worldly beauty

what 2016 taught me
  1. nothing is more beautiful than kindess
  2. you are allowed to be sad but you have to remember you are not the only one
  3. the world is not out to get you, as much as it may feel like it
  4. change does not come from self-pity
  5. just because you love someone unconditionally does not mean they will do the same for you, no one owes you anything
  6. loving yourself isn’t about becoming worldly beautiful
  7. always choose truth. ignorance is easy but with it comes a lack of understanding
  8. the antagonists in your life are the protagonists in their own lives. there are two sides to everything
  9. you are the villian in someone else’s story- try to remember that
  10. love radiates from within, you don’t need to have a constant smile despite what strangers may yell at you
  11. most people are not cruel to you purposefully
  12. other people hurt from your actions without you knowing just like you hurt from theirs without them knowing. don’t be so quick to anger and judgement
  13. not all relationships must last. some friends and lovers seem to be a perfect fit but the relationships ultimately end. this isn’t a failure, it is an experience that will help you grow stronger. treasure the good memories and learn from the bad
  14. without pain and sadness you wouldn’t know love, joy, peace, kindness
  15. happiness is not a concrete state of being. emotions are fluid and everchanging
  16. do not love for the sake of being loved
  17. always spread your good mood around, its so vital to share love
  18. there are things in life you will never have control over. beating yourself up about it won’t change that. accept it and move on toward greater things
  19. you don’t have to hate those who have wronged you
  20. being a light and caring for others is the best thing you can do in life
  21. don’t underestimate the effect your kindess will have on a stranger. be kind every chance you get

I live for lazy magic, tho. 

just cuz not all of us have the mental energy and the money for ritual work. And not all of us take magic extremely seriously.

- every time you close a door, add will to your entrance being locked and protected by things that mean you ill

- while you put on make up imagine how this will change how someone will perceive you. Add a veil of glamour for whatever purpose you need (intimidation, beauty, other-worldly, etc.)

- whenever you wash your hair, it’s a cleansing. When your wring your hair, imagine all miasma washing off you. 

- adding sigils to things when you don’t have the energy to add the notion yourself since the sigils are a representation of what you want anyway. 

- ringing loud bells over your workplace to cleanse it/banish something

- glaring at someone and pushing all your angry thoughts at them when they piss you off

*~ lazy magic ~*

It is not about you

Browse the internet to look for Benedict news today, and come across some interviews on Dr. Strange. To Answer the question “ what do you think are the most important sentence from the movie”? He said “ It is not about you”. How typical of Ben to pick that sentence as the most significant. When asked what dream job he would like to have / what superhero he would like to be, his answer is that his heroes are the doctors and nurses working in British health care system. He was quite sincere about that. Ben, that is why you are so loved. And of course, to me, and to your fans, it is always about you. How could we not. A beautiful mind, an out-of worldly beautiful face, and of course, what a beautiful body!

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I’m in love with this dress and I don’t really know when I’ll ever get to wear it but at least I can draw myself wearing it whenever I damn well please

Someone on facebook commented on that picture calling me a “gorgeous creature” and I appreciated it more than anyone really knows I think because tbh it’s a deep desire of mine to just be some beautiful other worldly creature and embarrassingly enough I’ve made myself really sad at the fact that I’m not and I’m just a boring human. Lol.

I finally refused it all–the romance
                                                                     of the past, the heaven of family.
I denied the apocalypse of genes, the passionate resurrection
Of memory, the pierced and reborn body we call the story
Of our lives.

T. R. Hummer, from “Worldly Beauty,” in Walt Whitman in Hell (Louisiana State University Press, 1996)

Ok, but like. I’m oddly okay about Dominic Sherwood getting cast as Jace?

Like… I really dug him as Chrisitan in VA and he does have this other worldly beauty to him? How are we feeling, Shadow Hunters? I remember the backlash when Jamie was cast for the movie.