Americat! ₍˄·͈༝·͈˄*₎◞ ̑̑ᗦ↞◃

Franchat~ (*✧×✧*)

UKitty. ˚₊✩‧₊(⌯͒o̶̶̷̤ ꀾ o̴̶̷̤⌯͒)* ✩‧₊˚

Itabby! ₍˄·͈༝·͈˄₎◞ ̑̑ෆ⃛

Germouser. ฅ⁽͑ ˚̀ ˙̭ ˚́ ⁾̉ฅ

Catnada. ฅ(⌯͒•ꈊ͒ू •⌯͒)

Russikot. ₍˄·͈༝·͈˄₎ฅ˒˒

Japaneko. ಠಿ ˑ̫ ಠಿ

Am I Bovvered?

One day there’s a world meeting where France and American have decided to join forces to annoy England. They complain about his food, make fun of his eyebrows and yada yada yada. Englan suddenly stands up and the meeting goes quiet. He looks them in the eye and says:

“Am I bovvered?”

Pretty much all the countries have no idea what’s going on but listen in.


I’d like to think the Laureen Cooper in him comes out as he goes:

“Look at my. Look at my face! Am I bovvered? Listen, listen, am I bovvered? Face. Bovvered. Face. Bovvered. I ain’t even bovvered! I ain’t bovvered!”

Everyone stares in disbelief at him.What? Can they see he ain’t bovvered?

i thought your cosplay picture was so pretty so i made you this. I hope you like it. Please compliment the photographer too, ok?!

(( Woa– That was quick! Thank you! I did not expect that one.

And yes, the photographer somehow caught a really fabulous picture, we all just walked off of the stage and without even trying it came out so fabulous. ))