do it then Shoutan will be next from the order they released them, Shoutan performed so much already! He needs to rest! And I’d rather see him later 。・°°・(>_<)・°°・。

After the PVs they played the longer trailer for Polaris and then I seen Kiiyan rise up from the bottom of the stage. Ahh, they changed the order that’s good, all the senpais can rest ヽ(;▽;)ノ
I’ve only managed to listened to this song a few times before the concert, but it’s so good!!!

Mamo was at the top left and Toriumi was at the top right side.

Their outfits are actually nice! And not tacky! I know we all feared what they’ll look like from Tenka Muteki during 4th Stage haha XD well I did anyway~

This performance felt so long XD
It was so good though and I was pumped!
They were on risers which went up and moved from on side to another.

I had my light stick set to purple as I like Mamo and Tokiya more than the rest, but I felt bad since Kiiyan was right in front of me. Sorry Kiiyan (/ _ ; )

This song really is so long! I don’t remember it being this long when I listened to it, they must have extended it XD

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