Dear Tumblr, please share this…

My friend, Cosplay Py, won first place at the costume contest at BlizzCon. She was getting on the ramp, heading to the stage, and she twisted her ankle, and couldn’t walk.

She was hysterical. Her husband cried. They are brilliant people, and this costume was two years in the making. They both dedicated their lives to this. It lit up, and everything. It was truly deserving of willing first prize.

So, please share, and let people see this beauty that should have been seen, but wasn’t.

Got a little heated over on Twitter yesterday about the #warcraftmovie’s female Orc designs. Garona (top left) is canonically a half-Orc, half-Draenei. This really bums me out as a designer- so I took two quick passes at redesigning her.

Honestly, there’s no good reason to design monstrous female inhumans with none of the identifying characteristics of their iconic male counterparts. Sexy green girl with novelty teeth isn’t brave design.

Let’s stop?

Art brethren and sistreretheren: draw some actually monstrous Orc women with me? Let’s fill the Internet with better examples.

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A little practice portrait I painted about a month or two ago but never bothered to post. I wanted to try my hand at painting something a bit stylized. This is really just a generic female night elf character… I had a death knight in mind, which is why she’s got the blue glow in her eyes :)