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I get really annoyed when people say something like “Disney Channel yeaches kids nothing” or “ There are no good Disney Channel movies or shows.”

Like ok. You may not like it but a whole bunch of people everywhere do.

You say it dosent teach kids stuff? Examples-

Girl Meets World teaches a lesson in EVERY episode Feminism, friendships, relationships, beleiving in things even if they seem impossible or far away.

Liv and Maddie teaches the importance of Family, they’ve taught what its like to be a girl and that you can do anything even if your a girl (Check out ‘What a girl is’ from one of the episodes), and the truth behind what reporters actually ask Actresses on the red carpet.

Best Friends Whenever if your familiar with the show you would know that Cyd didn’t have a good home life and when her parents went on another trip, so Cyd and Shelby could still be friends Shelby’s parents let Cyd move in with them. Also that you need to cherish every moment because you can’t get it back or re live it.

Kc undercover shows how hard a teenager’s life can be. Also the importance of Family and Friendship. Also that a girl can do anything boys can do just as good or even better.


Invisble Sister teaches that sometimes people feel invisible and in relationships even if their not the smartest they still know that they want to be together or that thry want one another to be happy.

Teen Beach Movie 1&2 teaches that you dont need to fit in, in this world. You can be yourself in this world. Dificulties in relationships. Importance of friendahips.

Descendants teaches that you shouldnt Judge someone because of their appearance or their family. So the next time you have the urge to say it dont. Think about this.

FT Fluff Week 2k15: Day 3 (Starlight)

Title: Under the starlight.

Summary: That night of summer, the stars being the only witnesses, Lucy and Natsu shared their memories from their darkest days and promised each other that they wouldn’t ever be lost souls looking for the starlight in the darkness.

Pairing: NaLu.

Prompt: Starlight.

Disclaimer: We don’t own Fairy Tail Universe or its characters, they belong to Mashima sensei.

A/N: Hi! This is Sil (myentropicmess) and here’s my only submission for Fluff Week. I’d like to participate more, but these weeks I’m very busy studying for my finals and I have very few time for writing. I chose this prompt because Starlight from Muse is one of my favorite songs of all time and I always wanted to write something inspired in it. I want to thank my betas Sara (worshiperofunknownstories), Marta (mavis-118) and San (onlywordswithoutsense) because even if they always have compromises, they save time for correcting my fics and support me. I hope that you’ll enjoy this fic as much as I did writing it! ^^

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Far away

The ship is taking me far away

Far away from the memories

Of the people who care if I live or die.

Lucy still remembered how her beloved friend, the water mage Juvia, had defined her darkest days, the ones when she was at the Phantom Lord guild. The bluenette told her that she had felt sadness and solitude on her childhood, but that couldn’t have been compared to what she suffered when she was one of the Element Four. In that time, she was a totally different person, consumed by emptiness. Depression wasn’t just sadness or hopelessness. It was more like not caring about anything after a long period of rainy journeys. When she was in her worst days, she thought that there wasn’t any point on fighting, because she didn’t consider herself able to change that situation. Juvia felt defeated and couldn’t see the rays of light between the gloomy clouds. The celestial mage could relate to that. Lucy remembered that fateful year when Natsu and Happy went to train by themselves and the guild got disbanded. At first, even if she understood their situation, she couldn’t help feeling betrayed and angry at them for leaving her behind. But as days passed, even if the rage and the tears of sorrow were still there, she felt how emptiness began to consume her. The blonde mage lost her self confidence and her will to fight another battle. She was just tired. Tired of waiting and being disappointed. Tired of not being able to see the stars on the cleared sky at night, even if she knew that they were there. That situation changed when Natsu and Happy returned, bringing her light back. But those days wouldn’t last long. The battle against Zeref and END happened, leaving all of them with both physical and emotional wounds. The ghosts of past came back not to haunt Lucy but to torment her best friend and loved one. But they also achieved to overcome that. Well, they did their best anyways.

And there they were. Side by side lying on the soft sand of the beach in that warm night of summer. Lucy had persuaded Natsu to do that mission together so the fire dragon slayer could get his self confidence back and to show him that he could use his powers to help people. After all that had happened on that journey, she realized that she had done a good choice bringing him there. For the first time, she saw the Natsu of the past, the one that enjoyed the battle and smiled while using his magic. And she wouldn’t change that view for nothing in this world.

Suddenly, Natsu shifted his position to face the celestial mage before lightly touching her cheek with one of his hands, pulling her out of her own thoughts.

“What are you thinking about, Luce?” he whispered as she turned her head to look at him. “You’re too quiet.”

“Nothing… I was just… Thinking about the stars…” Lucy said, looking at the sky again. “They were always there, you know? Even in times when I wasn’t able to see them, they were taking care of me. When I was younger, I used to look at them whenever I felt lonely.” She sat down, pulling her knees to her chest and putting her arms around them as she looked at the ground. “Which was all the time since my mom had died…” she chuckled nervously.

“I used to do the same… When… You know… That year…” he sighed, sitting on the sand while looking upwards. “When I wasn’t training or keeping myself busy, I felt… I felt lonely. But then, while Happy was sleeping as he is doing right now…” Natsu briefly looked at the blue cat, who was purring in his sleep between them. “I used to look at the stars and I felt like someone was looking at me. Yeah, sounds creepy, but I liked to think that behind those tiny points of light maybe you were there giving me strength or Igneel was protecting me and that’s what gave me the will to keep fighting.”

“I wish I had felt the same way… That year…” Lucy said in such a low voice that, if Natsu didn’t have enhanced hearing, he couldn’t be able to hear.

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