Comparing Human Development of Countries through Star Plot Shapes

Worldshapin lets users study the interdependence of various factors such as health, carbon footprint, workplace equality, living standard, population and education across the world. Therefore, the project visualizes data taken from the Human Development Report 2011, and plots it on a stylized smoothed star plot. In effect, the world, continents and countries are represented as unique shapes based on how low or high they fare on 6 indicators.

Featured Infographic: WorldShapin

Featured Infographic: WorldShapin by LittleArc

This interactive infographic IS. SO. AWESOME. It illustrates data from the Human Development Index (HDI) in an interactive, engaging, and sensible way. Useful information? Check. Accessible information? Check. Beautiful design? Check. I think we’ve got ourselves a dope featured infographic.

  • The design is so clean. The blob shapes are sure simple but also very intriguing.
  • The coding is awesome. The images flow so smoothly, and when you hover over each blob, it even says what it represents in the mouse over. The “play” feature is also very neat.
  • It makes boring data incredibly interesting - This is stuff you get in reports on reports on reports. Color and pretty fun is what the people want. The interactivity is a super nice touch, too but this could easily have a print version as well.