Today was Adventure Day Number 1!
I was given Thursday through Saturday off and I didn’t want to just sit around my house the whole time..
So I decided to have 3 adventures within 3 days!

Today, I decided to travel to World’s End State Park and WOW, I am not regretting it. The beauty is beyond belief.
The scenic drive there made it well worth the drive alone!

I started my day off by venturing up to the High Knob Overlook. (photograph 1)
I arrived and only a small girl and her dad were there. As I approached the overlook, I could hear them “wowing” about the visibility.
The little girl then ran towards me, waving & screaming, “HIIIIII! IT’S SO PERRRRTY HERE!”
While not safe for them, I absolutely love the wee-young spirits that aren’t quite aware of “stranger danger.” Shortly, they piled into their mini-coop and drove off. I was left on top of the mountain with this gorgeous scenery by myself.. so what do I do… of course, pull out the camera!
After I felt like my photographic duties were completed, I decided to read some of the graffiti on the fence. As I stood there reading, “Janie was here” and countless other names accompanied by dates (and some with an approximate time of day,) I pondered why humans feel the need to leave their mark in such ways. Perhaps its for their own memory, if they should ever return. Or perhaps its for people that may know them who visit later and see that their peers were there before them. I’m not sure, really. The only thing that I know is that I didn’t feel as if I had to write my name and the date on a piece of plywood to feel as though I am leaving a mark on the world. In fact, I didn’t even feel the need to leave a mark. The only thing I needed was nature to leave it’s mark on me. Perfectly content as long as I have my camera to photograph, share and remember the beauty that exists- that’s definitely enough for me.
Side-tracked, woah.

Then I decided to travel back down the mountain.. more towards my favorite element (lol) WATER!
What?! I’m a Pisces. Don’t judge.

So, as shown in the second photograph.. I found water! The creek that I came across first.. It was very quaint, very cute yet treacherous at the same time.
But then I noticed a sign for a beach. “A beach? In the middle of a forest… hm, let’s check it out!” COOLEST. DECISION. EVER.

That crazy, winding creek created a swimming hole around one of it’s curves. It’s really neat, you have to park across the road and walk under a neat little bridge (pictured in #3) to get there. While here, I attempted to make a panoramic with my DSLR. Why? Cause who needs an Iphone? haha. (kidding, kidding) But as you can see, it came out a little rough.

Before long, I decided to keep the adventure rolling and continued on. I came upon the Loyalsock Creek Vista. (pictured in #4 and 5) This was remarkable. & again, a panoramic taken with my DSLR without any grid lines or applications to help! Much better the second time around.

Photographs 6, 7 and 8 were taken while I was cruising along the mountain roads. Its an inclination of the photographer in me to pull over if I spot a great subject for the chance at a shot.
It was really, really hard for me not to just run up and dive off of the dock into Hunters Lake.. but then I noticed some lake-life under the water and men fishing not too far out on boats. haha. Fish were everywhere! I decided it’d be best for everyone and everything involved to deny my inner-mermaid and stay on dry land. I keep telling myself that I do not regret this decision. It’s a struggle to believe though.

# 9’s panoramic was taken on the way out. Its just so open. & so pretty. I pulled over and did that camera thing that I do again. (haha) Its usually awkward when I’m pulled over photographing something and a car decides to go by. But for some reason, today - it just wasn’t awkward. At all. Even photobombed my first attempt at a panoramic and I had to start completely over. But that’s okay. I was in that person’s way just as much as they were in mine. I waved. They waved. I pride myself in how much courage and stability (with stranger interaction + in other aspects) that I have grown in the past year.

All was good with the Universe today.

Can’t wait to continue my second adventure tomorrow.