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  • Forget boyfriend material
  • This man is husband material
  • Seriously though touch that cashmere sweater
  • Wait it isn’t made of cashmere
  • That’s husband material
  • Probably the most attentive and caring person you will ever meet
  • Always making sure you are comfortable and feel ok
  • Offering you his arm like a gentleman
  • Being the perfect gentleman in general
  • Pulling out your chair before you sit down
  • Opening every single door for you
  • He would treat you like the most precious thing in the world
  • Sending you flowers just to remind you how amazing you are
  • Backhugs
  • Forehead kisses
  • Cheek kisses
  • Nose kisses
  • Matching sweaters when it gets cold
  • Matching hats too… and maybe scarves
  • Laughing at his bad jokes just because they’re just SO bad
  • Him being a little insecure that you only like him for his fame/money
  • But with all the affection you share between each other his doubts fade
  • Planning out your time for when he has nights off weeks in advance
  • Because you want to take advantage of as much time together as possible
  • Trying to cook together
  • Failing at cooking together because you distract each other
  • Ending up ordering food and curling up to watch a movie
  • Falling asleep against his shoulder
  • Picking you up and tucking you into bed
  • Spoiling you all the time
  • “Jagi are you ok?”
  • Shoulder rubs
  • His thumb rubbing circles across your hand when you hold hands
  • Looking up and just admiring little things about you
  • And remembering why he fell for you all over again
  • Everything is always either really casual or really formal
  • Like either coffee dates or fancy restaurants
  • But you love both
  • Because it just means you get to be together
  • Despite his chaotic schedule you are always on his mind
  • A relationship of dedication and fierce loyalty and cute moments of normal between all the busy ones

I am in the middle of organizing new moodboards and picspams, so if some of you have ideas for:

-Character Tropes / Archetypes
-Anime/Manga Aesthetics
-Women or Men in History
-Game of Thrones Characters/Pairings/Gods/Creatures
-Mythologies (non Greek, Egyptian, Roman or Norse)
-Eras of History
-Lesser known fairytales
-Harry Potter Eras
-Mythological Places
-Present Day Gods
-Urban Legends
-Antagonists and Villains
-Bible Stories
-Monsters/Cryptids/Folk creatures
-Famous Couples
-Wizarding Schools around the World

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                              PERMANENT STARTER CALL

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remus lupin + his scars

im apologizing now bc i know im not going to be able to stop writing this one

body image tw obviously

  • at first his scars make him feel insecure
  • they cover his skin and they’re so obvious and he flinches every time someone looks at him for too long
  • they cover the lengths of his arm the most because it’s the easiest spot for his claws to reach but he has them on his legs and neck and the worst of them all–his face
  • he tells people he had an accident as a child when the rudely ask
    • this shuts them up but he still catches them staring
  • then second year happens and his friends know about his curse and they havent left him and he’s so grateful and in love with these three bumbling boys that have promised to do whatever they can to help him 
  • although they all care equally, sirius comes to him privately after remus tells them
    • aka: literally wakes remus up in the middle of the night, throws himself into remus’s bed, shuts the curtains, and puts a silencing charm up
  • and hugs remus so tight it feels like he cant breathe but remus relishes that feeling and tucks his head into sirius’s neck
  • sirius whispers “i’m going to do whatever i can to make this better for you, i promise, remus, i’ll go to azkaban if i have to just to make you feel better.”
  • remus is so happy and content but still manages to whisper “make the scars go away” into sirius’s shoulder
  • sirius holds him tighter and continues to apologize for something he never caused
  • from then on they are close
  • sirius knows whenever anyone is questioning remus about the way he looks because he will come over and take remus away from the situation
  • in third year, the marauders reveal the animagi
  • remus cries and cries and his smile stretches from one ear to the other
  • after transforming back to his human self, pete goes, “hey moony, if i can look like that, you shouldn’t be ashamed of how you look.”
  • it works, for a year or so. he remembers his friends loyalty and how ridiculous pete looks when he transforms and he’s okay with himself
  • then a bad moon happens and theres almost twice the amount of scars and he starts wearing long sleeves in the summer again
  • for some reason he ends up having an all-nighter with lily and they talk about body image
  • he realizes that he doesn’t hate the scars, just what they represent
  • remus accepts himself after that
  • and when sirius traces the lines on his back at night, remus doesn’t flinch
  • because he knows that the power of love overcomes the cruelty done in this world

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How the different signs turn in the apocalypse.

Aries- (March 21- April 19) Became too adventurous in the hospital. Watch out for those zombie babies.

Taurus- (April 20- May 20) The loner got trapped in a factory. They just wanted that last Twinkie.

Gemini- (May 21- June 20) Got irritated by the pack an stormed off for some silence, only to seek out doom. Never trust silence.

Cancer- (June 21- July 22) Stood too close to a loved one after they had been bitten. Held on too long.

Leo- (July 23- August 22) Risked their life so the pack could get away safely. They had the potential to save the world.

Virgo- (August 23- September 22) With nothing they could do a fellow friend lost their life saving them. Virgo being distraught sacrificed their life.

Libra- (September 23- October 22) Attempted to stick it out with the family. Successful for a few months. Fell asleep on watch.

Scorpio- (october 23- November 21) got corrupt in leading the pack. Pissed them off. Shot and fed to zombies.

Sagittarius- (November 22- December 21) The loud mouth didn’t last long after the epidemic.

Capricorn- (December 22- January 19) In attempts to discover the cure; although successful they didn’t consider transportation. They swarmed the vehicle as it puttered out of gas.

Aquarius- (January 20- February 18) Protecting there flesh and blood. Don’t touch my kids/family.

Pieces- (February 19- March 20) They refused to watch the epidemic spread. Only one way out, takes own life.

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a:tla AU?


  • she was in the middle of learning all of the elements when she just. dropped off the face of the earth for three years?
  • it turns out that her best friend/earthbending teacher sam lambert had died and it was almost her fault and she just couldn’t deal and needed to take the time off to recoup
  • but now there’s a corporation coming in, and they’re slowly starting to take over all the independent businesses and build whatever it is that goddard builds, and nobody likes the look of that Cutter man
  • minkowski, eiffel, and hera, who have grown up together in an earthbending city, realize that they need to track down the avatar in order to stop goddard from doing their evil thing. the only person who can verify that lovelace even exists is alexander hilbert, who is well-known as the last remaining bloodbender and is frankly terrifying
  • after a couple of close calls with hilbert, though, they set off to find lovelace. but as they do so they ~learn more about themselves~, which is good, because nobody quite knows where hera came from? she was just in the streets one day, and eiffel and minkowski took her in because that’s who they are. anyway, minkowski gets trapped in some of those plantbenders’ vines one day and hera Freaks Out and all of a sudden she’s spewing fire from her hands and holy shit you guys, hera was a firebender all along?
  • by the time they find lovelace, who’s moping somewhere in the jungle, she’s already figured out airbending and waterbending. luckily minkowski and hera are there to teach her earth and fire! 
  • they team up with maxwell and jacobi, who are on the run from goddard after accidentally setting their HQ on a bit of a fire tornado (maxwell is an airbender and jacobi is a firebender)
  • and then they kick Kepler’s ass and then they kick Cutter’s ass and everything is right with the world

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