Now this is the match everyone has been waiting for! It’s our Champ! Mr. Satan!!!

These tournaments wouldn’t be the same without him, truely! And with that monster Cell here, we know we’ll be safe with Hercule here to beat him once again, so have no fear folks!

Against our Champ, we haaave:

Superboy! What an interesting alias! But also fitting considering who he’ll be fighting against, he’ll have to be super indeed! He’s here to seek thrills and he’s certainly got his wish! 

Now, let’s let this SUUUPER match BEEGIN! 

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"Heya, Buu why so glum?" Hercule patted Buu on the knee.

Buuhan couldn’t form words when he heard that familiar voice & felt the touch to his knee. He felt tears well up in his eyes when he turned his head & saw it was indeed Hercule standing right in front of him. “H-h-ercule??”

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Hercule opens the door to see the blue haired best friend of his granddaughter on his front stoop. She seemed upset. "Bulla, Pan won't be back for a bit but why don't you come in and have some ice cream with me. Keep this lonely Champ company while you wait? She should be here any minute." He gives the girl a reassuring smile and leads her to the kitchen. "If you can pack it away like Panny that would be ten scoops or more?" Pulling out ingredence for the mother of all ice cream sundaes.

The little girl huffed as she stayed on the steps of the Satan home. Obviously she was a bit annoyed that Pan wasn’t here yet. She thought they could go flying together, just around the city. The Saiyan princess glanced over her shoulder as she noticed the wold champion speaking to her. She gave a gentle nod to her head and followed the other inside. Being part Saiyan, she loved to eat just as much as her daddy. The blue haired girl glanced up on the counter as he got the ice-cream out.

“A little more, please!”

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Notices the woman glaring at him. Hercule runs his finger threw his curly hair and gives her a Cocky grin "Hey um... You want a picture with the World Champ?" He looks her over again and notices her vivid blue eyes and her tail. ...her tail?!? Er...You have a tail and all. Are you one of those Golden Warriors?" He looks a bit apprehensive.

(EEEEEEEEHHHHH!! My prayers have been heard! I have been looking for a hercule blog forever ^^ *hug* I have been wanting a hercule for my Buuhan to interact with. Also hello & how was your day?)

“If your referring to saiyans by ‘Golden warriors’ then yes I am.”Selima responded, having her arms crossed & glared at the so called world champion. “You got a problem with that??”