One last teaser of the flash sheet I made for The Office :) Who wants one?

The flash sheet I made for THE OFFICE is also up on my Etsy :) Very limited amount made! Hope you like it.

Actual conversations with my boss  #232

My boss is 22, I’m queer and he asks a lot of questions, all of them perfectly innocent just ..yknow? From a 22 year old cis-white male in a management position. Any creepy undertones are totally not intended. Dude is totally not a creep.

Boss: “What’s with the stuff on the company Amazon?”
Me: “I dunno, what is with it?” 
Boss:”There’s like a hitachi magic wand and what I’m pretty sure’s a dildo.”
Me: “…what? That’s a company acct right?”
( I can not access Amazon/Ebay, even Facebook!Only the owner and manager can get /use Amazon at work)
Boss: “Here! Look!” 
(SHOWS me a picture of what is clearly a Hitachi gspot/clit combo attachment.)
Me: “Uhh….yep.. that…that’s what it is..”
Boss: “And look! There is like a whip! This is a straight on Whip!”
Me : “What….let me…”
(Boss shows me a picture of a riding crop)
Boss:”SEE! Like who the fuck is looking at whips!?”
Me: “No one. That’s a riding crop son. Get it right.”
Boss stares at me perplexed : “WAIT WHAT IS THAT FOR?”
ME : Bumbles through an explanation of why it’s not a whip, and how I know.
Boss gives me confused puppy face until he goes back to surfing Reddit. As I realize I know -way- too much about the owners proclivities…

It’s gonna be weird if i run into him at Kink Events.


“I love Koscielny, I’ve seen him a lot. He has good leg speed, which reminds me of Lilian [Thuram]. The last time we spoke I told him to work hard and he’ll become one of the best defenders in the world. And here we are. He’s at the standard of a Vidic or Pique. I mean that sincerely”. - Marcel Desailly.