The Art of Moana

The Art of Moana is the latest title in our exceptional series showcasing artwork from the creation of Walt Disney Animations’ latest releases. Three thousand years ago, the greatest sailors in the world ventured across the Pacific, discovering the many islands of Oceania. But then, for a millennium, their voyages stopped—and no one today knows why. From Walt Disney Animation Studios, Moana is a CG-animated adventure about a spirited teenager who sails out on a daring mission to prove herself a master wayfinder and fulfill her ancestors’ unfinished quest. During her journey, Moana meets the once-mighty demi-god Maui and together they traverse the open ocean on an action-packed adventure, encountering enormous fiery creatures and impossible odds. The stunning artwork in this behind-the-scenes book includes character designs, storyboards, colorscripts, and much more.

since i'm seeing alot of people recruiting people for pyramid schemes around college, let me help you:

*Multi-Level Marketing is the selling of PRODUCTS to CONSUMERS, typically outside of the organization.

*a Pyramid Scheme is making money off of the RECRUITMENT of new employees.

No real business makes you recuperate your initial investment through the act of over-saturating employee count.

many Pyramid Schemes misuse the term “Multi-Level Marketing” in order to avoid legal repercussions. 

A Pyramid Scheme is organized so that a certain amount of people MUST lose money. The only way people at the bottom can profit is to add people below them. The organization continues to grow (theoretically) in this fashion until there are no people left, and even then, those at the bottom have nobody to recruit. It is unsustainable

Wold Ventures - Scam?

There is this new company called World Ventures of which is rapidly growing within the nation and even outside the US. It’s main product (or at least a feature that they advertise) is a system of cheaper travel. Though this sounds interesting, these discounts on travel are typically LESS than what is offered with already stable companies such as Travelocity and companies alike. This brings up the new issue…

What the real concern though, is that it’s goal is to lure people in (mainly college and high school kids with either little to no income and little money to start with) and propose an idea to make money.  This idea basically goes like this:

You join in by paying $280 for their services (the cheaper way of travel and vacationing), and every month there is a service fee of (i think) around $60. But that isn’t all… if you get 4 people to join WoldVentures under your name (your branching tree) they will completely remove that 60 dollar monthly fee and make up about $200 you spent. And as the tree continues to branch, you begin making more money and getting more benefits such as their BMW plan. So it appears that there is a way for some significant earnings. 

If you haven’t been to any of their meetings (which are bombarding many college towns), they will throw a bunch of numbers at you to heighten their reputation and show their complete potential. They hire very convince spokesmen to do their bidding.

After some thought, you begin to think that this is a “Pyramid Scheme” - and I have looked it up and found that this company does their things in a very legal fashion. They offer a product to the people who sign up making it all too legal. IN REALITY (from what i have experienced and gone through) that this company has found an absolute way around the common pyramid scheme to make it legal. 

If you have not been subjected to these propaganda-ish messages provided from this company, I would like everyone to understand essentially what they would be getting themselves into… When you get into this, you will instantly feel pressured to get your first 4 people to join to remove the monthly costs and try to make up some of the money that you lost investing in this company. Once you do that, Your friends and family (who will be your first targets) will feel the same way… and it will branch off exactly like the pyramid scheme. I now understand their views and it is an interesting way to make some money, but morally, i cannot say that I complete agree with what they are doing because in the end, as the company grows, more and more people will be (scammed?) out of their money. SOMEBODY WILL ALWAYS LOSE. 

Yes, you do have some potential for making some side cash, but ethically, it just doesn’t seem right. I wish I had someone to tell me this before i got lured into it, but I am a sucker for making money and act impulse like many people. 

enjoy your day and hope that you wont have to make these decision in which could possibly get you caught up in a twisted situation.

UPDATE!!! After witnessing my friend fall subject to this, the company pretty much tricked her and stopped paying her the money and she ended up losing money somehow. She is too embarrassed to explain it but I’ll find out what happened soon to help explain the issue at hand. Essentially what this means now is that the company is now a scam (definitely not a question now) that surely domestic make life any easier. Also I have gotten some interesting responses and personal messages from several company representatives calling me an idiot and stupid for not seeing how this isn’t a pyramid scheme because the company “offers a product and service to its users”… First of all, a pyramid scheme isn’t based on the products or anything, it’s defined by its structure, so just stop about that. Second… If you have to justify the work you do by finding individual criticisms on TUMBLR then u know the company is morally fucked. And finally, stop trying to convince other people the company is good… We stopped believing it and at this point you are just trying to convince yourself that your actions are even somewhat ethical. Please educate yourself on this before entering into a company. As many people have said before if it is too good to be true it probably is. Stay financially safe!

To people saying world ventures is a scam

Of course it will not work for everyone, there are those who can and cannot travel and sell. As for the millions of people I know and have had the joy of having in my life, it has worked stupendously for us. I have gone on amazing trips with the help of world ventures and save loads of money. To each is their own and I’m happy I have found this.

Mon-El of Daxam – Hero’s Journey to Valor - Part 1

The Supergirl Writers know about The Hero’s Journey (Monomyth) steps as described by John Campbell (it is specifically mentioned in the last conversation that Kara and Cat have in season 2).

Mon-El is following all 17 steps through his journey to Valor. I’m going to explain how he does meet them pointing to specific scenes in the episodes. I’m going to divide this in 3 posts and this is Part 1.

I will also make guesses about how Mon-El could achieve the remaining steps of this journey during season 3 for his rise to Valor. It is going to be so awesome!

Btw, his transformation to a better person/ hero includes how to be a productive member of society, find a job and actually be good at it. Not only fighting bad guys.

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anonymous asked:

What did you mean about God complex with Jupiter hard aspects to sun or moon? Isn't Aquarius suppose to have this complex? Can you give some example like Jupiter and the sun (square or opposition). Thank you <3

Aquarius has a god complex in the sense that they consider themselves ultimately different and therefore ~special. Uranus in mythology was the personification of the skies and the skies symbolized the heavens. Who lives up in the heavens? ~the gods and goddesses~ Uranus is also the planet of genius (the higher octave of mercury), like anyone with contacts to Uranus has access to this “genius” but it’s already incorporated into Aquarius. An Aquarius can deem themselves above all in terms of knowledge, and as the saying goes, “knowledge is power” and who is all powerful? a god. Their complex is more subtle though, you don’t really notice it nor do they flaunt it… You kind of pick it up when you’re in an argument with them or something like that, like they’re open minded but not apt to change their set views because they take pride in their knowledge. Aquarius is fixed, remember

Now with Sagittarius, Jupiter in astrology is the planet of expansion. He equates to the greek god Zeus, god of the sky and thunder, or god of gods if you will. He is superior (rules the heavens) and he is loud about it (thunder symbolism). You see this in the Sagittarian archetype, as well as in most Jupiterian aspects, more so the harsh ones. Jupiter is also the higher mind, the arrow represents the search for knowledge and discovery through venturing the world, and so there is confidence in ones knowledge here too. The confidence can overflow however, expansion isn’t always a good thing. Contacts to Jupiter are exaggerated, inflated. With Jupiter contacting sun, the ego can either be expanded in terms of enlightenment or inflated in terms of a “big ego.” With the harsh aspects, such as sun/opposition or square Jupiter it is often the case of conceit and arrogance, although it is much worse with the square.

And so in regards to negative manifestations, we can conclude that Jupiter is the one with the bigger god complex. they both have it, but one is more blatant than the other 

Twenty minutes every day
Move your muscles in fun and play
Save money for an adventure
Travel the world type venture
Already went on a cruise ship
To Cozumel on a round trip
Must improve on mi español
It’s been a life-long learning goal
Checked my list for master’s degree
I might pursue my P h D
Would like to learn how to snow ski
Have yet to bake my own turkey
Parachute out of an airplane
Travel on a passenger train
Learn how to master game of chess
Well, at least learn to play my best
Fly high in a hot air balloon
Sleep again under stars and moon
Dance with someone out in the rain
Develop my artistic brain
Publish a book that’s worth reading
Quit being tone deaf when I sing
Make a difference in people’s lives
Things I’ll treasure for my own archives
One day I’ll have a pet again
Things I dream about now and then

Come and find me

Outlander one shot requested by Anon based on this imagine:

You don’t really remember the exact moment that you had fallen asleep. You had walked through the airport, booked in your bags, looked round duty free, boarded the plane and then you’d taken off. Not that you were surprised that you had fallen asleep, it had been a number of weeks since you had slept the entirety of the night without waking up or at the very least dreaming. Ever since your parents had informed you that they would be travelling to the UK and from there you would meet them for a family holiday in Scotland. 

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i am going on a cruise! tips to stay light and airy while still having a lovely time~?

to travel freely
♡ dress lightly (wear airy cotton fabrics with hair in soft braids)
♡ carry home (items that will prevent homesickness: essential oils, dried lavender, string, polaroids)
♡ pack little (only bring what you truly need…everything else is arbitrary weight)
♡ adventure (explore this new piece of the world while you can; venture into local shops and markets and boutiques as well)

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

reapergraves666 said:Could you do what dating Jane and Leah from Twilight would be like? Either one is fine if you can only do one

A/N: Heya lovely! Here’s the Jane one! I’m not going to specify a gender in this one, simply because you wanted it to be a male reader; so I thought it’d be cool to make the gender specific upon who’s reading it. I hope that you enjoy this one, lovely! Thanks sooo much for sending in the first request! :)  - Admin Kat 💟

Dating Jane Volturi Would Include:

- PDA would be something that’s destined to be expressed behind closed doors.

- She would hold your hand or stand close to you, in which Alec would tease the pair of you.

- “And they call it, puppy looooooooooveeee!” Alec would cry out in laughter.

- “Shut up, Alec!” Jane would haughtily retort back, becoming increasingly embarrassed.

- Being able to bring a somewhat goofy side out of her.

- “Noo, (Y/N)! I definitely didn’t mean that!

- “Do I sense sarcasm? Because, my Spidey Senses never fail me.

- “Spidey Senses?

- “Do I have to show you Spiderman again?

- Whenever she get’s mad, calling her a Gremlin.

- “Aro! If you recall the movie I showed you all, you shouldn’t feed Jane after twelve o’clock, midnight!

- “Why not?

- “She’s a gre- ow!

- “I am NOT!

- At first being afraid that Jane would use her gift on you, but realizing afterwards that she loves you and she could never bring herself to harm you. Ever.

- Jane persuading Aro, Caius and Marcus to place you within the high arches of the Volturi Guard, simply because Jane can’t do without being by your side all of the time.


- Rather old fashioned and romantic speeches.

- Professing your love for her, and vice versa.

- Bickering quite A LOT.

- Like forreal, she’s a mother fucking grouch.







- Jane growing profusely jealous of anybody that takes up your time.

- “Pain.

- “Jane!”

- She’d be a very slow and sensual lover, adoring in taking in your bodies reactions, facial features, you name it.

- She’d love any body contact with you. The electricity that pulses through her ensures her comfort and eases her anxieties.

- Jane would show her love to you in her own form and fashion. The only one’s to comprehend it would be Aro and her brother Alec.

- Being immensely close with Alec.

- Jane would be very selfish, - and even if it came to her brother-, would wiggle her way into the situation or conversation to gain your attention.

- Not gonna lie, but since you’re her mate, you’ll want to do that too.

- Jealous asf!

- Like forreal!

- People gonna be flying about! Pain! Pain! Pain!

- I swear, there’s gonna be a TLC match in the middle of the grand Volturi hall!

- Smash! Smash! SMASH!

- She’ll pull a Hulk.

- Seriously.

- Not joking.

- She’d attempt to wiggle the pair of you out of duties so you can spend all sorts of time together on your own.

- It wouldn’t matter if you had a gift or not, she wouldn’t let anyone hurt you: She’d even hurt Chelsea, Aro or whoever, if she had to.

- The done looks.

- “Jane, schnoocums!

- “Don’t call me that.

- “But it suits you, Gremlin!

- “Don’t call me that either!

- She would insist that she’s not into cuddling, but let’s face it…

- She is!

- Jane would ensure that you’re always feeling at home. She’ll ensure that you have all sorts of comforts, and even somehow persuade Aro to let you leave the castle gates during the night time and hunt elsewhere.

- Everyone in the Volturi, and every vampire in the world, knowing who you are.

- Being one of the only one’s to make Jane smile.

- Being intrigued over Jane’s past and asking her and Alec, - very patiently of course -, to tell their story as humans - if they can possibly remember it-.

- Meaning the absolute world to one another.

- Venturing out with Jane when the New Born Army is striving, and also to be a witness to The Volturi.

- Being incredibly protective over Jane, even though there really isn’t a reason to be.

- “You shouldn’t be worrying about me, love.” she’d attempt to be gentle towards you.

- “And why not?” you argue, brows furrowed.

- “Because, I can defend the both of us.” she smiles tenderly to you.

- She’d be very stand offish in public, but behind closed doors, she’d be so loving and ardent with you.

- Being each other’s forever.

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Stelliums in the signs

*Note: A stellium is four or more planets in any sign, for example: Venus, sun, mercury & mars are in libra then that is considered a stellium*

Aries stellium: amplified characteristics of being more aggressive, tempted to get things done, go getters, will be very bold and non hesitant to get what they want, will debate and argue with someone if that person deems them to be wrong.

Taurus stellium: amplified characteristics of indulgement, will be quite outdoorsy, take on talents that evokes a creative outlet for them such as acting, singing etc, something to do with the throat since they are ruled by the planet Venus.

Cancer stellium:amplified characteristics of being more in tune with their emotions, will be very intuitive, will be more emotionally connected with people, will enjoy activities that expresses their emotional outlets and create strong bonds with people on an emotional level.

Leo stellium: amplified characteristics of being more melodramatic, reacting to things around their environments more vividly, doing things that may express themselves such as theatre and other creative aspects that leads to leader position roles hence the sun rules leo.

Virgo stellium: amplified characteristics of being more intellectual, more focused on the bigger picture and of fine detail, they can easily “read between the lines”, will also be quite a perfectionist and may want to change up their appearance a bit to make themselves look more appealing.

Libra stellium: amplified characteristics of being more sociable, will be more charming and graceful, will want to make minor changes in their images to be appealing to the opposite sex.

Scorpio stellium: amplified characteristics of being more secretive and distant, will not want to share much about themselves, will have many close friends, will be into some disturbing things which people would not consider normal.

Sagittarius stellium: amplified characteristics of being more friendly and outgoing, will want to go on raids of adventures with their close friends, will be interested in traveling and venturing the world.

Capricorn stellium: amplified characteristics of being more aloof, they will try to be more to themselves or with their close friends, will have a “resting bitch face” as their default just so that people won’t approach them because they feel awkward in certain situations.

Aquarius stellium: amplified characteristics of being more eccentric, will do strange and taunting things, will create and set forth new trends, these people will be epitome of “weird” since Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius.

Pisces stellium: amplified characteristics of being more passive, they will seem as if they are day dreaming, will be more prone to their environments but will easily blend in with their surroundings they will also be interested in creative outlets such as art and poetry.

Eastern Fourland Island


Fourland Island corresponds to the island of Shikoku in the real world. It is separated from the mainland by sea, and all the bridges that exist in the real world have long fallen into ruin, so there is no longer a way to get there by foot. Before the Catastrophe, it was possible to teleport there via Fairy Rings, but with the convoluted structure of Fairy Rings, such a method is too uncertain now.

Of course, with the Half Gaia Project, the distance isn’t too great in the world of Theldesia, but venturing there is still a dangerous prospect. Many dangerous monsters roam the ocean, and the eastern side of Fourland is completely impassable because of the Maelstrom that blocks the passage of ships. There are a number of raid-rank monsters prowling the sea as well.

Even if one manages to pass through the obstacles and step foot onto land, the environment is very harsh: thick forests and steep mountains have made the land nigh uninhabitable.

The eastern part of Fourland corresponds with the real-world Kagawa, Tokushima, and eastern Kōchi Prefectures. With the exception of the plains near Lost Bridge and the estuaries of the Sando River (River Sando on the map), most of Fourland consists of dense forest and steep mountains. Such areas are known as the Sword of Fourland.

The Climate of Eastern Fourland

Eastern Fourland’s climate is generally mild and moist. Because it receives heavy rainfall, plants grow quickly there, covering the mountains in forest. Without people to work the land, the soil has remained rich.

In stark contrast, northern Fourland receives little rainfall, and summertime may bring droughts. In the northern plains, it is easier to spot signs of life and habitation, as there are no giant trees to obscure your vision. Occasionally, Black Raccoons (a type of monster/creature) can be seen using the remains of reservoirs, something that was common knowledge before the Catastrophe.

However, since the Catastrophe, a large change has occurred in the center of Fourland Island. A large volcano suddenly formed, and has been spewing magical smoke. From mainland Yamato, Fourland Island is now almost completely obscured.

It is said that as a result of this smoke, the vegetation and wildlife on the island has begun to change. Reptilian and dinosaur-like monsters, which didn’t exist on the island before, have started emerging as a result of the changing environment. With Fourland Island as difficult to access as it is, however, this information cannot be confirmed.

The Duchy of Fourland

Back in the days of the Duchy of Fourland, this island held a large population of people under the rich blessings of nature. However, calamity after calamity has driven almost all traces of the Eight Good Races away from the land. Since then, powerful and dangerous monsters have taken over, and few Adventurers dare to venture within.

Of its ruins, the Lost Bridge is the most well-known, but its ports have since dilapidated. In the hands of Adventurers, though, there is a chance that they can be restored to their original purpose.

After the Catastrophe, gathering information about the island has become very difficult. Because the Homesteading the Noosphere expansion added some new areas and monsters, though, there are some brave souls willing to venture into the area.

The Monsters in Eastern Fourland

Fourland Island is a dangerous area completely overrun by monsters. Many of them are akin to the Japanese “youkai,” with different kinds ruling over various sections of Fourland. While the majority of Fourland consists of hills and mountains, in the plains to the north, ruins like Cianu Ruins stand where the Good Races once lived. Nowadays, those areas are dominated by the humanoid Black Raccoons, who have repurposed the ruins. In the mountainous regions, the east is teeming with Tengu, while the Gozu control the west.

Since the Catastrophe, there have been reports of lizard-like and dinosaur-like monsters that seem to be completely unlike the monsters that have inhabited Fourland before. They are rapidly expanding their habitat, and the balance of power on Fourland is rapidly changing.

Lost Bridge

Known as the Great Seto Bridge in real life, this bridge connects Shikoku and Honshuu; in the world of Theldesia, this bridge is known as the Lost Bridge. It has long fallen into disrepair and ruin, and is no longer passable, making it impossible to travel between the two islands by foot. Of course, if you can travel by sea or by air, it is possible to make it to Fourland if you’re willing to enter combat with monsters.

Close to the Lost Bridge is the San’nou Archipelago (San-Nou Archipelago on the map). It is a relatively safe way to get to Fourland for those who are familiar with the route, so there are groups who are investigating the inland sea. They’ve stumbled upon undiscovered dungeons and treasures in unexplored islets and villages that had little known information.

Still, there are few Adventurers who head for the monster’s den of Fourland Island itself. Naturally, there are a brave few who are willing to venture there to ascertain each and every rumor that comes up about it, or to acquire new intel. Regarding the status of the bridge, before the Catastrophe hit, there was an event planned pertaining to “the reconstruction of the ‘Lost Bridge’.” However, before any details were released, the Catastrophe struck.

Daishi Road

Before the Catastrophe, Fourland Island didn’t receive much attention, as no Landers lived there and Adventurers would just use the Fairy Rings to teleport to dungeons. However, with its obscurity after the Catastrophe, many rumors about it have sprung up.

One rumor claims that in the deepest depths of Qunpearl Remains, there is a Tengu that is the key to a secret raid. Others believe that a large-scale event will someday initiate around “Rightsword” Tarogue.

Another famous rumor is the Daishi Road. It is said that by traveling to 88 different power spots located throughout Fourland, you will be granted tremendous power and magic. The 88 locations were supposedly created in the Age of Myth. On top of this rumor, there are further rumors that suggest further “bonuses,” like getting even more power if you visit the locations in a particular order.

But with the number of monsters in Fourland and the extreme terrain, just getting to all 88 places is a challenge in and of itself, never mind the fact that nobody actually knows where exactly these places are. Furthermore, there are reports that never-before-seen monsters have appeared throughout Fourland, and nobody knows whether the reward—or even the quest—really exists. Everything is covered in the shroud of legend.

(Note: This is based on the real-life Shikoku Pilgrimage, and the name Daishi comes from the legendary Buddhist monk Kukai, who was posthumously known as Kobo Daishi.)

A Bed of Roses [1]

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2

Words: 3005

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Superpower!Au

Summary: Superpowers are suppose to make you invincible, someone who could save the world, a hero. It’s not suppose to be like this…not like this. 

You pout your lips together, looking up and watching the elevator numbers increase as your mind replays the tragic events of how you wound up here.

“….accidental leak at a power plant, causing a massive explosion killing hundreds of workers….”

The arrow flashes red and a number two appears.

“Those in a two-hundred kilometer radius were exposed to high levels of radiation and it has caused absolute chaos in the streets, hundreds of civilians are evacuating the vicinity. However, authorities have urged everyone to stay inside, locking all your doors.”

The arrow flashes red and a number three appears. You take exhale a long sigh, tapping your foot impatiently as the jazz elevator music continues to annoying you.

“This just in! It’s been two days since the massive power plant explosion and some victims have come forward, exhibiting odd symptoms. Doctors and scientists have gathered together to examine the victims. More news will be provided as updates follow…”

The arrow flashes red and a number four appears. You clear your throat with a cough and the nurse beside you flashes a glare. Sending her a small smirk, she turns back to the elevator numbers, ignoring you again.

“Breaking news. Massive riots and turmoil have broken out onto the streets. It seems as though all radiation victims to the massive power plant explosion have gained supernatural-like mutations.”

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world-venturings  asked:

Hey, do you have any documentaries or movie recommendations on dinosaurs? Thanks :)

Oh I have loads! Please keep in mind the date when each of these was made - it has a huge influence on how the dinosaurs were reconstructed; we’ve learned a lot in the past fifteen years alone, and it’s important to keep that in mind and take some of the reconstructions with grains of salt. 

But my favorites would have to be: 

Walking With Dinosaurs (1999, BBC) 
When Dinosaurs Roamed America (2001, Discovery Channel) 
The Ballad of Big Al (2001, BBC) 
Walking with Beasts (2001, BBC) 
Chased By Dinosaurs (2002, BBC)
Dinosaur Planet (2003, Discovery Channel)
Walking with Monsters (2005, BBC)
Prehistoric Park (2006, ITV)
Planet Dinosaur (2011, BBC)
Dinosaur Revolution (2011, Discovery Channel) 
Dinosaur 13 (2014, Independent Film by Todd Douglas Miller)
T. rex Autopsy (2015, National Geographic)

abstractfairytales-deactivated2  asked:

Cute prompt for you m'dear: Snowballfight!

I am so sorry this took me so long to get to.  It got lost somewhere in my ask box and I just happened to go through it and see it.  Either way, I found it!  And here’s your thingy!  It’s actually probably better that it ended up taking me a while to get to it since it’s getting closer to Christmas!

“Solas, we’ve been at this for hours.”  Nira said, desperately trying to catch her breath.  She used her staff as a prop to keep her standing, her legs shaking, threatening to give out at any moment.  Solas watched her carefully, inhaling softly as he scanned the area.  It was getting dark and the snow had thickened along the ground, he understood her exhaustion, but she had asked him for his help in controlling her new powers.  Rift magic was not easy, it took a lot of time and effort to pull that much energy from the Fade.

They had been at this for some time, perhaps it was time to take a break.

“Alright.  Let us return to Skyhold.  We will begin again in the morning.”  Solas smiled as he held out his hand to her.  She took it gratefully as they made their way back up the mountain towards Skyhold.

“I appreciate your help with this.  After our time in Redcliffe I…”  She trailed off, but Solas offered her a soft smile.  

“I am more than happy to train you in any way necessary.  It is best to practice whenever possible, especially after an encounter like the one you experienced.  I cannot even imagine.”  Nira had hardly been able to explain everything that had happened.  He was almost glad for that.  A world where Corypheus had succeeded was not a thought that he wanted to venture.  

A world where he failed yet again.

Solas gave her an encouraging squeeze, their hands still intertwined.  Their relationship was becoming…strange.  They were fully aware of their affections, but neither had acted upon them and Solas wasn’t sure he even wanted to.  This situation was…not what he had expected.  The fact that he was drawn to her was something he had hoped he could push aside and while he had succeeded for a while, their journey to Skyhold showed him just how weak he truly was.  For just a few short hours, he had assumed she had perished…it was that moment he knew, while he would continue to try, his feelings for her were becoming more and more uncontrollable.  “I just wanted to make sure that future won’t happen. I can’t live through that again.  I need to become stronger.”

“While that is true, it is best not to overwork yourself.  You are here and that is all that matters.  As long as that fact remains, that future will never come to pass.”  Solas said softly, the snow continuing to fall.  “Perhaps it would be best to not dwell too severely on what may come.  A distraction could be just what you may need for this situation.”  

Nira met his gaze, an impish smile crossing her features. “A distraction, eh?”  He felt the tug of her hand as she stopped, their hands separating.  Solas turned only to find Nira trotting away, kneeling down only for a moment before standing, taking great care in keeping her back turned.

“Nira’sal…we should not linger.”  

“Just hold on a second.”  She laughed.  Solas looked up, measuring the distance between them and Skyhold.  They weren’t too far away, but they would be expected soon enough.  As he looked away, he heard a soft giggle from behind him.  A smile creeping across his face, he knew what that laugh meant.  Nira was up to no good.  The elf turned only to be greeted by a ball of snow right in the center of his face.

Another giggle.

“Nira,” Solas spoke sternly.  He had come to expect this sort of thing from the girl, but she never ceased to surprise him.  At times he felt more like her babysitter than her friend and this was one of those moments.


Nira’sal knelt back down in the snow, scooping more of it into her hands as she began to shape it.  “Come on, you just said I needed a distraction.”   She laughed, barely able to get the words out.  “What’s more distracting than this?”

Solas kept his ground, his eyes glancing over her form as she continued the motion.  She was certainly different from others he had come into contact with.  Perhaps that was the reason he felt so drawn to her.  

“Come on, Solas.  It’s fun!”  Nira grinned wildly, juggling the one snowball in her hand. 

Come on, Solas.  Nira watched him carefully, his stance mirroring his usual pose.  Hands behind his back, reserved, even out here in the snow miles away from any of the others.  They were alone and away from their duties.  Here they could just be themselves if she could pull that part out of him.  

He would play along at times, she had noticed that it only happened when they were away from the others.  He would only drop his guard for her.   She was more pleased by that than he could imagine, but she wanted more.  As their relationship continued…if that was even what she could call it…she could see it falling further and further.  She hoped that in time, she would have it down completely.

“Nira, please,” Solas chided, a gentle yet serious smile crossed his features as he turned back towards Skyhold.  Nira took this as an opportunity and once more, she threw a snowball in his general direction.  The cold snow hit him square in the back, causing him to freeze instantly.

Even with the distance between them, she could feel the tension rise between them.  A cold chill ran down her spine, far colder than it had been with the surrounding snow.  “Alright, lethallan.  If you will refuse to listen, then I suppose I must come to more drastic measures.”  He kept his back turned, but she could feel the bits of the Fade he summoned.

In a flash, Solas turned, his face beaming, as he threw the small ball of snow he had conjured in his hands towards her.  She had no idea what his reaction would be, but as soon as he turned and she saw what he held in his hands, she knew exactly what to do.  Nira ducked out of the way, a loud giggle bouncing around the mountain.

“Ooooooh, nice try Solas, but perhaps you should keep your drastic measures for a more suitable target.”  She mocked him, a grin spreading across her face.   Solas glared at her playfully, the mockery not sitting too well with him.  Nira quickly gathered some snow below her, Solas mirroring her.   Fighting with weapons was one thing, but it became obvious fairly quickly how few times he had gotten into this sort of fight.  He had to watch her closely, as if he were afraid he were doing something wrong.   Nonetheless, the snowball flew back and forth uncontrollably.  The wild smile that crept across his face was unlike any smile she had seen.  It was primal, a childlike smile that she could assume he had hidden deep down for a long time.

As the snow flew, his aim became increasingly better, which became obvious as Nira felt her clothes become wetter and wetter with each toss towards her.

He was having fun.  Finally.

Nira giggled.  “Alright, play times over.  Time to go into crank things up a notch!”  She held her hands out, running towards him as a loud battle-cry emitted from her chest.  Solas watched her wide eyed, awaiting the inevitable collision.  

And then it happened.

She crashed into him, sending the two careening straight into the snow.

They stayed there for a minute, unable to move from how cold they had become.  Solas laughed first.  His voice soft and melodic, a sound far more free than she had ever heard him create.  His laugh warmed her heart and suddenly the freezing snow didn’t bother her quite so much anymore.  

Nira nuzzled into his chest, holding onto him as she took full advantage of the way they had landed.  She felt his arm wrap around her back as he exhaled happily.

It seemed this was exactly what they needed.  A welcome distraction in a time full of stress and turmoil.

AN; OMG finally!  I have been working on this for like a week.  Fighting through this block has been a nightmare, so hopefully this didn’t turn out too bad.  I needed some cute Solas in my life, so that’s what you get!

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anonymous asked:

can you name one great thing about each of your daughters, anything you feel like

Yang’s ability to shine brighter than anyone else. To overcome any obstacle, and emerge victorious in the end.

Ruby’s aspirations for the world. To venture and make Remnant just like the fairy tales, her drive to defend and protect Remnant and the people of it.