WORLD | Study: When tests detect birth defects, babies can still be born healthy | Julie Borg | April 14, 2016
New research suggests women who terminate their pregnancies because of an abnormal prenatal test may be aborting perfectly healthy babies. Doctors

   Researchers at the University of Cambridge, who published their results in the journal Nature Communications, found even when half the cells of an early-stage mouse embryo were abnormal, the embryo was still able to fully repair itself because the abnormal cells self-destructed and healthy cells replaced them. In many cases, the process completely repaired a defective embryo, leaving it with all healthy cells even though some of the placental cells were still abnormal. Even in cases where 75 percent of an early-stage embryo’s cells were abnormal, the ratio of normal cells increased as the embryo developed.  

   “The embryo has an amazing ability to correct itself,” the senior author of the study, Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz, said in a statement

Regardless of whether a child is born with defects or not, they shouldn’t be killed just because they aren’t “perfect”.  Still, this is worth sharing because so many mothers feel pressured to abort their own children when they are most likely perfectly fine.