Happy #WorldBookDay everyone! 

I recently went book shopping @ Barnes & Noble. What are you guys currently reading? (I’m reading Momo by Michael Ende btw).

Have an amazing World Book Night!

I’ll be handing out copies of Jesmyn Ward’s National Book Award-winning novel Salvage The Bones at the base of the Williamsburg Bridge tonight (BK side), starting around 6 PM. Free books!


I had so much fun participating this year! I only hope I’ll be selected next year to do this again and with more enthusiastic people.

In the beginning, the first 5 people I approached listened to me, but they didn’t want a book.

I was truly surprised and a bit disappointed by how many people were turning me down, but it was all worth it after I met an 11 year old little girl and her mother.

I was leaving a restaurant and I saw them sitting down in the patio area alone. So I thought: Keep your head up and stay focused. People will accept the books, eventually.

I approached her and her mother to explain what WBN is and to offer them books and buttons… Before I began to speak she shouted as she pointed at my shirt: You!! You people came to my school today! She reached into her bag and pulled out a wbn book she received today! She was just so elated that she jumped up and gave me a hug and told me thank you!!
Truly her enthusiasm turned my day and experience around!
I asked her mother if she too received a book and she hadn’t.
I handed her a book and let her daughter aid me in explaining what I was doing.

By far the best moment of the day.

Thank you guys ( again) for selecting me to be apart of this.

Happy World Book Night!

The people at starbucks loved getting their books :] She said it was the best tip she's ever gotten!

I really never seen somebody light up that way. Even the people at mcdonalds were super excited. 

My cashier at trader joes completely avoided eye contact with me after I showed him the book, but the lady behind me said her grandson loved it, and I gave her a copy so she could enjoy it too.