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Wold Ventures - Scam?

There is this new company called World Ventures of which is rapidly growing within the nation and even outside the US. It’s main product (or at least a feature that they advertise) is a system of cheaper travel. Though this sounds interesting, these discounts on travel are typically LESS than what is offered with already stable companies such as Travelocity and companies alike. This brings up the new issue…

What the real concern though, is that it’s goal is to lure people in (mainly college and high school kids with either little to no income and little money to start with) and propose an idea to make money.  This idea basically goes like this:

You join in by paying $280 for their services (the cheaper way of travel and vacationing), and every month there is a service fee of (i think) around $60. But that isn’t all… if you get 4 people to join WoldVentures under your name (your branching tree) they will completely remove that 60 dollar monthly fee and make up about $200 you spent. And as the tree continues to branch, you begin making more money and getting more benefits such as their BMW plan. So it appears that there is a way for some significant earnings. 

If you haven’t been to any of their meetings (which are bombarding many college towns), they will throw a bunch of numbers at you to heighten their reputation and show their complete potential. They hire very convince spokesmen to do their bidding.

After some thought, you begin to think that this is a “Pyramid Scheme” - and I have looked it up and found that this company does their things in a very legal fashion. They offer a product to the people who sign up making it all too legal. IN REALITY (from what i have experienced and gone through) that this company has found an absolute way around the common pyramid scheme to make it legal. 

If you have not been subjected to these propaganda-ish messages provided from this company, I would like everyone to understand essentially what they would be getting themselves into… When you get into this, you will instantly feel pressured to get your first 4 people to join to remove the monthly costs and try to make up some of the money that you lost investing in this company. Once you do that, Your friends and family (who will be your first targets) will feel the same way… and it will branch off exactly like the pyramid scheme. I now understand their views and it is an interesting way to make some money, but morally, i cannot say that I complete agree with what they are doing because in the end, as the company grows, more and more people will be (scammed?) out of their money. SOMEBODY WILL ALWAYS LOSE. 

Yes, you do have some potential for making some side cash, but ethically, it just doesn’t seem right. I wish I had someone to tell me this before i got lured into it, but I am a sucker for making money and act impulse like many people. 

enjoy your day and hope that you wont have to make these decision in which could possibly get you caught up in a twisted situation.

Who wants to get paid for the social networking?

So, my adoptive mom, Michelle, works for this travel company, World Ventures. 

What’s the product?

Travel Memberships! It’s kinda like travelocity or expedia except cheaper. They have $69 cruises EVERY MONTH. They have amazing deals on so many vacations all over the world. 

You can purchase a membership and take lots of vacations and save thousands of dollars OR you can buy the membership and take part in the business side of World Ventures.

What is the business side?

You get paid for your social networking! All you have to do is talk to people about the company and you get paid for everyone who signs up under you! 

One of the people I know in this company is Mike Coella. He’s very successful with this company.

There is a lot to be learned about this company so if you want to learn how you can be a member or how you can work the business side of it, message me on here asap! Michelle will show you a video online, it will take 17 minutes of your day and if you’re not feeling it or whatever just say no but don’t pass this opportunity up. I have seen millionaires made from this company. It isn’t a scam. This is a once in a life time opportunity.

You can be in any state or country around the world to do this, but you have to be 18 or older. Please let me know if you’re interested!


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"Okay, look - you’ve been my dad for what, all of fifteen minutes? So just stop. This is either going to work with us as partners, or it’s not going to work. Your call."

So, I got pitched an offer for this thing called DreamTrips or WorldVentures or something like that...

And… Wow. Almost 300 dollars to join. And I did a little research. This things has hundreds of lawsuits against them.

They say they are looking for kids my age (Im 20, btw). They are interested in college age kids. Why? Because they know that just about all people around that age are going to be naive and eager to make extra money. They claim you will make SO much money, and never have to work another day in your life, all while taking amazing vacations. Yeah. Bullshit. Anything that sounds too goo to be true usually is. And this is a perfect example.

If you ever watched their video where all of the people at the conventions were talking, did you ever notice how they all say almost exactly the same thing? How a friend showed it to them, and they got excited and theyve taken all of these amazing trips and they dont have to work anymore? Yeah. They all say the exact same thing.

Please, please, please dont fall for this bullshit. You will lose so much money, it is a waste of time. Its so not worth it.

Especially in this day and age where people hardly have the money to pay their bills. Why would they fork over 300 dollars, plus a monthly fee? No.

Dont sign up for it. If you are in with it, get out now. Its a scam, its bullshit. Its not even with the BBB. Do yourself a favor and get out of it.


BMWs are taking over!