In the fall of 1991, the Croats used the T-34/85 in the battles on the Adriatic coast of Dubrovnik as a self-propelled artillery and infantry support. Despite the fact that “thirty” has long been considered obsolete, they fared well in these battles. So, Croatian tank labeled “MALO BIJELO” survived two hits by ATGM “baby”, the crew of the tank destroyed two armored cars, one truck and one T-55 Serbs. The weakness of the side armor of old tanks Croats tried to compensate by hanging on the side of the tower and sandbags. On some tanks near the tower hatch loader was mounted the American 12.7 mm machine guns Browning М2НВ.

Gift art for Pyrophoricitee (aka Pyro)!!

I’ve been wondering his “All Hail the ELC AMX” headline for quite a while, this is a famed/notorious (Depends on the user perspective) light tank appeared in World of Tanks. Due to it only exist as a prototype in real world, so I assumed that he is a WoT player and drew this.

France, ELC AMX, iyts-a-bun-and-fix, isn’t it the best ingredient to create a perfect Pyrophoricitee??

Amongst the sunflowers, a destroyed Russian T-26 tank on the eastern front during Operation Barbarossa. Circa late summertime of 1941.


When you meet a cool person while solo queueing.