The flash sheet I made for THE OFFICE is also up on my Etsy :) Very limited amount made! Hope you like it.

Actual conversations with my boss  #232

My boss is 22, I’m queer and he asks a lot of questions, all of them perfectly innocent just ..yknow? From a 22 year old cis-white male in a management position. Any creepy undertones are totally not intended. Dude is totally not a creep.

Boss: “What’s with the stuff on the company Amazon?”
Me: “I dunno, what is with it?” 
Boss:”There’s like a hitachi magic wand and what I’m pretty sure’s a dildo.”
Me: “…what? That’s a company acct right?”
( I can not access Amazon/Ebay, even Facebook!Only the owner and manager can get /use Amazon at work)
Boss: “Here! Look!” 
(SHOWS me a picture of what is clearly a Hitachi gspot/clit combo attachment.)
Me: “Uhh….yep.. that…that’s what it is..”
Boss: “And look! There is like a whip! This is a straight on Whip!”
Me : “What….let me…”
(Boss shows me a picture of a riding crop)
Boss:”SEE! Like who the fuck is looking at whips!?”
Me: “No one. That’s a riding crop son. Get it right.”
Boss stares at me perplexed : “WAIT WHAT IS THAT FOR?”
ME : Bumbles through an explanation of why it’s not a whip, and how I know.
Boss gives me confused puppy face until he goes back to surfing Reddit. As I realize I know -way- too much about the owners proclivities…

It’s gonna be weird if i run into him at Kink Events.

One last teaser of the flash sheet I made for The Office :) Who wants one?

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[Slams fists on my desk, shaking my cup of coffee in my world’s best boss mug] Jared Kleinman was a loving man who was only doing the things he did for Evan because he really did care about him and felt like Evan was his only friend because, during the school year he really was now stop acting like he’s the villain of dear Evan Hansen and let him thrive