You Made My Eyes Burn (Zach Mitchell X Reader)

Fandom: Jurassic World
Pairing: Zach Mitchell X Reader
Word Count: 2,129
Author’s Note: We’re gonna pretend that Zach and __y/n__ were assigned one of those fake babies to take care of over summer (idk why they were assigned it over the whole summer, they just were, okay?).

You heard your phone ringing, growling and shoving your head back under your pillow. You hoped that whoever was calling was just a salesperson, ignoring the obnoxious noise until, at last, your phone fell silent.

You breathed a sigh of relief, but it was short lived as your phone began to ring again. You huffed in annoyance, pulling your __f/c__ covers off your body and blindly reaching around for your phone.

“You better have a damn good reason for calling me at,” You glanced at the alarm clock on your nightstand. “Three in the morning. On a Saturday. Seriously? Who does that?” You asked, exasperation coating your words. Even if it was summer, it was still a weekend, and weekends were meant for sleeping.

“__y/n__, can you please come over?” Zach pleaded, and you could hear the intense desperation in his voice.

“Why on Earth would you need me to come over?”

You heard Zach groan, and then a quiet rustling of clothes as he moved around. “The baby has been crying for over an hour, and I cannot get it to stop crying and if it doesn’t stop crying soon, Gray and my parents are going to wake up and just, please help me.”

You sighed and rubbed the sleep from your eyes, padding around your room sluggishly as you tugged on a sweatshirt and slipped on a pair of Converse. “You are so lucky that you’re my neighbor.” You said, and smiled slightly at the sigh of relief you could hear Zach release.

“You’re the best. I owe you one.” Zach said gratefully, and you rolled your eyes as you finished lacing up your shoes.

“I know. I’ll be there in two minutes.” You hung up before Zach could say anything else and stuck your phone in your pocket. You walked into the kitchen and wrote a quick note, leaving it on the table so that if your parents woke up and saw you weren’t home, they wouldn’t panic.

You speedwalked over to Zach’s house and rapped lightly on the back door, waiting impatiently for him to open it. Just as you were pulling out your phone to text him and ask him where the heck he was, the door swung open, revealing the dark haired boy with deep circles under his eyes. You didn’t even wait for him to invite you in, you just brushed past him and walked right into his room.

You picked up the incredibly lifelike baby, taking it into your arms and rocking it gently. “Shh, it’s okay, love. Mommy’s here now.” You murmured softly, trying not to blush when you realized that Zach had entered the room and was now staring at you. “Not a word, Mitchell.” You said sharply, locking your eyes with his in a glare.

He held up his hands defensively. “I was just going to say that you’d be a good mom, if you ever decide to have kids.”

You glared at him for a moment before letting it drop. You brought your gaze back to the blue bundle in your arms and couldn’t help but smile at it. Even though it was just a hunk of plastic and wires, you and Zach had been taking care of it for a little over a month now, and you had grown quite fond of the thing. "Thanks.“ You spoke softly, not wanting to "wake” the baby up now that it had finally fallen asleep.

“You’re welcome.” Zach murmured, trying to keep his voice quiet.

“Do you want me to take the baby for the rest of the night?” You questioned quietly, and Zach nodded vigorously.

“Please, oh my god. You are the absolute best.”

You were just about to tell him that he said that earlier, but before you could, he had pressed a swift kiss to your cheek and flopped onto his bed.

“Oh sweet mattress, how I missed you.” Zach mumbled, and before you had time to ask him what the hell that was, he was sleeping soundly. With an eye roll and a still tingling cheek, you pulled his blanket over his back, making sure that he was tucked in. “Thanks, __y/n__.” Zach spoke so softly that you were pretty sure he was sleep talking, and you smiled, hefting your pretend baby a little higher in your arms.

“You’re welcome. Night, Zach.” You whispered and crept through his house as quietly as possible before walking back to your own house. The baby was still “sleeping”, so you carefully folded some blankets together and made a makeshift crib, putting it on your bed before crawling in beside it.

“Sweet dreams, my adorable little monster.”


“Hey, you know how you owe me a favor?” You asked, standing in front of Zach and balancing your fake baby on your hip.

Zach looked at you warily before reluctantly answering. “Yeah.”

“I need you to take the baby for the week.”

“I’m going on vacation!” Zach argued.

“So am I!” You shot back, before sighing and running a hand across your face. “Zach, help me out here. This is my first time going to Disneyland, and if I have to take care of the baby the whole time, I am going to end up stabbing someone.”

“Are you sure you want me to take it? What if I drop it in the velociraptor pit or something?”

You glared at him for the mere suggestion. “I am trusting you here. Please, please don’t kill my fake baby.”

He raised an eyebrow at you. “Isn’t it our fake baby?”

“Please do not let anything happen to our fake baby.”

“I won’t.” Zach said, and cautiously took the baby from your outstretched arms.

“Thank you.” You said, sagging in relief. “I gotta go, my parents are loading up the car as we speak.”

Sure enough, when Zach looked over, he saw Mrs. and Mrs. __l/n__ piling bags into the car. When they caught sight of you and Zach, the two women smiled and waved brightly before returning to their task.

“Wait,” Zach said, lightly wrapping a hand around your wrist. You turned around to look at him, eyebrow raised in confusion. “I do have one condition for taking the baby for a whole week.”

“Okay, what is it?” You asked, looking up at him.

A mischievous smile quirked the corners of his mouth up, and it only made him look even more (unfairly) attractive. “When we get back from our vacations, we are going to make Gray babysit this,” Zach gestured at the baby in his arms. “For a night, and we are going to go on a date.” At your slightly bewildered look, Zach continued, now sounding a little shy but trying to mask it with humor. “I mean, we already have a kid together, isn’t it time to go on a date?”

You smiled softly, leaning forward and pressing a kiss to his cheek. “Sounds awesome. I’ll see you in a week, Mitchell.”

“See you then, __l/n__.” Zach murmured, his smile softening as he watched you bound across the street.

“Don’t you dare let anything happen to m-our baby!” You called out before you climbed into your mothers’ car.

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” Zach tossed back, waving at you as your car pulled out of the driveway and down the road. Zach could already tell that he was going to miss you.


“I let something happen to the baby.” Was the first thing Zach said when he showed up at your doorstep a week later. “I’m sorry.” He said, scratching the back of his neck sheepishly.

Having heard about the Indominus Rex getting loose at Jurassic World, you couldn’t find it in you to care.

“I don’t care, idiot!” You huffed, grabbing him by the strings of his hoodie and yanking him into your house. “Are you okay?” You asked and looked up at him worriedly, scanning his face for any signs of injury.

“I’m fine, promise.” He said soothingly, and you threw your arms around his neck.

“I was so worried about you and Gray when I saw what happened on the news.” You mumbled, clutching onto Zach tightly. “I was panicking pretty much all week.” You admitted and nuzzled closer to Zach as he chuckled.

“You are adorable.” Zach said, and you hid your blush in his shoulder. “Hey,” Zach said, carefully pulling out of the embrace. “We still on for that date? We don’t even need to get Gray to babysit now.” Zach said hopefully.

You smiled at him, closing the distance between you and kissing him gently. One of Zach’s hands made its way to your face, cupping your cheek as he kissed you back softly. You felt a pleasant warmth spreading through your body everywhere Zach’s body was touching yours, until your whole body felt fuzzy and relaxed.

“Best way to say yes, ever.” Zach whispered, the words sending vibrations through your mouth as he spoke them again your lips.

You smiled and hooked a hand around his neck, kissing him once more before pulling away. “So, where do you want to go for our date?”

“Anywhere that doesn’t involve dinosaurs. Or babies because, you know, bad memories.” Zach said and pretended to shudder.

“Wanna go get a pizza and then come back here, or to your house, it doesn’t matter, and watch a movie or something? I mean, we could go out but I’m honestly a little paranoid that dinosaurs are gonna pop up somewhere.”

Zach grinned at you. “Sounds perfect.”


Zach’s hand sent tingles shooting up your arm as he wove his fingers through yours, and you couldn’t help the bright smile from unfurling across your face as you led him out the door of your house. The whole walk to the pizza place (which was only a ten minute walk from your house) was spent with Zach making stupid dinosaur jokes, and you leaning your head in his shoulder in an attempt to hide your laughter.

When you finally made it back to your house forty minutes later (you and Zach had to stop several times so you could catch your breath, his jokes were just so terrible), you and Zach had matching grins on your faces and two (now slightly cold) pizzas.

“Mama, mom, I’m home!” You called out, and your __h/c__ haired mother stepped out of the kitchen to greet you.

“Hey, honey.” She greeted, pressing a kiss to your forehead before raising an eyebrow at Zach. “Zach, right?” She asked, and when he nodded, she pulled him into a quick hug, to both of your surprise. “Did __y/n__ finally ask you out?” She questioned knowingly, and you groaned.

“Mom!” Just because you had had a crush on Zach ever since you moved into the house across the street from his and both your moms knew about it didn’t mean that Zach needed to.

After giving you a curious look, Zach spoke. “No, actually, I asked her out.”

You mom grinned. “Good for you!” She looked between the two of you, and then to the couch in your living room. “I’m just going to take this,” She said, opening one of the pizza boxes and grabbing four slices of pizza. “And then I’m going to leave you two alone. Have fun!” She called, and you could hear the joyful exclamation your mama made as your mom entered their bedroom and told her the good news.

“Finally?” Zach asked after a moment of silence, and you mumbled something unintelligible. “What was that?”

You glared at him and spoke sheepishly. “I’ve kind of had a huge crush on you since we moved in across the street from you.”

“You moved there two years ago!” Zach exclaimed, and you opened your mouth to speak, but Zach spoke again, his voice soft and gentle. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“You always hung out with all these pretty girls at school, and I’m not even that self-conscious, but they were all, like, super model pretty.” You shrugged. “Not to mention that I’ve always had trouble speaking around really hot people.”

“I wish you would’ve told me.” Zach murmured, a hand moving to your cheek as he rubbed his thumb across your cheekbone. “I would’ve asked you out sooner.”

You smiled and leaned into the touch. “Speaking of that, our pizza’s gonna get cold. Let’s actually eat some, yeah?”

Zach nodded and kissed the tip of your nose, before reopening the pizza box and picking up two slices. He handed one to you and kept one for himself, and as you sunk down onto your couch, Zach’s leg brushing against yours and some zombie movie playing off Netflix, you couldn’t help but think that you could get used to this.

End. <3 

Own goal gives Japan 2-1 win over England in World Cup semi

EDMONTON, Alberta (AP) — England defender Laura Bassett was inconsolable as she lay face down on the field, sobbing.

Japanese players gathered at the other end of the field in celebration — and relief — in realizing how close they came to squandering a chance to defend their Women’s World Cup title.

After Japan was outplayed for much of the second half, a turn of Bassett’s foot followed by a fortunate bounce off the crossbar led to an own goal in the final minute of stoppage time that allowed Japan pull out a 2-1 victory in the semifinal Wednesday. Japan will travel to Vancouver to face the United States on Sunday in a rematch of the 2011 championship game in Germany.

“Oh, what a tough one, what a tough one to take,” a red-eyed England coach Mark Sampson said. “I can’t speak about the game. I can only speak about how incredibly proud I am of my group.”

Japan coach Norio Sasaki acknowledged there were several tense moments when England could have scored in the second half.

“But that’s the game of soccer,” Sasaki said through a translator. “And at the end, we were able to obtain such a dramatic goal.”

Nahomi Kawasumi drove up the right side and sent a cross into the middle for Yuki Ogimi. Bassett was in full stride when she reached out with her right foot, caught the ball flush and inadvertently directed it toward her net. The ball struck the crossbar and bounced in just before goalkeeper Karen Bardsley could get across.

“I was very happy,” said player of the match Saori Ariyoshi, referring to watching the ball go in. “Well, we did it. That’s how I felt.”

It was a withering moment for England, which had no time — or energy — to gather itself and make a comeback.

After the final whistle, Bassett lay on the field and had to be helped off by her teammates and Sampson.

“It really was a horrible moment obviously for Laura, but you could see the regard in which the team hold Laura,” Sampson said. “OK, she’s hurting now, but tomorrow morning she’ll wake up, she’ll have 22 teammates and a group of staff give her a hug and tell her how proud we are of her.”

It was a torturous finish for the sixth-ranked Lionesses, who have made their deepest run in four World Cup appearances. England had never won an elimination game until this year.

England will remain in Edmonton to play top-ranked Germany in the third-place match Saturday. Germany lost 2-0 to the United States on Tuesday.

Japan will be facing what’s become a familiar foe in the U.S. with a championship on the line. It beat the Americans on penalty kicks after a 2-2 draw in the 2011 World Cup final.

The U.S. responded by beating Japan 2-1 to win the gold medal at the 2012 London Games. Overall, the U.S. is 24-1-6 against Japan.

“Only the god knows the outcome,” Sasaki said, looking ahead to Sunday. “And Japan needs to build up on our power. And that’s what I take away from this game.”

The teams traded penalty kick goals seven minutes apart in the first half.

Aya Miyama opened the scoring in the 33rd minute by driving the ball into the open left corner while Bardsley guessed the wrong way.

The Lionesses responded on Fara Williams’ penalty kick in the 40th minute. She threaded a shot just inside the left post, barely out of the reach of diving keeper Ayumi Kaihori.

England then had the Japanese on their heels during a four-minute span of the second half.

Toni Duggan, from just inside the penalty area, had her line-drive kick go off the crossbar in the 62nd minute. A minute later, Ellen White was set up in the middle, and got a shot off that Kaihori punched away.

And in the 66th minute, Jill Scott headed Williams’ corner kick just wide of the left post.

“There was nothing more our team could’ve done today to put that ball in the back of the net,” Sampson said. “So credit Japan for hanging on in there, finding a way to get themselves through to a final. But this team has shown the world what it’s capable of.”

The game was played on Canada Day — the nation’s 148th birthday — in front of a slow-arriving crowd. The attendance was announced at 31,467 in a stadium that holds more than 53,000. The crowd would’ve been would have been much larger had England not eliminated the host country in the quarterfinals last weekend.

The Lionesses have already created a buzz back home as just the third English team — including the men — to reach a World Cup semifinal, joining the 1966 champion and 1990 men’s squads.

England began the day by receiving a royal pep talk from Prince William, who spoke to the players and staff by phone.

Manchester United and English national team captain Wayne Rooney has become a fan. Rooney posted a note of support on his Twitter account Wednesday, writing in part: “We’re all behind you, let’s go one step closer and get to the final.”


(Corrects to Laura Bassett)


title: archer city, texas

chapter: two

description: The first thought going through any straight man’s head in History with Miss Higgins was that she was an attractive woman; the first thought going through any straight girl’s head in Archer High whom’s eyes were bestowed upon the porcelain goddess in front of them, was that she was competition. / maya moves to texas instead — lucas/maya

rating: T

words [so far]: 5,699


side note; wow!! i updated…surprise surprise and 3 days after…wht a gift

WWE News: Major Heat On Management For How Dean Ambrose Is Being Treated Once Again!


WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose is one of the best pro-wrestlers in the world today. While WWE does have him, he was killing it on the Indy scene far before WWE even knew who he was. Ambrose grew fans there first then only became bigger when WWE brought him in. It made sense to think that this man could be a star from day one, and he was. Everyone thought that fans would easily gravitate toward him, and they have massively.

However, he has not won a World Title yet or main evented a WrestleMania, while his former Shield partners, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, have both achieved at least one of those. There was some heat on how Ambrose was being used months back and major superstars and prominent producers spoke up for Ambrose, claiming he deserved to be used more. If you listen to the WWE fans, Dean Ambrose could be the most over star in the company at this point.

It becomes surprising when WWE does not use him well enough. According to Daily Wrestling News, there was a lot of backstage criticism over Dean Ambrose losing to Kane on a recent show.

It is thought that Ambrose deserves better than to lose to Kane in any way, unless he has help. The issue is that WWE seems to be okay with having Ambrose just lose randomly for no reason. On top of that, they seem to lack direction with him unless he is somehow involved in a title match lately. So he might win or lose a random match here and there without any direction for what that win or loss even means.

It has become a running joke among wrestling fans to wait and see how Dean Ambrose is used by WWE after a program with someone. WWE virtually has nothing for him often outside of title opportunities.

Meanwhile, his character is extremely over. How do you not have something for one of the most popular WWE Superstars in the WWE today?

Dean Ambrose has proven himself worthy of being given the ball to run with. He has grabbed every mythical brass ring, only to be kicked out before he actually wins the big one. He is used to simply enhance other talent. From Bray Wyatt to Seth Rollins, Ambrose has not really won in any rivalry he has been part of since The Shield disbanded.

This has to eventually be addressed and fixed within WWE or the company will have dropped the ball on one of the best in the world today who could be making them a ton of money right now.


Save the date- July 11, 2015 is International Save the Vaquita Day!

This critically endangered porpoise is nearly extinct, with only about 80 individuals left, and declining at almost 19% per year! The Vaquita is the smallest cetacean species and only has a rang of about 4,000 sq. km in the upper Gulf of California. This fragile species has had is population greatly reduced due to entanglement in fishing gear; the Vaquita has become the rarest and most endangered species of marine mammal in the world. 

Without human intervention, it could go extinct as quickly as 1 year!

International Save the Vaquita Day is designed to be fun and educational; it strives to raise awareness with the general public and raise funds for efforts to help protect this species.

In-person events will be held at several venues across the world (see title link for complete list)- if you cannot make it to one of these, there are still other ways you can help:

Full confession: “People really need to learn the meanings of the terms jobber and buried. Damien Sandow, losing pre-show matches to the Ascension is jobbing. Dean Ambrose losing a Main Event World Title match is not jobbing. Damien Sandow, being stuck with a Macho Mandow gimmick after being one of the most over Superstars in the company, has been buried. Dean Ambrose being consistently treated as a threat to fellow Main Event superstars even after a PPV loss, is not him being buried.”
The Flash Season 2 Premiere Title Revealed

The last time we saw Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) he was trying to use his super-speed to stop a black hole from destroying Central City (and the world). Based on the title of the first episode of season 2 we can confirm that Central City survived its run in with the black hole.

Episode one of season 2 will be titled, “The Man Who Saved Central City.” Did Barry Allen save the city or was it another meta-human?

Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg came up with the story and the script was written by Kreisberg and Gabrielle Stanton.

The episode is being directed by Ralph Hemecker. He previously directed episode 9, “The Man in the Yellow Suit,” and episode 17, “Tricksters.”

The Flash returns for its second season this October on The CW

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Coffee Shop Records signed this amazing band named stilt. and they just released their extremely impressive demo! You can pick up the demo on cassette from Coffee Shop Records here:

you can also download their album for free here:


Title: A promise
Owen x Reader
No Warnings
Request by :
Prompt: Could u do one where the reader is the older sister of Zach and gray and before the raptors are about to hunt the I-rex when gray asks who the alpha is to Owen and he looks at the reader and tries to impress the reader be saying that he is rest is up to u.

Submitted by our lovely Beta;


“[Y/N]? How are you handling?” Claire asked, handing a bottle of water to you. You peeked open your eyes at your aunt.

“I’ve been better, Aunt Claire. So much for a relaxing vacation, right? You mumbled out, accepting the water, downing it within a minute. You were absolutely exhausted. From head to toe, you were covered in mud and drenched to the bone. Right now, you just wanted it to be all over and to be going home, but that monster was still out there. Slaughtering and eating people. You shivered at the thought. Claire offered a gentle, apologetic smile and patted your back before brushing your [H/C] back behind your ear.

Your mother had insisted onto accompanying your two younger brother to this dino-filled park. You were completely thrilled with this request since you always had a liking to dinosaurs ever since you were young. And now, since one tried to eat you. You were contemplating this liking.

After a moment filled with blissful silence passed, your eyes drifted to where your brother stood, watching a man talk to four velociraptors. You observed him from afar, he intrigued you.

“Hey Aunt Claire?”

“Yeah, [Y/N]?”

“Who’s that man over there?” You asked, “Since you two kinda… Paired up back there and saved us… Are you two…? Ya know… Dating?”

“Me and Owen? Dating? Heavens no! It only happen one time! We only teamed up to find you three. But I must say, I’m impressed, you three survived! And I was worrying over nothing!” Claire chuckled, smiling.

You returned the smile before looking back at the man. Owen… He—to you—was gorgeous. His muscles, his stubbles, and his smile… You blinked for a minute, feeling heat rise to your face. You were not just falling for this man. Oh hell no, you just met the guy and you’re falling for him already.

“I…I’m going over to Gray and Zach, ‘kay Aunt Claire?” You stated, stretching. You sauntered over to where the boys were at and put your arms around the two. Zach shook your arm off him, as Gray allowed you to use him as an armrest.

“Look [Y/N]! Velociraptors!” Gray pointed out, his eyes twinkling with admiration, before turning to Owen, who was currently rubbing one of the raptors’ snout. “Are they safe?”

“No. They’re not.” Owen glanced back at Gray, a smile appearing onto his lips. “Well… A newcomer! Who’s this?” He asked, hinting towards you.

“That’s [Y/N]! She’s our older sister.” Gray chirped, “So do the raptors have names?”

Owen nodded, approaching the fence that separated him from you and your brothers. He stared at you from head to toe, you could feel your face heat up as he studied the details about you.

“Sure they do.” He continued, his bright green eyes still stuck on you. “That one’s Charlie, Delta, Echo and Blue. She’s the beta.” Owen replied, a small playful smug replaced his cheery smile.

“Who’s the alpha?” questioned Gray, his head tilting to a side.  

Owen’s eyes stared into yours, his small smug grew larger. “You’re lookin’ at him, kid.” He winked at you, before turning to tend to the raptors. Your face reddened at the gesture, how could he have the nerve to do that in front of your two younger siblings?

You continued to watch the man, as your brothers walked away towards your aunt. But as you turned to follow your siblings, you could hear him chuckling softly. Huffing loudly, you turned your head and stuck out your tongue at him.

“…And you three, will be sitting in the back. See? Perfectly safe.” Claire stated. “Hop on.”

Zach and Gray crawled into the back of the large truck, as you were about to join them you felt a strong hand on your shoulder.

“Hey [Y/N]. Can I talk to you for a moment?” Owen asked, insisting onto pulling you away from the truck.

“Uh… Yeah… What’s up?”

“After… After all this… Wanna… Go out?” Owen’s face broke out into a large, cheeky grin. Your eyes widen slightly, did… did he really ask you out? Your face broke out into a dark red shade, and you nodded your head.

He gave out a tiny cheer, pulling you into a large bear hug. “You go and head back to your brothers and aunt. I’ll find you. Promise.”

You nodded once more, trotting back to the truck and crawling into the back.

“Alright. Put on your seat belts.” Claire instructed. The brothers looked around before frowning at your aunt. “Er… Well… Okay… Just hold hands then. And if you need me, just open the window or knock.”

Gray held out his hand at Zach, who raised his eyebrow and ignored the youngest sibling. Huffing, Gray turned to you and you wrapped your arm around the kid. Claire smiled and shut the two doors.

“What did Owen say to you, [Y/N]?” Gray looked up at you.

“It’s nothing important. We just made a promise, that’s all. Nothing all important…” You smiled at your youngest brother, patting his head before looking up at the door. “Yeah… A promise… That’s it…”