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With only 21 hours to go until the finale hits Crunchyroll, I want you to really think about something.

I want you to look at this boy. Really look.

And now I want you to imagine this: Victor has never been this vulnerable. We know now that he was actually far more reserved, romantic and ridiculous than we ever anticpated. We know now that he was cripplingly lonely and felt shackled to his life as a living legend.

Imagine this: he’s freshly showered, still wet enough to drip, emotionally open, lightly teasing Yuri about Minako and Celestino getting very likely incredibly shitfaced drunk that night. He’s in their shared room, undressed except for a fluffy robe, sitting as far as possible from the door. Yuri is between him and the world. His ring is on his finger, because obviously it is. You don’t take off wedding rings to shower.


Imagine Yuri breaking up with him.

Just imagine.

He literally has nowhere to run, no way to make a dignified retreat. It’s easily the worst position Yuri could possibly put him in for a conversation about ending anything that Victor wouldn’t want to end.

Just imagine.

You’re welcome.
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things currently giving me life:

-Pierce The Veil’s new album


-The fourth studio album released by Pierce The Veil

-The album from PTV released on May 13, 2016


-Tracks 1-11 of PTV’S new album Misadventures

-The way Vic says ‘motherfucker’ in Floral & Fading

-Literally only Misadventures


Simone Biles (b. 1997) is currently the most decorated American gymnast. She set a national record at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, winning four gold medals, the most a female gymnast has won in a single game.

She has a total of nineteen Olympic and World Championship medals, fourteen of them gold. She has been the world all-around champion on three consecutive years, and the US national all-around champion four times, from 2013 to 2016.


But I will advance like Odysseus
Towards my heart’s direction
Even if the Gods may stop me at the other shore
当我需要独自站在 远方的沙场
When I need to stand alone on the faraway battlefield
My dreams become my weapon 
While the wounds I carry
Become my medals 

.moments i have a weakness for.

no. 6



yuri!!! on ice, otabek pov


he skates. 

he skates his heart out. for himself, for his family, for his country, for the new friendship that is already so dear to him.

he skates. his programme is stronger than his last one was this time a year ago. he didn’t qualify for the final last year, but he medaled at worlds, so he knows he can only evolve from here on out.

he skates. he thinks of his family, of their continuous support over the years, of the effort they had to put in for his dreams to be realized. and he is grateful.

he skates. he thinks of his country, of all the people that have placed their faith in him, of that sense of pride swelling in his chest with every passing second.

he skates. he thinks of green eyes burning with determination so fierce it took (it takes, it still takes) his breath away. he thinks of a budding friendship that has been years in the making, the potential exhilarating rivalry that can grow and challenge him more thrilling him more than anything.

he skates and he skates and he skates.

and he knows that, no matter the results (though, obviously, he wants to medal, he wants to win), this is only the beginning.  


Christina Carreira and Anthony Ponomarenko | Exogenesis Symphony Part 3 (2017 Junior Worlds)


2016: Year in Review ⇾ Simone Biles at the olympics

Simone Biles finished one of the greatest Olympic Games performances by a gymnast, with five gold medals. Her five medals tie the hardware haul of a USA woman at a single Olympic Games, and her four golds tie an Olympic record shared by three others.Having won a combined total of nineteen Olympic and World Championship medals, she is the most decorated American gymnast, taking over from Shannon Miller, who had held this record since 1996.


Misadventures//Pierce The Veil