Yo yo yo it’s ya boy Whirlwind and I’m out here chillin’ with the homie Magma. We out here in the streets about to drop the hottest mixtape of Age 850. Look out for our debut album called “No Chill” because we ain’t like them icy-ass muthafuckas. Magma’s got the hot beats and I got the lyrics that’ll blow you away. Our songs slap so hard ya grandmama need a senzu bean. And we challenge any and all monkey ass Saiyans who think they can ultimate spam their way to the top of the charts. I will blue hurricane any bitch that come at me sideways, so watch ya self. Haters just mad they can’t meteor crash the pussy like we do. We got tracks like our hit singles “Poppin’ Slugs”, “Power Level Over Swag-Thousand”, and “Kame-hame-hop off my dick”. So head to your nearest music store and cop No Chill for a chance to win tickets to our New Namek Tour. Namek about to blow up all over again when they hear this shit go off. Get yours today. Sponsored by FourStarHipHop.com


Panda after skating. #gangviolence #triads #chinatown #worldstar #fitness