I`m proud to announce that I will be directing an animated pilot based on David Pinter and Samuel Dalton`s Indie comic series “Indigo Ignited.” The staff we got to do pre-production is amazing!


-Anime background-artist superstar Arthell Isom is designing all the backgrounds and working as art director. (美術監督)

-Anime industry veteran (Animator, director, the list goes on and on.) Yoshiharu Ashino ( 芳晴芦野 ) is doing the storyboards.(絵コンテ)

-Illustrator ReJean DuBois AKA @lejeanx3 is designing the characters. キャラクターデザイナー)…These amazing designs I posted are his.

Read more details about it here and follow any of us on twitter for constant updates:

Storyboards, Background designs, and Character model sheets for the “Indigo Ignited” pilot I`m directing. (Coming early 2017!)

「インディゴ・イグナイテッド」( 監督として作っているパイロット版アニメ) の絵コンテ、美術設定、そしてキャラクター設定です。