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So Pepsi had Kendall Jenner uniting the world and then Heineken pulls this. Good show, Heineken, good show.
Boxed in: life inside the 'coffin cubicles' of Hong Kong – in pictures
Photographer Benny Lam has documented the suffocating living conditions in Hong Kong’s subdivided flats, recording the lives of these hidden communities

The photographs highlight the reality of Hong Kong’s housing crisis, where tens of thousands of people live in these cramped conditions because they can’t afford anything else

this is what being ranked number 1 ‘freest economy’ means

I just really love Ditto and so do MC and Yoosung <3

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kawakami mai, kitashirakawa tamako, kuriyama mirai, nanase haruka, nishimiya shouko, and others (chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai!, free!, hibike! euphonium, kobayashi-san chi no maidragon, koe no katachi, and others)

This blog 100% supports Loo Brealey, Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat, and ALL the creative talents who have given us “Sherlock”, to do the work as they see fit & to not have to defend their work to, and be harassed by, disappointed, sourpuss knobheads who call their temper tantrums “concern” for character or proper representation.

Disneyland Aesthetics - New Orleans Square

Adventureland  New Orleans Square  Critter Country  Frontierland  Fantasyland

Never forget

Never forget that the Hollywood Reporter is responsible for spreading the misinformation that Ghostbusters was on track to lose money. They are solely responsible for everyone thinking this movie was a flop. It wasn’t, Sony said so, we know so, but all anyone remembers is the article the HR put out prematurely when the movie had yet to even open in several world markets. Every subsequent regurgitation of the HR’s article in the days after had to change the numbers of the quoted “loss” BECAUSE IT WAS STILL MAKING MONEY. They went down from $70mil to $50mil the NEXT DAY, and $30mil the day after that, etc.. They could have printed a retraction but the damage was done. I work in Hollywood and every time someone mentions that it was a flop I tell them it wasn’t and remind them of this article and they confirm that that’s where they heard it. Pen is legit mightier than the sword.

End of rant.

Sunday, 7 May 2017: Mass evacuation in Hannover after WWII bomb find

Today, on Sunday, 7 May 2017, about 50,000 people – about one tenth of the population of Hannover – have to be evacuated from the Vahrenwald, List, and Nordstadt neighborhoods. The evacuation has started at 9:00. At 14:00, the area is expected to be fully evacuated. Public transport in the area is suspended. Trains will no longer stop at Hanover Man Station and will be deviated. Train service from Hannover Main Station to Hannover airport will be replaced with buses. Businesses in the area have to stop production. Only then can experts begin to further investigate the suspicious site. The work is expected to be finished not later that 22:00. To ease the troubles of the evacuated, Hannover offers an extensive cultural program, offering free or reduced admission to museums, theater plays, zoos, etc. Emergency accomodation has been set up in sports halls and schools.

Five large metal objects have been identfied with magnetometers on a building plot. Whether they are indeed unexploded WWII bombs is not yet known as the metal objects have not yet been excavated. However, the authorities take the greatest possible care to avoid any risk. This is due to the fact that the bombs are becoming more dangerous as they are ageing.

Many of the unexploded bombs have a time-delayed chemical trigger. It contains a glass vial filled with acetone (the solvent in nail polish remover) and a couple of plastic discs holding a spring-loaded pin in place. Upon impact, the glass vial was supposed to shatter, releasing the acetone, which was supposed to eat through the plastic discs, which took an indeterminate and varying length of time. When the plastic discs were weak enough, the spring-loaded pin would impact a crystalline, pressure-sensitive explosive, which would then trigger the bomb. The idea to implement such a random time delay was to interfere with rescue and firefighting activities after a bomb raid.

However, quite often the glass vial remained intact and the bombs would not explode at all. Now, more than 70 years after the war, two mechanisms make the bombs prone to detonate at the slightest disturbance. Firstly, the plastic discs are ageing and are becoming brittle, posing a greater risk of spontaneously releasing the pin. Secondly, the crystalline pressure-sensitive explosive undergoes modifications of its crystalline structure, making it sensitive to any kind of movement. Spontaneous bomb explosions have already happened, and in 2010, three bomb defusing experts were killed during their attempts. Also construction workers have already been killed when they had accidentially hit a bomb hidden underground.

That’s why builder-owners in areas suspected to be contaminated are required by law to investigate their property with metal detectors at their own cost prior to digging into the ground. In case something is found, the federal states are responsible and bear the full cost for risk assessment, removal, and destruction. The actual work at the site is carried out by expert companies.

It is estimated that about 100,000 unexploded bombs are still buried underground in Germany. Every year, about 5000 bombs are discovered and rendered harmless.

matt murdock is the only person allowed to use the line ‘justice is blind’

On Typewriter Tuesday, a few of the postcards depicting a mainstay of the Underwood Typewriter Company’s marketing: The giant typewriter. These postcards date from 1915 to 1939. You can learn more about the images by clicking on them.

Also visible on two of the above postcards is Underwood’s slogan: “The machine you will eventually buy”. You have to appreciate the fatalism.

From the Donald & Carolyn Hoke Typewriter Advertising and Ephemera Collection in Memory of Dr. Stephen Salsbury and Dr. Reed Geiger, in Hagley’s Published Collections.