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hi there! i really enjoy your writing, it's very fascinating (i literally googled 'compliments to give writers' i'm so bad with words). anyways - may i request a hc where mc broke many world records, but with small things like world's fastest coin stacker? thank you and have an awesome day!

Omg,it’s you?My second lord and savior? (Rick comes first) MY INSPIRATION!!
This was a weird request, but ok, i accept everything you ask me ( lol)
I hope you like it!And remember : I will never gonna give you up

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me

My requests are still open! Please feel free to send your request( HERE it’s my do’s and dont’s)


  • MC said to him that she had broken a lot of world records
  • That’s so fascinating!
  • But when she told him what records she broke…He was not so fascinated
  • Like…He tough was a big thing!
  • But after some time, he began to recognize all those records of her.
  • And now he’s fascinated by her.
  • And he’ll tell everybody that his girlfriend broke a lot of world records.
  • You’re a badass in his eyes.


  • Wow!MC you broke that many records?
  • What records?
  • Those ones?Really?
  • He doesn’t find it very fascinating, he even laughed, saying that anybody could do this.
  • It was not a big deal.
  • But when he tried, he fails miserably.
  • He thought he did well, but it doesn’t even get close to you.
  • Ok, now he finds it amusing.
  • You’re a superhuman princess!
  • Dramatic.


  • MC?Really?
  • Ok, she’ll not say that “it was nothing” to those records
  • But it’s not something to brag about, people will laugh at her
  • She’s proud that MC can do all those things, and break all those records
  • But she’s not so fascinated by it
  • If it was a big record…Maybe. 
  • But she thinks that small things lead to big ones.
  • Keep trying.


  • Really MC?
  • You’re so talented!You’re the woman in his life!
  • What do you mean that was a small world record? You’re fired.
  • It’s a world record, you’re better than anybody in the world in that.
  • It’s not a small record for him, if someone says that is, he’ll be very angry.
  • Everybody must praise you for that.
  • If it is so easy, why don’t you try to break them?He doubts someone will break.
  • So is better those people keep their mouth shut, you’re talented.


  • He knew about this too!
  • And he’s about to start a war!
  • He finds it all so impressive and fun, but guess what…
  • He’ll beat your record.
  • Yeah, that’s right.
  • Your boyfriend will be your worst enemy.
  • Just to make this clear: He will break your record
  • You will break his record
  • This will never end.
  • Nobody understands you two, but you find it really fun.


  • Did you break all those world records?
  • Impressive!
  • He doesn’t care about how “hard” that was, or how small that was.
  • You’re good in that, and he’s so proud!
  • The way he’s  proud looks like you break the most challenging world records in the history!
  • He’ll make you do victory poses to him take a photo
  • And he’ll always support you when you try to break another record!


  • Are you proud of that?
  • This is ridiculous MC.
  • Everybody could do that, really, go to sleep.
  • What?You want him to try then? This will be easy.
  • He tried, tried, tried, and fail all the times.
  • He’s grumpy about it, and he’ll keep trying and trying without sleep, without eating ice cream.
  • Yeah, he’s determined
  • If he breaks your record, you accomplish that record again in no time.
  • But this time he’ll let you have this victory…
  • Not because he’ll not break it again because it is actually hard…It’s not that
  • Yeah, it is.

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