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The Killers covered the Kaiser Chiefs’ ‘I Predict A Riot’ with Nick Hodgson tonight in Leeds.

The Amani sure are going to be pissed finding out the Zandalari are joining the Horde, huh? 

Amani’s perspective: First the Horde does a piss-poor job of helping them beat up the high elves who invaded their lands, then the Horde/Alliance raid their city killing their leader after a long term war, then they fail with regaining their glory with the Zandalar empire in Pandaria, and now the people they thought would help them rebuild their empire are now joining the first crew that fucked them over.

Tough life for the Amani lmao.

i was talking to some friends about wonder woman today and one of them said how she didn’t like steve, bc wonder woman didn’t need a man, it was supposed to be an empowering film about women and not men 

and here’s the thing, we live in a patriarchal society, yet we’re told by women and feminists everywhere that a woman doesn’t need a man, and that’s is entirely true. women don’t need men! but loving a man doesn’t make a woman weak! it doesn’t make wonder woman any less empowering for loving steve! the problem is that female characters are so often lost in the ‘love interest’ trope that they aren’t empowering characters, and are hardly characters at all outside the relationship. but wonder woman, and many more films and tv shows today, aren’t like that anymore! so let’s stop aligning powerful women as not having a man, and non-powerful women as having a man!

a woman loving a man doesn’t make her any less powerful and independant, and we need to stop portraying and seeing it in that light


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