Jia Jia celebrating her 37th birthday at the Ocean Park in Hong Kong on July 28, 2015.

“Jia Jia, the giant panda, has been enjoying an extra special birthday after becoming the oldest giant panda living in captivity.

Now in her 37th year, Jia Jia has been living at Ocean Park, an animal theme park in Hong Kong, since 1999. Jia Jia now holds the Guinness World Records title for ‘oldest giant panda living in captivity’. 

Her special occasion was marked with a large birthday cake, lovingly constructed by her keepers using a mixture of ice and vegetables. Park keepers brought the cake into Jia Jia’s lush pen in the hope that she might fancy a piece of the tasty looking treat. The numbers 37 stand at the top of the two tier cake, which appears to be emblazoned with her new title in both English and Chinese.

Jia Jia slowly approached the cake with a slight element of caution, unsure what the mysterious present might be. After a quick sniff of the cake, Jia Jia helped herself to a couple of pieces of fresh bamboo. Sitting down on a large log, Jia Jia tucked into her favourite food, chewing happily before digging into a few pieces of diced fruit.

Giant pandas like Jia Jia were once found across the forests of Burma, China and northern parts of Vietnam. Now the much loved giant panda can only be found in China. The destructive rate of deforestation and poaching has led to a serious decline in the number of wild pandas in China.

Giant pandas remain an endangered species although conservation projects are working hard to improve their numbers. One of the biggest issues faced increasing the population of pandas is the difficulty of getting pandas to mate.

What makes giant pandas so unusual is the fact they are the only vegetarian animal to have a carnivarous designed stomach.

Closely related to a bear, pandas eat bamboo for as many as 14 hours in a day because their stomach cannot process plant matter, according to WWF. 

On average, wild pandas usually have a life span of 20 years, in comparison to those living in captivity who tend to live for 25 years.”

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Reflections on Changing my Name.

So I couldn’t change my name today because I am moving back to college and need to schedule a court date there. But let me reflect for a minute.

Not many people get the social and privatized freedom that it takes to change your entire name willingly - first, middle, and last. And I intend to take it very seriously, with much contemplation and research, and I intend to love my name and every letter, syllable, and inflection that I choose. 

The way the world receives my title and my identity will be only through my gate-keeping, not my parents, church, or community. 

I will get to watch my superiors condescend me through spoken words that I have willfully put into their mouths. 

I’ll get to watch children’s primordial memories recall my name and think specifically of me.

I will get to do something that has not been done since that day I was born. I get to be truly born again, rhetorically, to the entire world

“When I leave out of the crib everyday, people always ask me, say to me,

‘What’s up, A.I.?’

And I tell them the same thing 99.9 percent of the time. I tell them,

'The same fight, different round.’

That’s what it is….

This world is a world title fight, you know what I mean? The rounds are days, and some days, you gonna get knocked down. Some rounds are gonna be good, some are gonna be bad. But the only thing that matters is getting back up, and fighting again.”

- Allen Iverson (After Receiving the NBPA Game Changer Award)

(Pictured above: official expansion logo.)


Title: New World of Warcraft® Expansion

Retail price: $80 for expansion. Subscription raised to $20/month to balance the cost of WoW Tokens.

Early details:

  • The soundtrack is an Elite Tauren Chieftains album.
  • All female characters have been removed to fight bloat.
  • No new zones at launch, but many are sure to be added in 7.1.
  • Questing is “an old paradigm,” and players will advance to end game through solo scenarios where they play as Thrall.
  • The story follows the Horde–Alliance War with a focus on orcs and humans. The team is pumped for this new angle.
  • 1 new dungeon at launch and possibly a raid down the road. Players must attune themselves to the instance through an elite quest line involving the shipyard over several weeks.
  • New emphasis on grinding, which the team promises will “keep you occupied, if nothing else.”
  • No new battlegrounds expected, but players will enjoy a new event in Ashran based on Bejeweled.
  • One major content patch expected in the vein of 6.1.
  • The expansion will drop next summer in line with the Warcraft movie.


the title of professor is given to members of the wizarding scientific and scholarly community engaged in education and research, taken as a whole. it is, perhaps most notably, used by teachers at wizarding educational institutions such as hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry and durmstrang institute. it is considered rude by some for students to not address a member of a teaching staff on their school as professor, madam or sir.


Inquisitor Week | Day 4: Story Missions or Side Quest Missions
            ↳ Jaws of Hakkon DLC  | Meeting Ameridan

It was like his path had come full circle; there he stood in front of an older, more tired version of himself. Different man. Different time. Same calling. Same legacy.

To see how much had been forgotten, twisted, manipulated… After it was all over and the dust of ancient bones faded into the cold, he could only wonder if anything would ever change. If anyone would ever remember. Or would he just become another name in a book. Details obscured by agenda.

I never wanted this job….”

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excerpt (jacen solo vs the world)

hey friends! I haven’t posted anything in a million years, but since nspx is reading Paradise Hell I told her I’d provide some fluff, and thus I took an excerpt out the the big huge jacen fic that I’ve been working on in my spare time to help ease her pain. unfortunately, it’s not particularly fluffy, but it’s something! (OH, also, ygrittebardots, I told you I’d post this, so HERE). very likely, it’ll be subject to much editing and reworking, but, here you go - an excerpt from The Jacen Fic: 

It’s a categorical truth of life that Uncle Lando can always locate and procure The Best hot chocolate in the galaxy. Even Uncle Luke, who can make the best out of scratch, a talent which not many can claim, just doesn’t know the first thing about where to find quality chocolate vendors; Uncle Lando does. 

It might have something to do with his multiple businesses, or his knack for sweet-talking things out of people, or his many, many connections throughout the galaxy - but Mom always says cheerfully that he gets it illegally and it may or may not be laced with mild spice, which would explain why it tastes so damn good.

No one’s ever sure if Mom’s joking or not, and Uncle Lando never bothers to defend himself, either.

Jacen sips at the warm drink again and watches as Uncle Lando crosses his arms.

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