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Paste Magazine says that I am “Cool”

As you may or may not know, I am helping out a fantastic web series project called “The World Of Steam”. Paste Magazine just covered it in their monthly feature on the best crowd sourcing projects on the net. On their coverage of “The World Of Steam” kickstarter, which they have rightly highlighted as a project that should be supported, I was very surprised and happy to see the reward I had donated listed as the “Coolest reward”.

3. The World of Steam

With steampunk, you’re either in or out, and our description isn’t likely to change your mind. But we will note that this is one of the most entertaining and effective Kickstarter videos we’ve seen. Plus — a makeup guy from Star Trek, an editor from Buffy and The Avengers, and a composer from Battlestar Galactica! As Keanu would say… Whoa.
Coolest reward: At $400, you’ll be a character in the new novel by G.D. Falksen.”

The Queen’s Android Marie-Antoinette’s dulcimer player, forerunner of the robot. Date: 1784, Paris, musée des Arts et Métiers This famous android was a collaborative effort by two Germans. Clockmaker Peter Kintzing created the mechanism and joiner David Roentgen crafted the cabinet; the dress dates from the 19th century. Automatons were in circulation and aroused much curiosity.


So World of Steam was just released, and I am sort of bummed and excited all at once. It has potential, but the first episode left me cold. Because I’ve been following this and have seen a lot of the teasers and kickstarter videos the first episode had… issues for me.

SPOILER ALERT: plot discussion after here.

Here’s my take on it. If you want to bill yourself as a steampunk twilight zone, you can’t give the story hook away in the promos, trailers and dare I say, the screengrab used for the video. Why you ask? Because 30 seconds into the main story, the game was up - making the next 10 minutes painfully obvious where the story was heading, so that big reveal at the end, the hallmark of the Twilight Zone franchise, was completely ineffective.

Now the pluses. The props and outfits were beautiful. The sets, which were mostly CGI (I think?) looked period. The After Effects work (Apple Motion?) were more compelling to me than the actual storyline, I almost wished the entire thing were animated after I saw them.

I am not sure what camera they’re using, RED? Canon EOS? Other? In my opinion someone needs to do some color grading in Magic Bullet to make it look more filmlike & crush the blacks down. At times the lighting was weird, other times it was quite well done. It looks too “video-ish” at times if that makes sense.

But anyone can be a critic, right? When the link was first posted it asked for people to say what they liked (or didn’t like) about it, so I am being brutally honest with my review here. 

I applaud this first effort and will check out future episodes in the hopes these issues I perceived were just pilot hiccups that will work themselves out as they gain traction. I also hope they attract additional writing talent, because much like the steampunk literature scene, there’s a lot of flotsam and jetsam out there among the fine shipworthy works. 

They raised a lot of money from their kickstarter,so we should all be in for some major eye candy as this moves forward.

-Doc Steamcrunk