Blood is Thicker

Requested by Anonymous: Could you do an imagine where the reader is Daryl and Merle’s younger half-sister and she never really knew them growing up, and Merle never accepted her as family, but after the world turns bad she ends up with the group and her and Daryl grow closer and maybe the imagine could be about the first time she actually says that he’s her brother/tells him she loves him or something along those lines?

Blood is Thicker

“Hey!” A voice called from behind you, and you spun around, raising your gun to the intruder. “It’s OK.” The man said. “My name’s Glenn. Are you alone?”

You didn’t answer, only loaded the chamber on your gun with ‘click’, silently warning him not to step any closer.

The man called Glenn put his gun away and raised his hands. “I just want to help.” He said. “We have a camp set up in a prison. Shelter, food, lots of people. You’d be safe there.”

“How can I know you’re telling the truth?”

“You can’t, so you just have to trust me.”

You eyed him for a while, weighing your options. You were running out of food in the grocery store where you’d set up camp, and soon you’d either have to move, or starve. You’d also been alone since it all started; you’d lost your mom early on, and you hadn’t seen your dad or your two half-brothers since you were a teenager, so other people sounded really nice.

Finally, you sighed and said, “OK. I trust you.”

Glenn smiles. “How many walkers have you killed?”


From the outside, the prison looked safe. It seemed secure enough, and as Glenn and his wife, Maggie, drove through the yard and up to the main building, you could see lots of people milling around. It looked like a place you could hopefully call home.

“Alright, Y/N. We’re here.” Maggie smiled at you. “Why don’t I show you around? Introduce you to some people?”

You nod and get out of the car slowly. Two men approach the car as you do and Maggie waves to them. “Rick, Hershel, this is Y/N. Y/N, this is Rick Grimes and Hershel Greene.” She points to each man as she introduces them and they shake hands with you.

“It’s nice to meet you.” Hershel smiles and he reminds you of your grandfather.

“I didn’t catch your last name.” Glenn says, curious.

“It’s, uh, Dixon.” You say, a faint flush of anger seeping onto your cheeks. Your mom’s last name was Smith, and why it wasn’t yours, too, you’d never understand. You shared a name with a family that practically hated you, and it branded you every time you signed your name in a tiny town where no one had anything else to do but gossip.

“No way, really?” Rick asks. “We’ve got a—“

“Y/N?” You heard your name from across the prison yard, and looked up.

You couldn’t believe it. “Daryl?” You felt awkward. You hadn’t seen him in years; not since the last time you spent the weekend at your dad’s house when you were sixteen and he was twenty. That was maybe twenty-five years ago now, but you’d recognize him anywhere. You were just surprised he recognized you. When you were growing up, he had never really acknowledged your presence before in the house, except to make you both a giant-ass pot of macaroni and cheese when your dad was too wasted to cook and you were too young to use the stove. Now, he almost looked happy to see you.

He strode over quickly and smashed you into a hug. “I’m glad you’re safe.” He finally says, pulling out of the hug and ruffling your hair.

“Um, yeah. Me, too.” You look around. “Merle?” He just shakes his head. “I’m sorry.” He nods.

“You know each other?” Maggie asks.

“She’s my sister.” Daryl says casually, and you’re shocked. Merle had vehemently gone out of his way to constantly let you know that you were not part of the Dixon family, and though Daryl had never said much to you at all, you had always assumed he felt the same.

“Uh, half-sister.” You correct, though you don’t know why.

“Oh god.” Rick says with a laugh. “Now there’s two of them.” And he gets a laugh from the rest of the group.

“Is there a place that I can put my stuff down?” You ask, shifting your backpack on your shoulders.

“Yeah, come with me.” Maggie says, leading the way into the prison. “So, Daryl’s your older brother?”

“Half-brother.” You say. “But I didn’t really know him growing up. We have the same dad, so I spent every other weekend at their house from the time that I was nine until I was about sixteen. Merle was pretty much gone by that point, and Daryl never really spoke to me, so I hardly know them.”

Maggie nods. “Maybe now you can start over?”

“Maybe.” You mumble, unsure. Maggie shows you to your new ‘room’, a cell in A Block, and leaves you to settle in. But you just immediately drop your backpack in the corner and flop down on the bed. A lot happened today, and all you want to do is nap.


You slept through dinner on accident, and when you woke up, it was dark out, and you were a little disoriented. The prison was mostly quiet now, so you assumed that everyone had already gone to bed. You made sure your gun was loaded before winding your way back through the prison and outside to take a short walk in the night air.

As you start walking towards the perimeter fence, you hear a familiar voice call your name softly. “Y/N. Up here.”

You look up at the top of the guard tower to where Daryl was looking down at you. “Hi.” You call back up.

“Wanna keep me company?”

You shrug, and decide to go up anyway. It couldn’t hurt. “Keeping watch?” You ask when you finally reach the top of the stairs and step out onto the platform.

“Yeah. Making sure we don’t get attacked.” You nod, leaning on the rail next to him and looking out at the woods next to the prison. After a few moments of silence, Daryl says, “Can I ask you something?”


“You don’t seem very thrilled to see me.”

“That’s not a question.” You say, then almost wince. You don’t know why you’re being so cold to him.

“Well,” He says, trying not to get mad, “I’m happy to see you. You’re the only family I got left. I thought maybe you’d be happy to see me. Did I do something to you?”

“No.” You say, then sigh and begin rubbing your forehead with your hands. “Are we family, though, Daryl?”

“Your last name is Dixon, ain’t it? You’re blood.”

“Merle spent the first sixteen years of my life trying to tell me that I didn’t belong with you. That I wasn’t blood.”

Daryl huffs, rolling his eyes. “Merle was a dick.”

“But you never even spoke to me, Daryl. You almost pretended like I wasn’t there. I’d walk into the living room on the weekends that I was over and sit next to you to watch TV, but you wouldn’t even look at me. Yeah, you’d get up and throw some food at me on occasion so that neither of us starved, but you never really tried to get to know me. You never answered my questions, you never looked when I wanted to show you something. I tried to have a relationship with you, and it was like I was invisible.”

Daryl was staring straight ahead, then he slowly said, “You’re right. I wanted to try, but I didn’t know how. Merle and me never talked when we were growing up. We just kind of… were, you know?”

“Well, I’m different from Merle.” You say. “I thought you hated me.”

“No. Of course not. You’re my little sister.”

You nod. “I am. And you’re my big brother.”

He looks at you with a small smile. “Then maybe it’s time we started acting like it.”

You nudge him gently with your shoulder and smile. “I’d like that.”


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Look at the sky, look at the purple clouds and the way the horizon is covered
in blurry sunrays.
Look at your hands,
look at how they tremble
because you are so excitedto see her again. Look at the constellations on your skin, zodiac signs upside down,
a canvas for your lovers creativity.
Look at the wind and the way it plays
with your hair and the leaves
and how it blows away everything bad here. Here in a place I like to call my own.
On my rooftop terrace, in your arms,
in every moment you loved me a little more. With every breath I take, I inhale beauty,
I exhale poison and somehow
this world turns ash into diamonds.
And maybe that is the reason
why I am shining so bright,
maybe that is the reason
why I did not just disapear
but come back stronger.
I like to dream about all the ways
it could have went wrong, but didn’t.
I am here.
Look, this right here is what I created
from ash and dust and god,
there is so much beauty.
When I look at her I see all the ways
a body can bruise,
yet she starts glowing every now and then, she’s turning diamond.
She’s becoming bulletproof.
And I am loving her, every step,
from ash to diamond.
—  How to survive

anonymous asked:

I think the part of that video that always hurts me the most is not Harry breaking away from the group hug to hug Simon first, but the look on Louis' face before Louis hugs Simon… You can tell he really really wanted to love him, respect him, be like him, and then totally had his world turned upside down by him. Compare that to how he was looking at him on America's got talent and you can see how much has changed.

Fuck, I know. It fucks me up so bad because they had no idea what they were getting into. I’m sure that if you write down the good and the bad things that happened since that TXF house hug, the good side will win, but they weren’t prepared AT ALL to face the ugly ones.

It just makes me happy that they have each other the whole way. That even when he is being fucked over, Liam takes his time to take care of Louis, Niall, Harry and even Zayn when he was around. That Niall loved all of his boys unconditionally from the start. That Louis held them together, that he was there to support each of them and make things comfortable for everyone specially when it wasn’t easy for him. That Harry, even after being forced away from his bandmates to legitimate an ugly “solo Harry” narrative against his wishes, fought for his band and his boys. He showed continuosly and in every way he could how much he loves them.

They looked up to someone, they were grateful and the second after those hugs ended, Simon stabbed each of them in the back, but joke’s on him because those five kids are stronger together than anyone could have possibly imagined watching that hug happen in real time.



Happy Trails to Daveed Diggs! (½)


I’ve been thinking about the way the world turns,
and my stomach churns.
When it finally hits me out of the sky,


“do you know like we were saying about the earth revolving? it’s like when you were a kid. the first time they tell you the world’s turning and you just can’t quite believe it because everything looks like it’s standing still. i can feel it. the turn of the earth. the ground beneath our feet is spinning at a thousand miles an hour, and the entire planet is hurtling round the sun at sixty seven thousand miles an hour, and i can feel it. we’re falling through space, you and me, clinging to the skin of this tiny little world, and if we let go… that’s who i am.”
              doctor who ♡ 1.01, rose


trc moodboard: richard campbell gansey iii

“A museum curator in New Mexico had once told Gansey, Son, you have an uncanny knack for discovering oddities. An astonished Roman historian commented, You look under rocks no one else thinks to pick up, slick. And a very old British professor had said, The world turns out its pockets for you, boy. The key, Gansey found, was that you had to believe that they existed; you had to realize they were part of something bigger. Some secrets only gave themselves up to those who’d proven themselves worthy.

The way Gansey saw it was this: If you had a special knack for finding things, it meant you owed the world to look.”

Hamilton Quote of the Night: Day Seventy Four

“And just like that it’s over, we tend to our wounded, we count our dead.”
-Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)

{lowkey crying right now. it’s over, everyone. but the show and its legacy lives on. Lin, you really did turn the world upside down}


What does it mean to pierce the Veil, that which separates our world from the realm of dreams and demons? For the average man and woman, it is a frightening thought to consider just how fragile this separation actually is.
The Veil is not a physical curtain, not a structure limited to a particular place—it is everywhere. It is in their home, in the streets where they walk, in farmers’ fields as well as remote mountain vales. At any moment it could be torn to shreds, allowing demons and other horrors to flood into our world like water through a burst dam.
Known lore tells us that small rifts can be sealed… but what about a large one? What if some catastrophic magical event created a rift so large and horrific, it weakened the integrity of the Veil as a whole? Such a “breach” would threaten our entire world, turning concerns about occasional demonic intrusion into a charming anecdote compared to the monsters we would then face.

—From The True Threat of Magic by Lady Seeker Alandra Vael

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