I am endlessly amused by people who want world of tanks to be more historical. And I mean aside from the fact that it is squarely within the realm of arcade shooters; WOT may have armor penetration mechanics and physics and the like, but it also heavily depends on its hitpoint system, the richly informative color-coded heads up display, and the heavy tweaking and bending of vehicle characteristics to create a very tightly balanced action team shooter with a structured format (15v15 in random battles, the team battle and stronghold modes; every mode is very much structured for MP action gameplay). It’s not a simulator.

If vehicles in WOT only got to use their historical configurations, it would be a completely different game. It would need to be balanced completely differently, and use an entirely different set of tiers.

And what about all the paper-project tanks, the prototypes, and the ones that the developers flat out made up themselves? I mean, there are a couple like the WT E 100 that only have the barest of historical justifications.

But if you take away all the “paper designs”, you lose out on a lot of diversity. If you remove all the tanks that never saw mass production or were just prototypes, you’d only have maybe a hundred or so left out of the ~300 tanks we have now.

Now there is a caveat; you can definitely make an argument against the developers acting like some of their own designs (WT E 100, E 50 M, etc) are actually based on historical drawings; and yeah, they should instead state something like “This is an artist’s interpretation of what a project to mount the transmission in the rear of the E 50 instead of the front might look like”


But take away all the paper tanks, the unhistorical top guns and equipment, and you have a very very different game. World of Tanks is built around that diversity; it’s a core part of the game and it’s designed around it. It’s what makes world of tanks interesting, and if you take all that away you’re going to be left with a much barer game experience.

World of tanks may be too arcade-like for some people, but honestly, that’s how it should be.



Pz.Sfl. IVc は自走高射砲の試作車両ですが、WoT では駆逐戦車として登場します。


The TOG II (navis togii), while often falsely believed to be part of the tank family, is in fact genetically closer related to the common ship. Other than its aquatic cousins however, it has evolved to live and move on land. It is believed that the reason for this was a shortage of prey that forced it to leave its original habitat. Another theory states that changes in the environment could have lead to an isolated population that adapted to sinking water levels.

Unless provoked, TOGs are sociable creatures that usually travel in herds to protect each other from predators. When attacked, the herd usually forms a circle to keep their young safe. There have been numerous reports of incidents where a mother TOG sacrificed herself to ensure the survival of her calf.

Everything that is smaller and lighter armored than itself is generally considered prey to the TOG, and they will form groups of two to three to hunt. In times of food shortage, TOGs are also known to venture into shallow water to ambush incautious boats.

According to the RNWA (Royal Navy Wildlife Association), the species is considered vulnerable due to being excessively hunted.

당신은 가장 마지막으로 게임에서 사용한 무기로 좀비와 싸우셔야 합니다. 지금 당신은 그 무기로 좀비 아포칼립스 한복판에 던져질 것입니다. 참가하시겠습니까?
-야크트판저 E-100 초중전차
“엌ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 좋았어!”