worlds hardest game

deadstarrose  asked:

ok but like rage sex with nookie. hunter played a rage game (maybe the worlds hardest game) and nate is just laughing?

•Okay, so, Nate can’t help but laugh while Hunter rages because he looks so funny throwing his little fit over a video game (Though, let’s be honest, Nate isn’t any better)

•And Hunter is absolutely furious– He first starts screeching at Nate to shut the fuck up, but of course, that doesn’t work

•So Hunter throws his controller to the side, shoving Nate down on the couch with a hand on his throat

•Nate is hakf-way freaking out, half-way turned on as he looks up at Hunter almost challengingly

•Hunter presses down on his throat, watching Nate struggle for air, growling something about how he wasn’t laughing now, smirking at his hands grabbing his wrists

•Hunter is very rough with his kisses and actions, ripping his clothes off in seconds before drilling into the small boi until he’s screaming and begging for more

•Needless to say, Nate won’t be laughing for a while


This is one of the greatest Markiplier videos ever.
The captions are pretty great too